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  1. ashikar

    money cheat

    LOL awesome link.. too funny NEEEERRRRDS!
  2. Theres a newer mod on armaholic for countermeasures. Maybe you guys should check it out. Havent personally tried it yet, so not sure how it works. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6643
  3. ashikar

    A way to remove profanity II

    In marks defense, the Mormon comment was out of line.. I came out how long ago talking about putting and end to this. Saying we should agree to disagree, yet i get flamed for suggesting that.. 2 pages later still being referenced.. Its ok for everyone to share their opnions, yet i come on and voice mine and it starts WWIII... I smiply quoted another post about your parenting.. Yet no comment to him?? why single me out, not sure what your problem is
  4. ashikar

    A way to remove profanity II

    Yet another example of douchebaggery
  5. ashikar

    A way to remove profanity II

    I think this about sums it up. This thread needs to be closed.. We arnt going to convince you that cursing is ok. And your not going to convince people that it should be removed.. You have your belief that it should be removed, we have ours that says it should remain the same. Lets agree to disagree and quit with the douchebaggery
  6. ashikar

    A way to remove profanity II

    What the hell are you talking about? i quite clearly understand your post.. Im not sure what you think "so shocked" me like im an old lady.. Was simply restating what you had posted. Dmark claims your intelligent becuase you touch on all the topics.. i simply stated you didnt touch on all the topics, only the ones that proved your point..
  7. ashikar

    pilot headmounted gunsight ?

    Only way i have been able to get this to work is having your track ir control the mouse movements instead. Feels a bit sluggish though.
  8. ashikar

    A way to remove profanity II

    Bye mate, fun discussion :)
  9. ashikar

    A way to remove profanity II

    Absolutly wrong, he did not address all the points. Try again. In fact he started his post with a "rant" as well saying "So every parent should swear regularly in front of their kids while simultaneously telling them why it's bad to use that kind of language and they shouldn't do it?" He might have addressed all the points you wanted him too.. Might have addressed all the points that prove your case yes... If this biased conclusion is "intelligence" in your mind so be it.
  10. ashikar

    A way to remove profanity II

    Hes obviously not talking about your post.. He quoted the post he is talking about.. And i dont see how he can possibly take that as "lets go out and start cursing all the time in front of our kids" i Dont see how you can come to that conclusion from reading what he quoted.... So please pay attention here Dmark ---------- Post added at 01:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:08 PM ---------- What makes this person so intelligent? because he shares your common belief? Once again.. If you go back and read what i actually said.. you will see that this is not a personal attack agasint him.. I didnt call him spoiled specificly. I said if you resent your parents for the things i listed, you are a spoiled brat.. Where in there did i single him out?
  11. ashikar

    A way to remove profanity II

    Where on earth did you read that parents should swear in front of their kids? Maybe you should go back and read the post before getting your panties in a bunch. Nobody is saying to go out to your kids and just start blerting the word fuck at them. What the post is saying is its your job to teach your kids right front wrong. ---------- Post added at 12:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:53 PM ---------- I disagree strongly. I grew up with my parents smoking in the house.. They smoked.. as do MILLIONS of other parents.. They told me NOT to smoke.. yes thats a bit hypocritical sure. Do i resent them for it? HELL NO.. They did a good thing.. A lot of parents like to have a few drinks as well.. Yet im sure they teach their kids not to drink before they are 21.. And yet again most parents swear, yet it is their job to teach their kids not too.. yes perhaps its a bit hypocritical, but its what you need to do as a parent.. Monkey do as i say, not monkey see monkey do :) And if you resent your parents becuase of any of these things.... sounds like you are a spoiled brat.. They give you a place to live, and feed you.. Live by their rules.
  12. ashikar

    A way to remove profanity II

    +1.... You hit the nail on the head my friend.. I noticed Dmark had a smart ass answer for everyone elses comment, but he didnt touch on his bad parenting when you made this post..
  13. ashikar

    Alt-f4 . . . :(

    Absolutly. Best money i ever spent on my PC was trackir. Well worth the money if your considering getting it. Funny considering i didnt even buy it for arma II , or regular arma.. I first got it for falcon 4.0..
  14. ashikar

    Black screens

    Thats one of the normal intro movies into the game.. I get it quite often. Your other problem however.... not so normal
  15. ashikar


    No you cannot put directx10 on windows xp. Only vista and windows 7 support it at the moment. When the first directx10 games came out, (crysis) people freaked out that they were being "forced" to upgrade. There is a nice project going on at the moment though that would aim to put directx10 on windows xp, as well as linux, and OS X. It seems to be quite a bit of work to do this however, and i wouldnt get your hopes up after reading it.. http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2007/04/project-aims-to-bring-dx10-gaming-to-xp-linux-os-x.ars This is not the only project trying to make directx10 available for xp however, i would look around for more. But as far as i know, Arma II doesnt use directx10 anyway, so this would be a wasted effort if you do it just for this game.