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  1. akinkhoo

    MAXIMUM number of soldiers...

    it crash on high spec and low spec just the same.
  2. akinkhoo

    MAXIMUM number of soldiers...

    what is the number of units (AI and/or Player) can we have in a multiplayer game? i have a 64 player mission, it seem stable but crashes midway after i added civilian and farm animals and their waypoint. the mission size was 24kb, and 38kb after adding... idea?
  3. the mission continues to run as "intro" on my background after i quit. while in the main menu, i could still fire etc etc... as if i was still in the mission. also, there is a intro i would like to use for my mod, how do i go about forcing it on the main menu. i am beginning to give up hope on converting the addons into a mod... anyone has any advise for upgrading addons while still keeping support of old mission? i am getting missing addon messages, and i didn't even use those addons in the mission. they disappear after i reexported the mission but that doesn't make sense since i didn't change anything
  4. akinkhoo

    Make a Lift!

    i need to make a lift that bring ppl and veh up and down. the problem is i can't setPos height on static, it move sideways instead i need roadway... is there a cfgvehicle class i can used to do this? and what should be in the p3d?
  5. akinkhoo

    cant get my AT static gun to fire!

    i trust that the model is correct, it was configured closely to the orginal, i most likely missed something which i still have no clue as to how and what..
  6. akinkhoo

    How to make 2+ weapons on 1 vehicle

    can it cross the bridge?
  7. akinkhoo

    Problem getting magazine pic to show

    I am uncertain if i can be of help, i am pretty much a noob too, i can only make some guesses... have you assign the correct magazine type for the soldier and weapon? eg. magazines[]={"weaponnameMag"} as for undefined, have you copied the class inheritance correctly? eg.<table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> class default{}; class MGun: default{}; class Riffle: MGun{}; class weaponnameBase: Riffle{}; class weaponnameMag: weaponnameBase { scopeWeapon=0; scopeMagazine=2; picture="\weaponname\magpic.paa"; }; *assuming weaponnameBase is derived from Riffle, shoulc not be copied the engine need to be able to work it way up the inheritance to "default" in order to work. this includes any custom and ingame classes in between.
  8. I make an ATGM based on the M2staticGME. however after i mount it, i can't fire nor rotate the weapon. what am i missing...  <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">class ATGM_vWPN: M2StaticMGE {  model ="ATGM\ATGM_vWPN";  displayName ="Dragon";  //this vehicle catagory  vehicleClass ="my mountable";  //my soldier class  crew ="myEastSoldier";  //my weapon system  weapon[]={"ATGM"};  magazines[]={"ATGM_MAG"};  //my half sitted soldier  gunnerAction="ManActvWPN";  gunnerInAction="ManActvWPN"; }; weapon system based on my working infantry carried weapon. why will it not work? Â
  9. sorry i am really confused by this, i am not sure if it can be done, but i would really hope to get it to work. i am willing to try any ideas.... 1. i need to predefined some script which is ALWAYS used with this vehicle. can i make a script that run each time vehicle "nuke disarmer" is loaded in a game via it's config file? - i hope to tie the script in the addon pbo so mission creator don't need to keep init the vehicle, without the script, the vehicle doesn't work  2. how could i make an action with a condition that the player must be driver of B and the vehicle A is available for use. (eg. an action in nuclear device A can only be activated by driver of B) - i think it can be done with weapons, as well as getting the object being driven but how do you get the vehicle class? i am most grateful of your help.
  10. wouldn't he will still give the command if he is following a waypoint, regardless of AI... else the chain of command will not work? or is that your plan?
  11. i been trying to solve a bug within my script and i depoly a AI, player counter. surprising, i get 2 players when i am playing it alone. the game seem to accept a unit as player even if he is not as long as he is set "as player" in mission editor. the problem is gone if the server player as the preset player. has this always benn the case, regardless of version/patch? or is this cause be exporting error
  12. i am trying to make an ammo crate always have 5 mag of MG, M16, LAW and grenade in it. I need some ways to detect if a clip was taken from the crate so i can refill it. I can keep removing and refilling it now, but i am wondering if there is a better way to 'conditionally' refill it when something is removed than to keep looping it with delays...
  13. really a noob question, but i couldn't find a good reference... i need to get a list of units outside the trigger area. so i can display who is not in the area every second. most of it should be able to be done in the trigger screen, but what should i do on activation to pass the info to an public array? sorry for the silly question
  14. i need a way to make some unit "GOD" under some triggers can it be done?