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  1. akaunionjack

    Very poor performance

    Got the game today and well after all the hype im very sad to say i dont like what i see, visualy very nice scenery but ive seen games made 5 years ago with better weapon graphics and the sounds are terrible the humvee sounds like my milkmans float coming up the road. any ways back to why im posting, i am new to ofp series so i could be just not used to the way things work with these games. When i move my soldier it feels like he is stuttering around when i walk up next to a car its like he is magnetic and it can be hard to walk away from the car like i am stuck to it. when i look left and right it feels like its hard to turn at first then all or a sudden he spins and turns fast. causing me to get motion sickness after playing for more than 10 mins. ive turned settings down to everything normal and screen res 1024 x768 rig spec amd am2 athlon 64 dual core 2.4ghz 2 gigs of ocz 800mhz ram asus m2n32 sli delux mobo Sli 2 x bfg 7900gtx o.c. games running of a raptor drive. If the game will always play out like this i may as well sell it as i cant stand feeling sick from playing this
  2. akaunionjack

    Where to buy ??

    Thanks M8 See you on the battlefield soon i hope
  3. akaunionjack

    Where to buy ??

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone who brought a copy of the german version through amazon.de has recieved it yet? I had an email saying it had been dispatched over a week ago yet nothings turned up yet. Anyone else in uk who orderd let me know please thanks
  4. Hi I was just wondering if anyone who brought a copy of the german version through amazon.de has recieved it yet? I had an email saying it had been dispatched over a week ago yet nothings turned up yet. Anyone else in uk who orderd let me know please thanks
  5. akaunionjack

    Motion Sickness ?

    I thought I was the onlyone man im glad i am not alone on this. I first got motion sickness on a PS1 game aliens i think it was. and then on doom on nintendo 64. I finnaly found out what causes mine its tunnels and enclosed spaces, i also get it when im in spectate mode on cod2 if the person im watching waves their gun around while jumping. It aint pleasent for anyone who suffers this your neck goes all hot and you feel like you have heat stroke. I now stop playing as soon as i feel like this but i have carried on before only to end up having to lay down and feeling real dizzy. Im sure its just a select few who suffer from this type of thing but anyone who thinks they are starting to feel sick and dizzy take a break and get some fresh air it will pass, dont carry on untill your vomiting and passing out.
  6. akaunionjack

    can someone who has arma confirm snipers

    While they are at it, a full list of weapons would be nice.
  7. akaunionjack

    505's ArmA Special Edition - What ya want?

    You know those travel chess sets that open in the middle to make the board and all the pieces are kept inside, I would like to see a metal box design like that and when opened up is a decent sized mouse mat with the Sahrani map printed on it. Im sure the game has a map button but how much easier would it be to look down were your mouse is and to be able to see the map. Soldiers carry useful kit to me thats useful. People could say well a giant poster is as good, My mrs would have kittens if i put posters up in our living room. A 2nd disk with how the game progressed would be cool with some nice images us photoshop users could play with logos etc. My wife just would like to ask for arma logo ear muffs as well hehehehe.
  8. akaunionjack

    So who has received their copy?

    I dont know if were meant to do links to ebay but im sure your a big boy and type in armed assault in the seach lol
  9. akaunionjack

    So who has received their copy?

    As i expected ebays got them on offer now. still not long untill i get a german copy
  10. akaunionjack

    Armed Assault is GOLD !!!

    German copy on order Well done BIS cant wait to hear UK versions gone gold as well then more pre orders
  11. akaunionjack

    Who will Host ArmA Dedicated Servers

    Eurowarriors will be setting up at least 1 server but i would imagine more like 3 as a clan we have been waiting to get our teeth into arma. Eurowarriors.com
  12. akaunionjack

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    wheres it say its on ultra low settings? look same as the screenies i seen of most of the people who shouldnt have had it and played on the average pc to me. This is ArmA with high settings and this is ArmA with low settings If you cant see the difference you need new glasses I never see reviews with low-quality screens but with ArmA, reviewers always crank up the settings when making screens.. Maybe the game has a setting like in cod2 where you can choose what directx you run, i know in cod2 running on directx7 gave you better frame rates on slower cards but you did paid for losing quality in the image. maybe Arma has same option ?. I just hope we dont pay for these adjusments in multi player, a few games i know it pays to turn down ya graphics then snipers laying in grass stand out a mile away. fingers crossed this aint the same with arma.
  13. akaunionjack

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    i would image the countrys that have a november release have already printed the box covers etc so to go gold just a few days before release would still be possible to get games out on the shelf. I seem to remember x factor last year the winner had his song out for christmas and it was either 3 or 5 days from printing disk to shop
  14. akaunionjack

    IS 2007 TO LONG ?

    Dark Omen, I would check ebay once its out in germany, im sure people will be buying copies to sell on. As for people who think this is a usless thread, simple dont enter it then. Some of us like to know what others are thinking, i certainly want to see how many other people in the UK for instance want to play the game before uk release so i can find a server and play along side them. if i wanted to fight just germans and poles, i would go into my local town center on a friday night and wait untill the pubs shut.
  15. akaunionjack

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Let's all pray that they don't opt for SF... Please no starforce! It wont be PB either, not from disk any ways, theres no news on PB web site that they are making it for arma.