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  1. aviel

    Myasishchev M-4 ("Bison")

    was this released?
  2. Hey people, long time no seen. [APS]Gnat, Tupolev 95, Myasishchev M-4, and that fancy B52, were those ever released? TIA.
  3. hey guys, there was once a website were you could see the information of all the american soldiers who were killed in action. you could see the name, the date, and how he died. help would be apriciated
  4. Because of a MAJOR misunderstanding i RE-DECLARE the TALES OF WAR MOD, back to: ALIVE AND KICKING We are now Regrouping our team, and best of all, we have a new leader, MAD MAX. I take back evrything i sayd, i was orderd to leave From the Tales of War mod. Please, Stay Tuned to the tow website, Tales of war again, sorry for the misunderstanding Aviel, peace out.
  5. lol silent, he is :P he love plump women! look at his profile! Edit: and i cant belive this is happening wrong forum!!! sorry! Edit: i cant belive my eyes!!! Offtopic has its own seperated forum!!! whoa!!!! Edit: OH MY GOD!! placebo has a girlfriend!!!
  6. hello folks, long time no seen, but no time for a chat right now. i have expirianced some dificultys last days, and i wonder if someone has expirianced the same things. it takes TO LONG till it actualy boots, ill explain; after i pressed the power button, it takes like a quarter of a hour til i get the DOS, but in that quarter of a hour, i still can see the disc drives flashing, and the HDD light still on, non stop :( can sumone help me? thank you very much for reading, and i hope i post this in the propper forum, i forgot the rules abit so fat old placebo, dont ban me spelling spelling spelling
  7. aviel

    Global effects.

    many thanks like i sayd before
  8. hey guys, (and ladys ) (please excuse me if this has been discussed before , or if this is the wrong forum) I am seeking an command action for my mission. i am making a training mission and i want to make the commander have some action menu commands with which he can change the weather and fog for everyone on the server. Does anyone knows how to do that Many thx. A.
  9. aviel

    Decisive Killing Machines

    wow! awsome texetures!! Omg! good job!
  10. Your mech looks awesome I'm still trying to get the walking animation to look right myself as i'm useless at scripting and such i looked at the GDI Titan addon that was made by the C&C Tiberian Sun Mod to see how it was done. If you want i could let you see my mech so you can see how it was done.? and heres some update pictures as you can see i've made it smaller and fixed the arms and remodeled the cockpit and some other bits, as you can see in some of the pictures the walking animation still needs work. WOW Great improvements Good job just look at the improvements!!: smoothend version
  11. aviel

    Wizzywig's tomahawk Relesed!

    hello sir, please visit our forums, and ask the same question in the bords. Thank you http://wizzywig.kaos-squad.org/Forum/
  12. aviel

    Armed Assault Anticheats!!!

    hello m8, Punkbuster scans for modded files/open/running dll's, if he found one modded file or a extra DLL it just kicks out (go take a look at the world famous game americas army ). that meens there will be no availability for addons. Punkbuster doesnt helps in any possible/thinkable way, it just works like placebo pills for the community so they will shut up about cheaters anyways the admin who play this game, make nice file checkers so they are able to see whats on, on the other site. Have a nice day
  13. the screen says : ''out of order/service try a diffrent channel'' LOL Klicky
  14. aviel

    Wizzywig's tomahawk Relesed!

    Please ask youre question at our forums!~ well be happy to anwser it as soon as possible. go to here: http://wizzywig.kaos-squad.org/Forum/