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  1. I guess this is more of a general modeling issue, but here goes: I've been modeling a Spitfire Mk V based on the scanned blueprints from a Revell plastic modeling kit using the actual model as a reference guide with tricky parts. Working the exterior goes quickly and I've also managed to work the cockpit quite nicely. I've also textured the model's exterior parts using 3dMax's UV-mapping modifiers, which seem easy enough to use. There's just one big problem. I can't seem to find any really usable pictures to use for texturing the interior cockpit instrument panels and stuff like that. I know there has to be plenty of pics lying around the internet somewhere as there are very detailed cockpits in many of the models I've seen around. Where do you guys get all the picturematerial for those instrument panels and levers and switches in the planes and tanks and cars and so on? Is there any kind of a picture database for those kind of things? I mean like pictures taken straight from in front of the instrument panels, not from an angle?