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  1. At this rate, this is quite possibly going to end up as being the most visually impressive and immersive user made map for any game in the Arma series. It is also going to tear my graphics card a new orifice. :cool:
  2. r3volution

    [SP/MP] Putin's Dream

    Spencer24, thanks for the answers and man this is a great mission, good effort. :) AFAIK, Bohemia have stated that DayZ Chernarus+ is different to the Arma2 maps in the sense that it belongs to a different game that is currently under development (as distinct from Arma2 which is a preceeding game in the same series). While I think it's ok to do whatever you want for personal use I don't think anyone could legally distribute a copy of the Chernarus+ map in the same way that A3MP or AiA have been distributed (or for that matter run a publicly listed server with it, I suspect). That being said the porting method findable thru googling works, even if it is crude and turns up a bunch of errors. I'm currently trying to copy over the mission elements in the A3 editor to see if my limited mission editing skills can get it working (it looks like some of the additions made in Cherno+ have messed with your object placement from default cherno but that seems to be fixable).
  3. r3volution

    [SP/MP] Putin's Dream

    A friend and I finally got the dedicated server running on his PC tonight JUST so we could play this mission, didn't get to play for too long tonight but what we saw looked pretty awesome. Love to hear whether it would be 'theoretically' possible to get this mission running on chernarus+ from standalone. Obviously just for private use by people who have A3 + DayZ. The more decayed feel of Cherno+ would suit this mission perfectly.
  4. Shelestov this looks awesome! The amount of effort put into the details (object placement, density etc) makes those screenshots look amazing. If you guys can carry that quality to the whole map this will be probably one of the best Euro Arma maps of all time. :) As someone who's been watching a LOT of footage from Ukraine recently (having never been there) this does seem to me to capture a lot of the character of Ukrainian countryside.
  5. r3volution

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    After obsessively playing this for most of the last couple of weeks (once again this shit is amazing, thanks kju and everyone involved!), I was testing a few of the AI augmentation mods to see which played best with the WW2 scenario. I have to say, bcombat works really really well. Tanks don't seem to run over troops anywhere near as often as with default AI or other mods I've tried, and the Infantry combat seems to flow pretty well. I've made a huge combined arms mission which I was thinking of releasing on steam for people using this mod on A3, but it's currently destroying my PC so I need to try bring down the CPU overhead of the hundreds of units... Once again, I can't wait till the US units are done. So much mission making fun in the editor!
  6. r3volution

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    Taydeer I THINK my A3 blastcore install was working with Iron Front (I just wrote it into the Manual launch bat file), though I might have been mistaken... it seemed to be working ok to what I could see. Though that may have only been for some models.
  7. r3volution

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    Oooooh. Ok that's cool then. I was under the impression from reading forum posts and changelogs etc that the US infantry looked the part but just had static models not converted to Arma3 clothing system. My mistake!
  8. r3volution

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    Nice work on the update! Is anyone else using Iron front in Arma 3 getting the bug where the US infantry from the Normandy DLC show up as normal in the editor but appear ingame as the Arma 3 Modern US infantry models with WW2 weapons? I own legit copies of all games/dlc involved, and EVERYTHING else in the install including even the Omaha beach map shows up and works perfectly. Just the US Infantry appear as modern infantry with ww2 rifles.
  9. r3volution

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    After bashing my head against a brick wall trying to get arma 2 and arrowhead downloaded then trying for hours to get it all working... IT'S ALL SO FREAKING WORTH IT. GOOD WORK EVERYONE INVOLVED!!! From playing the original to this I could barely believe my eyes!
  10. r3volution

    Blastcore A3

    Awesome!! This looks amazing! Blastcore is COMING!!! I guess it's time to start making explosion heavy missions in anticipation! :)
  11. r3volution

    The Invisible Top Half of the Ladder

    I think it would definitely look a lot better if when the hands reached the top of the ladder the 'ladder climbing' animation went into a 'climb over' animation. Not to mention that the resulting new animation could be used for other stuff too. Like wall climbing.
  12. I keep getting this error thrown whenever I launch with AiA, no matter manual or Automated. No Entry 'config.bin/CfgDiary/FixedPages/Conversation.type'. And it happens every time I try to load a map with a unit spawned in the editor. As a result I haven't been able to use this mod. Anyone else getting the same thing?
  13. r3volution

    Craig's Normal Hat Madness

    Suck it Team Fortress 2. Now we have a true hat simulator...
  14. r3volution

    China - PLA Infantry (Alpha)

    Looking pretty good I have to say. Those QB's will definitely be the icing on the cake of awesome that this mod has become. At the resolution of the pics you've posted they seem to look pretty good. I like how they look a little 'used'... :D