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  1. The ONS mod could get some work done on this model as well. I have some time flying in the back of these.
  2. arma.isgreat.org

    Afghanistan-Uruzgan-Shahidi Hassas

    It's looking good so far brother. we really need proper grape fields in game, i'm not sure how easy that is to do as dr suess would have a difficult time drawing them. A grape hut model could go a long way on this map.
  3. arma.isgreat.org

    ONS - Operation Northstar WIP

    This is running, but having issues getting clan tags to work, and the vehicle destroyed, wheels damaged etc. All basics functional atm.
  4. arma.isgreat.org

    ONS - Operation Northstar WIP

    http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/2980/54302899.jpg 127 kb
  5. arma.isgreat.org

    ONS - Operation Northstar WIP

    Coyote WIP, note elevated gun on turret interior with connected feed chutes. Models are hollowed out and detailed in both interior and external views.
  6. arma.isgreat.org

    ONS - Operation Northstar WIP

    Here is a pic of the coyote wip. I am planning on implementing the surveillance mast.
  7. arma.isgreat.org

    ONS - Operation Northstar WIP

    Here is the driver's compartment i'm working on.
  8. arma.isgreat.org

    Canadian LAV III

    Awesome brother, message sent.
  9. arma.isgreat.org

    Canadian LAV III

    Rgr T, those are now the full sized images if that helps.
  10. arma.isgreat.org

    Canadian LAV III

    Good question tried to contact them, i don't get access to the internet all that often due to my career. Here are some pics of the sights not including the cc's vision block etc.
  11. I have been working on some projects related to my job such as realistic artillery missions with accurate adjustment and have just finished primary work on a LAV III addon for arma 2. The lav features all sighting equipment accurately modeled for both gunner and crew commander. A reworked 25mm system featuring accurate primary/secondary feeds fapds-t, apfsds-t, hei-t and correct sights. The only compromise made is the real upload time for the feed paths, a lengthy process. The model is Young Eagle's lav from Arma 1. I would love to get another model, such as one without and admin box attached(it never sees the field). And/or up armored versions. I would love it if someone here could help me with options for the crew commander to control the main turret when buttoned up such as in VBS2 and any other vbs2 features such as air sentries.
  12. arma.isgreat.org

    Operation Northstar V1.01

    I have finished getting a lav3 model into shape with legit sights etc. (Narrow/wide thermal,daysights,commander's ii sight with reticule) I have a lot of real world experience with this vehicle and can quarantee sights etc are accurate. 25mm performance has been adjusted to real world performance vice arma settings. The model is not editable by me, and has the useless admin box on the back. not too impressed but the rest works well. Let me know if there is interest in this model and i will supply for upload. Sighting etc is identical in the coyote for anyone converting a lav 25.
  13. arma.isgreat.org

    Warfare v1.1 RBT

    I'll have to try the different unit's sounds cool.
  14. arma.isgreat.org

    Warfare RBT and WACO

    I am thinking of creating scripts to run civs like gta style games to simulate a lot of them.
  15. arma.isgreat.org

    NZDF Mod

    Wow that is identical to the cdn version.  I can help code etc.  PM me for my msn if you want I have some help.  I am qual with this veh. Need help with a shovel, sledge etc for the tool bin  Very nice work.  Very impressed with your modelling. You including thermal, cmdr's override and ii?  The cmdr should not come out of the turret very far if possible.  I just bring my head above the sights. The storage bin should likely be off for combat. Is it possible to open the back hatches and allow air sentries?