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    FDF Mod

    Without a doubt, the best OFP Mod in history! And could have been the best ww2 mod too. Fingers crossed for ArmA.
  2. brsseb

    How long will AA live?

    I can understand why that can be a good idea, but the fact is that it would mean a too large gap between the release of ofp1 and ofp2, causing people to loose interest and drop out of the community. That has already happen, i belive, Armed Assault should have been out a year ago. Lets hope they got it under controll and AA will be a full game title and not just a preview teaser for OFP2 (which I belive will slip its 2006 release date).
  3. My scripter (who somehow cant use this forum himself), has this important message to say: ------------------------- Email from Rubble_maker ---------- Could you [bIS] please fix the "getdammage" multiplayer bug? This is a SERIOUS one because many nice addons out there have scripts that display certain effects whenthe vehicle is damaged (warning messages, sounds, smoke, fire, blood, etc). However all this doesn't work reliable in MP because of this damn bug! "getdammage" works okay as long as the unit is not owned by a client. Once it is local to some client, it no longer works (it then returns the damage value that the vehicle had at mission start). I guess this has to do with some optimization to reduce packet size, because you surely don't send the damage values across the network all the time to keep each client up-to-date. But AT LEAST ON THE SERVER this command should work!!! Its totally idiotic that even the server-side scripts cannot detect damage!! This means that the effect is effectively useless in multiplayer (unless in some special cases where the unit is never local to a client). And the "damage" command is no better; just another name for the same bugs ;) And the "Hit" and "Dammaged" eventhandlers are buggy and useless as well so please do something to fix this. Here's my test scenario: One M2A2 with the player as commander, another player standing nearby, and acting as the server. A script runs in the background on BOTH machines (executed by init.sqs) displaying the getdammage result. When firing at the Bradley with a machinegune, nothing changes. I can cause it to explode without the damage value changing at all! Both on the server and client side, the scripts returns "0" all the time. However, when the M2A2 commander gets out and starts firing at the vehicle himself, the value starts changing (probably coz then its no longer local to a client). - Rubble_maker - (Posted by BRSSEB)
  4. Encountered this Mem.map problem a while ago when trying to have alot of addons on my brothers GF2MX/GF4MX PCs, and the only solution i got working back then was using cutpbo on the o files and it worked most of the time (thus removing some addons is always the best way, sad as it is). Now, with my old GF3 out the door and my radeon9500 in place, i had to remove about 3/4 of my addons before even getting it to boot. Mod folders served as a ok solution for a few weeks, but that too gets pretty claustrophobic after a while (aka not being able to use any other addons with FDF mod, etc). Was hoping for a fix in the next patch, but the 1.92 beta thats out now dont seem to really do anything with this problem (expect raising the limit slightly, maybe. cant comfirm that yet. No immediate relief though). I really hope BIS take this problem serious before it do too much damage to the ofp community. With ofp2 at least a year off, we cant live with this problem that long... BRSSEB
  5. New tutorial again, lesson 9 -Custom object animations You will learn to make basic working door animations (normal rotation and how to fake linear movement). Also how to make an object like a radar rotate around constantly. I talk about setting up the animations right (class animations), how to set up the useraction class so the player can operate the doors and also a small word about the eventhandler class. Enjoy BRSSEB
  6. Well, I focus on o2 and getting the model to work in the game. To also make a true modelling tutorial would be too timeconsuming for me. There are lots of good modelling tutorial on the net, most of them to major apps like 3ds max or similar, but most of them are still usefull for o2. Modelling a good chopper model, as you suggestet i wrote a tutorial about, would take hours, and making the tutorial at the same time would be too much work and really out of my tutorial series` focus (which is getting models to work in ofp, and theaching the o2 interface by having s o m e basic modelling work) So sorry to disappoint you (and please keep all forum posts here it in english, or use the private message function) BRSSEB
  7. Hi Long time since ive been on the forums, but im still doing ofp editing and tutorials: Lesson 8 is just out and its about creating houses. I talk about the Paths and View Geometry LOD, plus the tut is good for beginners who needs modelling practise in o2. Its a two-floor bulding with a working ladder. Simple stuff and you really get the basics of buildingmaking in ofp from the tutorial (i hope ) BRSSEB (ofp.info/brsseb)
  8. Hi think not many have noticed yet, but on some addons, the OFP engine fires the weapons in a different order than on others, and I want to know how I can influence that. Ok, let me explain: On some choppers and planes, the firing order of missiles and rockets is simply LEFT, then RIGHT, then LEFT again, and so on. So the first missile leaves the left rail/wing, the second the right, the third leaves the left rail again... It seems like OFP uses some sort of a global variable to coordinate the order in which the missiles leave the bay, and this variable seems to be toggled between 0 (left) and 1 (right) with each missile or rocket fired. The problem is that one can easily fool this mechanism. Just fire a missile (it leaves the left rail), then fire a rocket (will leave the right rail), then fire a missile again - it will leave the left rail again. When you do this for a couple of times, you end up with all missiles being fired on the left wing/rail only! This is bullsh*t, obviously; if the chopper has, say, 8 missiles, 4 on each side, I can fire all 8 from only the left wing!! OFP simply doesnt care about wings or rails; it just switches its left/right variable with each missile and/or rocket being fired. But there're also addons where this is quite different (DKM's Havoc for example). On these addons, OFP seems to "remember" where it fired the last missile for each type of missile rocket. Thus, it only toggles the left/right positions if the same type of missile was fired, and not when ANY kind of missile was fired. So if I try the "trick" described above, I fire a missile first, and it leaves the left wing. Then I fire a rocket, and it leaves the left wing too (notice that now OFP seems to use seperate counters/variables for each weapon!), then I fire a missile again, and it leaves the right wing, like it should. Ok, here's the 1 billion $$$ question: How can this be influenced? rubble_maker (BRSSEB posting for him)
  9. brsseb

    9800pro problems.

    I used to have a GeForce3 card with 64MB or ram and i never got that kinda message. Usualy i got the "Memory map XX" error when i had too much addons (the roof used to be around 1-1.5Gb of addons, more if i ran CutPBO on the big o.pbo) But now with my brand new Radeon9500PRO with 128MB or video memory my limit is down to around 6-800MB. I solved the problem with using custom mod/addon folders. So i have like 5-10 diff. starticons for OFP, one for "regular" (only res/addsons), one with CAF Mod in it too, one with SPF30 (swedish pack) and one with SebsNamPack. It works, but still its a PAIN to have this limit this low Can it be that you need to change the AGP size apeture in the BIOS? ITs on 64MB right now, but i got a 128 card now. But i have had some bugs when trying to change that.... BRSSEB
  10. Hi I have a small question: I got a heli model thats got two different rocketpods on each side, each a distance from the other. So i was wondering if it is possible to use both Strela and Raketa set of vertrices in Memory LOD, lets say raketa for the outer pods and Strela for the innerpods and that way avoid one of them looking abit off when launching. The inner and outer pods carry different type of weapons. In that case, how do i class the two weapons so that one comes out the L/P strela and the other L/P raketa? BRSSEB
  11. "I have problems to get the laser designator work in MP: Normally (in SP), the laser designator creates a "LaserTarget" object at the point of impact which can be detected using a trigger or the "nearestObject" script command. In MP, there seems to be no such object, so the LD cannot be detected. Does anyone know how this could be fixed? Will the LaserTarget object be visible to all machines or only the server or the local machine? thx." - rubble_maker BRSSEB (posting for rubble_maker, he cant access the site...)
  12. brsseb

    Un-official patch + upgrades

    One thing that would make this package great if you take along some highquality addons that ALL OF THE ADDONS MUST HAVE A "DEMO" MISSION! There are so many great addons being made but no fun mission that presents the addon for the player in a nice way, inspiring him/her to make more missions with the addon in it. If you cant do a mission for it, then you might consider leaving it out (if you dont have a good reason for not making an mission..) Problem with some addons is that there are so many different onces and no standard level (except ofpecs nametag, which, sadly, some ppl ignore..). And this is what scares some ppl from getting unofficial stuff. So, you gotta have a "brand" or a seal on the package so ppl can refear to and know that when they install the package it should be of high quality and betatested, and it dont in any way mess up your original 1.91 game. And another thing: There are so many great addons for such a pack that it would end up too large for some modem users, so maybe just release a script and minor addons pack first? Keygets editor addons, some scripts (blood pack), Smokeshell pack etc). So you can test out the idea and how its gonna end up? brsseb
  13. brsseb

    Can jeep class fire tank rounds?

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (BratZ @ 25 April 2003,20:14)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Yes any weapon can fire basically any round,just cant put a missile proxy on a rotating turret<span id='postcolor'> Just to correct here; you can have proxys on a moving turret if you use the SetObjectTexture trick, see Col. Klinks tutorial on how to pull that off. BRSSEB
  14. brsseb

    Ofp 2 plot - it's about evil russia (or u.s.s.r.)

    Ah, love the smell of fresh forum-wars in teh morning..... Well, no doubt will the US military be the center of the story in OFP2, and, I hope, it wont be Vietnam (nothing wrong with it, just me wanting to have a more modern portray of war). Its impossible to make everyone happy, someone will, eventually, have to be the "bad guys" â„¢ and, for historical reasons, its normaly the russians that must play that part again and again (the Cold War ghost is still a valid factor and are still gonna affect most realistic wargames for years to come). One solution will be to have like several short campains, (since it says that there will be diffrent real locations in teh game), so maybe a few missions as a US Vietnam soldier, then a campain of, uh, say, the russians in Afganistan and then some restistance fighting soldier at, ahh,, (damn i such in history..) [insert idea here]. For me, the actual campain quality and setting is secondary; its the engine with all its new features and modding capabilites that count. As long as the choise of campain dont on ANY WAY limit the expandability of the game (and that all the addons that was in ofp1 is still there!!!, updated of course ), they can do a Napoleon-campain for what i care For me, its custom coop-battles on LAN that counts. I personally didnt have any problems with the americans being the "good guys" in ofp1, although i liked the first missions on Hammer-pack where you play as footsoldier Lukin. Much more fun (maybe because i like the AKs so much  Got a crush on all russian hardware). Also, the Resistance pack was cool too, with brave men fightihg an invading force trying to recover peace in the region, all good stuff. The bottom line is; i had fun on all three campains and dont have too much political feelings about any of them!  ("its just a game"-frase would be great here, but i think its abit partonising ) Im guessing that BIS is taking an "risk calculating" and picking the settings that will affect the least sale figure worldwide, and that its the WestVSEast setting that still ends up as the best candidate. An they cant make a fictive story since a fictive story based in real locations will be a bit silly.... brsseb (and, ppl please cut down on the dirt-throwing or BIS will be so scared that they will make a UnitiedWorldArmy versus the evil XenoMorpsh From the Planet XyHHAPy, or some shit...and we dont want that do we) Â
  15. brsseb

    Lifeless: the video

    Hehe, Lifeless sure is a bad song. A real pain for the ears, but somehow...its really good for this game! Maybe is the cruel, VERY, VERY bad voice of the singer that hurt your ears that blends into the images of war on our monitors that makes it a really good combination.... I mean, the pain you feel hearing the song kinda gives you a taste of the pain on the battlefield, like virtual reality, eh! Now thats something to think about! Anyways, its my favorite OFP song, use it alot in my missions. BRSSEB