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  1. There will be a "slip" patch for that issue soon. Can someone opload an OPFOR vid on youtube? I am really wanna see the AK with sound and model, and also some armor action.
  2. alpha125rbf

    Valhalla Mod - WIP

    You are right. http://fc09.deviantart.com/fs40/f/2009/049/8/a/Arma_2___Razor_Team_by_thejohan.jpg But hey, not everyone survives in a war. The crew member Nr. 13 always needs to die.:(
  3. alpha125rbf

    Valhalla Mod - WIP

    Amazig island!:eek: Brilliant work with good performance! Big thanks! This is a kind of very good betta - After i took some screenshots - i had the inspiration to write a kind of story for them :) (As unofficial teaser to upcomming fights in ArmA II, and to give the Klurs Shtraf-Colony a story for "Cold War" style fights ahead!) http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1278673&postcount=3380 :bounce3:
  4. alpha125rbf

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    Klurs island. Maybe the coldest piece of mother russia. This picture of me was made in july and there is only 5° - maybe 10 °C at day. My mobile guard post just outside the prison colony. There are no fences with barbwire, no one escapes from here. It is impossible to swim through cold water and then run hundreds of kilometers through the ice cold sibiria, without food or a warm overnight stop. It is a suicide. We, the guards have just to watch that the prisoners do their commanded work and try not to freeze our ass up. My friend Wasilij from Moskwa asked me to take foto of this special "guests". I have the feeling they are here as long as i live. Ten years at least. As a twenty year old conscript i am far from politics. My friend said there was some sort of conflict fifteen years ago, somewhere in the southwest of our big and glorious country. It was a long an dirty war - the pro-west partizan - parazity claimed to fight for peace and democracy, but they laid bombs and shot our peecekeepers at the same time. This four prisoners are kind of from there as I told him. They speak good russian though. But i hear them speak english when they are for themselfs. Their files are kind of classified (- for conscripts like me) and they themself say they are here because of crimes they commited. But i heared Major San Sanich talking about them to Sergeant Pawlow. I was staying guard in the commanders warm shanty then. San Sanich said that right here in the prison we have four US saboteurs whom he fought fifteen years ago as a young lieutenant in Chernarus. Those "NATO Rasors" he said were "a pain in the ass" back then. But after they were captured by his GRU comrades all the western countrys claimed they never existed. These four man looked happy after I took this picture with my mobile phone. BTW cameras are forbidden (at least in theory), I can't make calls with this thing from here but carry him because of music and photos that remind me of friends, home. Lucky we have internet over GlosNas satelite and a couple of laptops we guards can use. Wanja
  5. alpha125rbf

    Ai thread

    The big difference between ArmA I and other shooters is that nobody really needs to shoot at you until you are dead with one shot. And in reverse - you don't need shooting at your target, you just kill it with one or two bullets. This has to be redone. With mods (weapons dispersion at least) or by BIS.
  6. alpha125rbf

    Does BI listen?!

    The main point is - for whom BIS made ArmA II? As a trained soldier you have some skills to spot enemys, to move in combat, to fire your rifle.. You know what you can hit from what distance, and so on. You have at least seen real uniforms. Kids who are the "target group" for ArmA have no real interest in accurate combat simulation, they want fast "kill them all" action, where you kill at least 20 enemys in 20 minutes. They want an evil russian general. They want an undestroyable M1A2, cuz they have seen it on TV. And they will get it all. And at the end - tey will not pay for it. Only adults who want a good Military Sim will.
  7. alpha125rbf

    Armor Warfare

    TANKS are in fact unrealistic. But not only the targeting system. This can be improved: A laser rangefinder and weapon angle with "green" light when the gun is aimed on target would be enough realism for me. But the real tank and APC also fights different than the Ai in the game! Moving from cover to cover, keeping distance to the enemy and use the advantages of your weapons is the key to survavial and victory in every battle. Losing the advantages is death to eyery tanker in this world. No matter what tank you have; T-72M, Merkava, Abrams.. they all burn the same. There is no "tank rush" in modern warfare. Just tank fire from superior positions and advance on them. With charge tactics, support, fast, deadly. If hostile tank has seen you - you die. Instantly. If you see  well planed enemy tank assault (and they are kind of successful cuz. tanks are expensive) your life is in the moust cases over. Thats why IMHO BIS don't improve the "tanks". I have a bad feeling about ArmA 2: The BIS have not fully understood that there are kids pirating games for kids (like CoD), and there are adults with different tastes and demands who buy the games that ArmA II should be. The sale results of GTA IV are based on adult customer group, not on kids. Thats why they are high. But in GTA you are kind of action hero, in military sim it is the best way to lose serious customers. There is no point of making games with good graphics and "I kill them all" action - or "fair" shooter balance like BF or CSS. There is still no good infantry - warfare sim (since OPF). Only shooters.
  8. I will turn everything off in the ECS settings. Just the AI enhancements. Matt Effects with tracers are enough for me. I think it is a weakness of ArmA AI to stand up and stop fire if the squard takes heavy losses and the comander is dead. Then the AI starts to run like ants, dies and retreats. I figured out how to increase the "true AI" engage range and spotting distance. Now i have the "problem" that one side always supress the other. Â I think this is quite realistic in the modern warfare. But boring if you are at the winning side. Tweakig is fun.
  9. Thx for the fast answer. I tried both mods, but not together. Â I want no effects, I only want the settings where I get shot. Constantly. The AI is not that smart to use covered positions or their weapons right (example MG - areal fire) - so the only chance get them sniper me. But in the weapon config the engagement ranges of the weapons are to small, and i can't tweak the .BIN files of TRUE mods. I tried to put all skill to 4.0, it doesn't help. I tried to put the ECP skills to 1, but the enemy runs like joke targets. EDIT: I think I got it: I opened the TRUE AI bin with kegetys UNRAP. Thx Kegetys. I think I will start tweaking! I have a bad feelig my CPU is to weak, only X2 at @2200 Ghz Athlon. But the graphic card handles the game well enough - GF 8800GT. I need help. I played and tweaked OPF, but with this silly ArmA AI i loose the game taste.
  10. I (and a lot of people) want an addon that makes the AI really dangerous. They should shoot with the accuracy of human level and have the same chances to kill me on the field like I kill them. Now i (and a lot of other players) have no problems to wipe out a squard with rifle or sniper rifle. EDIT: I will try ECS, as you say. THX
  11. alpha125rbf

    FDF Mod 1.0 for ArmA

    Oh, I forgot. I want the FDF mod icon om my desktop once again! But it is only included in the Installer.EXE file. Can you post the FDF Icon? so I can download it and put it at the shortcut? It would remind me of the old good days..
  12. alpha125rbf

    FDF Mod 1.0 for ArmA

    FDF mod team: Congratulations for the awesome release. You did what i missed in ArmA so much: - a perfect island! (Not to small, Not to big, not to empty, not to full and with absolute great landscape) Your FDF units are also great and and the armour will do. If you make a finnish T-72 MBT or ask the Leopard creators for the tank; in my humble opinion it will be enough for ArmA! The ArmA bugs strike in every mod once again. And there is no hope any more. Just waiting for the next game. I (and all of people around here) wish 4 every member of FDF team that you are able to manage the ArmA II (or OPF 2) modding and the big rest of your life in beautiful way. Good wishes for the future!
  13. alpha125rbf

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    FDF Mod PODAGA Island, Vilas Weaponholders, RHS Rifles
  14. alpha125rbf

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    amazing FDF MOD, Vilas KLMK Soldiers, RHS Weapons, Mig 15
  15. alpha125rbf

    CSLA3 Phase1

    Congratulations for this great release! The Nr. 1 ArmA mod so far. + great detail units. Sla soldiers look "naked" in front of your troops. + Awesome armor. Â All tanks with random numbers, BMP-1, SKOT perform some action at the battlefield. + very good missions& vids. I would ask& add an M60 tank for the US forces. I love the "march" music played then the crews stand in line in front of the vehicles. I missed it sometimes since heard it first play in OPF CSLA MOD. Whats the name? Keep up the amazing work- Â