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  1. alacasam

    ArmA Progress Updates

    i totally agree with you
  2. alacasam

    Community: LOOK AT YOURSELVES!

    I agree with codarl and D.murphy man
  3. alacasam

    Latest screenshots available

    Ok, I've had it with everyone complaining about those stupid, ridiculous claims like "the soldier is floating above the ground" or "that shadow isn't correct." It's lame, Agreed, stop complaining about everything guys its w.i.p and if BIs see each time a screenshot is release, people are complaining about their work .....they will think twice before releasing more screens ;( So pls stop complaining about each tiny details (BTW Bis Keep up the good work)
  4. alacasam

    Armed Assault Video E3 Presentation

    BIS Can make really good games but they cannot  make people smarter so it wiil be to the admin in mp game to throw them out and banned them
  5. alacasam

    ArmA Progress Updates

    what??!! the grafic ive seen in the trailer looks really good what do they want more?? BTW nice job BIS
  6. alacasam

    ArmA Progress Updates

    i would like some news toooo arrghhhhh!
  7. alacasam

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Yea i love to play as american too , Greatest country to play with  for their helos, tank, plane, m4, marines ,hummer,, and sry i dont want to play a small country at war with only weapons old jeep and ak  and by the way im not american Â
  8. alacasam

    Streams and Rivers

    OMG Hidden i looked at the video of just cause its freaking awsome! . Have you looked at the water?wow   Â
  9. alacasam

    BIS arma christmas gift

    Merry Christmas everyone  Yes Marukclaus  I was a good  boys this year so as a reward  here my list of gift for arma this Christmas  1 i would like a t55 in my courtyard 2 i would like new screens or video 3 if none of the above are available ill let you decid
  10. alacasam

    Alpha Specs - Hardware

    nice tx suma
  11. alacasam

    Armed Assault trailer

  12. alacasam

    Armed Assault trailer

    hope he upload the 55mb fast can't wait...
  13. alacasam

    Arma czech previews

    raptor you speak Czech ? anybody could translate them?
  14. alacasam

    Arma czech previews

    its kind of sad that we cannot read the text on these pages Â
  15. alacasam

    about swaying grass - hope you can turn it off

    talk for yourself D.murphy man, o while being there they could make the game work on a p3 333 and remove dynamic lightning and reduce the view distance to 12 meters...lol ... this game will have a lot of great ameliorations .people should stop whining. Lets go bis im behind you Â
  16. alacasam

    Gameplay Improvements

    I dont know whats wrong with all of you  about graphics, better grafics is one of the best thing arma will offer (even small ameliorations), gameplay wll be ameliorated for sure ,would you think bis would release the same game as flashpoint without amelioration to gameplay ,still  graphics is important ! wait and see .... ps this thread is almost closed Â
  17. alacasam


    Hi everyone,         i would like someone to explain to me (and a lot of people im sure) what is DirectX9 and what will be the majors graphics changes  in arma (not only with direct 9x) . what will look better and why (from what we know now) . P.S - please Dont lock this thread Â
  18. alacasam

    better Weapons sounds

    I like to begin by saying that i played bf2 since the demo was out, and that i was really surprise with the sound in that game (grafics too). the sound of firearms (popcorn sound )sound awsome even if you are at a distance of the guys who fired some shots .could better sound be implement in aras?(i mean weapons sounds), what are the limitations? is there limitation? I know that bf2 is not the same kind of game ....... but id like bis to polish this game the better they can.....and i know they will
  19. alacasam

    Any News on Publisher?

    I can only say 1 thing , if codemaster  had done more publicity around ofp meaby Bis and them would have made more cash $$$ . ( In Canada if i ask to all my friend if they know flashpoint , they all answer no . There where almost no publicity here and they say if they did'nt hear about it , it must not be a great game. i know they are wrong .....really wrong) arma will be really a great amelioration on ofp and i hope as soon they have a publisher , they will break all hell loose by making a lot of noise around arma. By the way a hight quality video  would be good for us to keep moral up  while weating
  20. alacasam

    Any News on Publisher?

    i hope they tell us soon  i want to know like everyone of us, hope everything goes for the best The only thing i hope is that the future company let them do what they want with the game so it will be kickassssss
  21. alacasam

    Franze & NodUnit Present...

    i have to say GREAT job guys , this chopper is awsome !!
  22. alacasam

    Engine comparison

    i fully agree with you scrub Â
  23. alacasam

    please no eating....

    Hi all ,      I read some post that where suggesting for game 2 that you should make your soldier eat ,go to toilet  if you dont do that it would lose energy......please guys this is gonna be a war sim (role playing ) but still war game. Those kind of things for gamers is waisting of time  and take all the pleasure of the game and time is precious for gamers(if you have a girlfrind your time surely is... lol). if i want to play EA sims like game ill buy sims game . my oppinion is that bis should not go in that direction ,but this is my oppinion what is yours ? lots of post on what you would like but this post is more for what  you dont want to see in game 2 Â
  24. alacasam

    New VBS1 videos

    All those features would be awsome! Â Â Â
  25. alacasam

    New screens

    bravo 6 , you look like you dont like  arma (even if you did'nt tried it), hope they dont sell a copy to you , ill buy them all just to keep you from having one  Ok bis no arma for bravo6? (Marek) : roger!   no copy for bravo6 and a million and a half to your house at 18203..dr ..street  Qc      lol