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    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Hmmmm. 500.000 lines of code. Months making island/textures/animations. Hmmmmm I think they are excited.
  2. armandobronca

    William Porter's Blog

    Yes, buena página Miguel. Btw i think we shouldn't post until a new blog update.
  3. armandobronca

    shooting while running?

    | | | | | | != | | _| |_ _| |_
  4. armandobronca

    Latest screenshots available

    You can pm him if you have nothing new to add. Thanks
  5. armandobronca

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Don't need to ask. Check idea webpage. Btw, you will not see Jiri coming here to post some info witch is not published in idea webpage.
  6. armandobronca

    Armed Assault FAQ

    Delete this plz PD: For every post you do, you should read 100. Just a tip.
  7. armandobronca

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Read it over at http://armed-assault.de/ Thanks I don't know German, but a translator did the job.
  8. armandobronca

    ArmA Progress Updates

    On Topic: Where did u read about the cdcheck Morphicon is going to use? Link?
  9. armandobronca

    Latest screenshots available

    Game 2 maybe?
  10. armandobronca

    ArmedA Demo

  11. armandobronca

    FlashNews Armour Hit Competition.

    Ouch i picked a pos very near of CAPT Gavin Kane choice Congrats to the winners especially to Michael, distance 0 pixels
  12. armandobronca

    Latest screenshots available

    wrong thread
  13. armandobronca

    ArmA Progress Updates

    This is from the arma_anim video at 1:41. No finger animation at firing... Sorry but, i had to Anims looks great
  14. armandobronca

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    We haven't to check every German, French, Portuguese or Bosnian game magazine for arma previews/articles, the links are all here in the forums. You know what, you use sarcasm, i will use irony: This is like everyone asking about an English version, when every Alpha/E3/GC version is already English.
  15. armandobronca

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    @-=UOE.Txalo=- Si seńor, aqui podememos ir actualizando cuando y quien lo publicará en los distintos paises.