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    System locks up ! Help please ?

    Desert Fox looks like ya might have hit the nail on the head. Checked out the cpu temp and it was high. Luckily got some cooler paste left over from first build so stripped out the heatsink and fan cleaned em. Got to the CPU main core and re-pasted with arctic silver and hasn't crashed since. Thanks Fox m8y, really do have my fingers crossed here that it was the heat causing the problem, definately seen a vast improvement anyways, and I was running out of options as to what to try next. Will reply if the crashing appears again....................... Cya soon P.S. Bob check your heatsink and fan and if you have an athlon try reseating the heatsink with fresh coolant paste, seems to have done the trick here !.
  2. am1727

    System locks up ! Help please ?

    Thanks Fragalot, I'll download a memory test and benchmark see what pops up. If it is Memory damn the expence lol, got to get playing this.
  3. Hi guys, Been waiting so long for this release was a total flashpoint/resistance nutter. Anyways to the nitty gritty........ System Specs. CPU=AMD 3000 xp Graphics=ATI x800pro 256mb Memory=1gb Sound=Soundblaster 5.1 live/tried onboard sound too From the 16th Feb (release date) I installed and started to play. During gameplay mostly the screen freezes, with looping sound. CTRL ALT DEL is inactive and have to reset my system. The time in which it happens can be from 2 minutes to up to an hour, but always the same system lockup. I have other programs that run fine FSx, NFS carbon, COD2, Joint Ops and they all run fine. Tips I have tired so far.............. Installed FSautostart to cut processing down, still locks after differing configurations. MSconfig again to save on system resources and still lock ups. I uninstalled Norton systemworks and antivirus still lockups. I have installed Openal, got the latest drivers ATI catalyst Jan 07, sound drivers and of course direct X latest version, all resulted in system lock up. I have set the router ports, and have played online until.....yeh you guessed a system lockup. I do not overclock and i am at a loss as to just what is causing the problem, I have even set all graphical options and audio to low or basic settings and yeh again system locks up. Anyone else experiencing the same, or better still anyone cured it ?. That would be great. Really want to get into Arma but my patience fast wears out, can anybody help me please ! Thanks guys
  4. am1727

    Lock ups

    You can run non-essential background processes without a clean boot. There is a program I mentioned in my original post called FSautostart, it was made by the Flightsim community for the microsoft sim as it was so hardware intensive. Running FSautostart is easy to get to grips with as all processes are descriptive, and the program informs you of windows files Not to Shut down, along with others which are running in the background therefore consuming valuble processing power. Although this utility does not help the Arma lockups, (for me anyways), you can notice a vast improvement of gameplay by using it, that was its purpose, give it a whirl.
  5. am1727

    Lock ups

    Andy, Radeon x800 pro256mb athlon xp 3000 1 gb ddr ram soundblaster live 5.1 Same here acid, system just locks up only way out for me anyways is reset button and reboot. Tried alsorts already running different compatability modes, turn Norton off, played around with all the settings within options yet still the crashes. My machine is fine runs NFS carbon, Fifa 07 no problems at all. I've even downloaded a small program which people use to save resources and is a great help for shutting down unwanted processes when you need every ounce of muscle to run a graphic intensive game, FS autostart was its name, and.................... no that didnt work either !. The game looks so good but these gliches or bugs are driving me crazy as I am using the editor a lot, so hope indeed it proves to be just that, a glich or bug, and remedied in the first UK patch, I hope so anyways as running out of other options to try and run the game stable.