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    Providing Flashpoint Support post 'AA'

    I'll be back with OFP occationally - call it nostalgia. So, yeah, continuing support would be of interest.
  2. ade_mcc

    Project UK Forces

    Those new models look the business. Can't wait to try out!
  3. ade_mcc

    The atmosphere

    Realism has been mentioned a few times in this and other threads. If it was purely realism that we wanted, then we'd all be playing Combat Mission. But this thread is about atmosphere and After Montignac has it a plenty. Its just the feeling of being part of a much bigger operation at some parts, and then feeling so alone. Its great and very emotional.
  4. ade_mcc

    Windows XP System Restore

    Not a huge amount to add... Starforce: Seems to alternate between being just another copy protection program (on desktop pc), to being a right pain in the arse (on laptop with removeable DVD drive). Just the way it operates seems a bit dodgy, but if you want to play Trackmania for example, it cannot be done without Starforce. Heard that it dosn't uninstall when uninstalling the game. hmmmmm. AVG: Works for me but then I probably wouldn't notice if it tunred itself off till it was too late. Cheers CrashDome, I had the option of operating systems at start up and couldn't remember where boot.ini was located - Thanks!
  5. ade_mcc


    Those are the major bits to tweek to get optimal performance. There is a guide that although is a few years old is still quite good for tweeking OFP, a link is as follows... Linky Please bear in mind though the points raised in Avon Ladys FAQ: Hope this helps a bit without you havingto spend any money just yet.
  6. ade_mcc

    Latest screenshots available

    I dont think the job of PR / advertising ever came with a rule-book. Its just when something is or isn't "obviously true" then we should take everything with a pinch of salt and understand that work in progress can mean that anything and everything could change before final release. Specifically, we do know in the arguments presented before that final animations are yet to be implemented so I assume that stances will similarly be altered a bit. Easyest way to think about things - what isn't in AA may be in a patch, and if not, may be in Game 2. Or a mod. Hooray! My opinion remains however on promotional material. I can see the box now........
  7. ade_mcc


    One of the biggest factors in OFP is the amount of ram that you have installed and at the moment you arn't doing too bad. Next thing - graphic setting - Terrarain Level + View distance (Normal + around 1500 does it for me) Another is the amount of addons that you may have runnning eg FFUR / EECP perhaps? Another is speed of processer - AMD Athlon XP 3000? 3500? 4000? With my specs I get around 30ish with DXDLL, ECP Marine Assault pack. Less if there are plently of action. Which drivers are you using? The ones out of the box or somthing a bit more recent? Or even a bit older sometimes.
  8. ade_mcc

    Latest screenshots available

    Hey, just a crazy thought, but surely the pic above is either the box art or promotional material - poster / magazine advert that sort of thing. Just a guess...
  9. ade_mcc

    ArmA Progress Updates

    The playground is a great example of something to give a town its individual character and something that could become a bit annoying if used all over the place. So use sparingly BIS, or use lots of variations. A theme park is probably OTT though.
  10. ade_mcc

    The Amiga Games Memorabilia Thread

    Of course the ST was better, it had Midi ports as standard and what was that big old box that powered the Amiga - a foot warmer?!? Hahaha At least we are grown up and mature now (and of course the PC whips the consols arse! ) Anyway they were pretty much the same thing (70MHz vs 75MHz or something like that) so I had the pleasure of: Kick off 2 - my mate broke two controllers in fustration at this Midwinter - the constant swish swish of the ski's, the cable cars - the glider!!! Hunter - The windsurfer!!! I remember travelling half way across the map to find a key only to find that i'd blown up the building containing said key a bit earlier. M1 Tank platoon - You had to recognise the tank to get past the copy protection. Actually got quite skilled at this! Cannon fodder - war never been so fun (till about 2001 anyway! ) North and South - Mum bought me this after convincing her it was an eductional game about the american revolution Speedball 2 - bit hard towards the end (Brutal Delux wasn't it?) Ace music anyway. Silent service - Bored me Police Quest - Pixilated Carrier command - Hard. So yeah, a midwinter OFP mod is an excellent idea. Ahh, the memories!
  11. ade_mcc

    Latest screenshots available

    Im impressed so far by the amount of diversity that seems to be shown in the pictures, from the differing landscapes, to the amount of objects to make the whole thing seem a bit more 'real life'. As mentioned above, it will be interesting to see the rain effects and some nighttime shots to ge an idea of atmosphere. And unless I've missed it somewhere, I've not seen a tractor yet...? There has to be a tractor somewhere or I won't be happy
  12. ade_mcc

    Latest screenshots available

    Dont know, but it looks like the Carlsberg logo on the umbrellas.
  13. ade_mcc

    New campaign

    Or the excellent Retaliation campaign Link Dont be put off by the large download size - its what the Red Hammer campaign should have been.
  14. ade_mcc

    Latest screenshots available

    Oh god, please lets not have that big debate al over again - remember the one about having children in OFP was a good/bad idea? Raged for a while a couple of years ago IIRC. Your right though, BergHoff, its a bit unexpected!
  15. ade_mcc

    Identical firingangel

    Oh, firingangle! Sorry, I completely miss-read your post. But nice idea though.
  16. ade_mcc

    Latest screenshots available

    Its been mentioned in this thread that the couple of pictures released for AA look no better than some of those in the OFP photography thread. So you are comparing user addons (sometimes unreleased) with everything cranked up to maximum (i.e. an unplayable level) with AA that looks this good straight out of the box?!? I have high hopes for AA, especially after the community get its hands on the addon making processes. If they have an engine to play with, with even less of the restrictions than the current engine has, then I think we have a hit on our hands here. Raw OFP looks a little ragged these days and it will be nice, at least for a while on multiplayer when everyone is playing AA straight out of the box, with out the addon dependancies. But then, when has graphics been the prime reason for playing OFP?
  17. Thanks Fer for the step-by-step explaination. Whilst having a vague idea on doing this kind of thing i've never really understood how to do this in practice. Cheers for the excellent walkthrough. I've been playing the 9v9 PUKFs verion most nights this week, its really an excellent mission with plenty of replay value. I'll keep an eye out for updates or futher projects from yourself.
  18. ade_mcc

    Latest screenshots available

    One word - Lush! Thanks BIS! (Thats my new wallpaper sorted! )
  19. ade_mcc

    WWIIEC releases a SP missionpack for LIB41

    Appologies in advance for the vagueness (im at work and OFP is on my home computer). Two of the missions require an island that is not one of the originals, nor is one supplied in the Lib Mod. The mission pbo's list it as .suri or .sari or something (I wrote it down but left it at home) All I know is that one of the read-me's list it as being 3Mb in size. I've searched and found a couple of may-be's but will someone please supply a definite link? Cheers! ps, enjoyed the other missions tried so far - its great fun. Edit: Found it... Linky ps, there seems to be an updated version of this island. I'll see if it works...
  20. ade_mcc

    ArmA Progress Updates

    No, bit of time off - celebrate release of OFP Develop patches 1.1 - 1.46 Develop Resistance Develop patches 1.75 - 1.96 work on Armed Assalult work on OFP2 work on VBS1 work on other games BIS do more than OFP *gasp* ! And 5 years is nothing in the world of sequals. HL2,DNF,D-EX2....etc...etc..
  21. ade_mcc

    Shortening death camera panning time

    Rúben, I was thinking just the same this week. Although, I cant supply a solution for you, the method of switching player on death is implemted by the ECP mod, and so it would be more apropriate to ask one of the ECP team or to check the ECP thread. Let us know if you find a suitable answer! (I'd prefer the game to pause with a similar switching time but any solution would be good) Actually, isn't this all Kegetys Spectating script or am I mistaken?
  22. ade_mcc

    ArmA Progress Updates

    There is a shadow, its just not as obvious from this angle - its most obvious on the rock between the soldier and the wall where there are 2 almost parallel lines. Also, the patch of ground is slightly darker. Now there could be the observation that the shadow is a little too dark and crisp....
  23. ade_mcc

    ArmA Progress Updates

    According to AvonLady (Thanks Avon! ) We should do something to celebrate 5 years.
  24. ade_mcc

    WWIIEC releases a SP missionpack for LIB41

    Excellent news, im supprised i've not seen any missions sooner?!? or perhaps i'm looking in the wrong areas? Anyway, this is the excuse I need to fire up Lib41-45 again. Im presuming that I just put the addons in the @Lib mod folder. Cheers!
  25. ade_mcc

    Character Ragdoll and more

    I actually am more than happy with the current death animations. If anything, having groups depending on standing/prone/running etc with say 5 death animations in each category and having a randomness thrown in should be much more resource (and mp) friendly on the system than one dodgy implimented rag-doll effect (I consider all attemts so far at rag-doll to be dodgy btw). As someone wiser said before, I shoot them, they drop, I move onto the next one.