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  1. aj_addons

    Two Russian Civilian Airlines Lost on Radar

    explosive belt anyone if they havent found any remains
  2. aj_addons

    Marine assault pack

    blackdog this wouldnt happen to be the suchey tank crew that was sitting on the rhs ftp would if its not are there any improvements?
  3. aj_addons

    The Iraq thread 4

    norris where exactly you from i didnt support the war but i anit a fan of the resistance either personnely i would like to see peace restored a resonable goverment and for the troops to pull out peacefuly but saddly i doubt that will happen
  4. aj_addons

    US Marines

    scarrily i can understand it trust me my cousins engrish is worse
  5. aj_addons

    Quality of textures

    lol nope texview is the devils own use paatool that was made by one of the fdf members, I found that texview not matter what i tried always turned the textures to absolute mush but the paatool doesnt ill find a link in a sec edit heres a link to thread with it http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=39322
  6. aj_addons

    The Iraq thread 4

    I think it was sarcasim personnely anyway one know how close the us are to the mosque now last i heard it was about 800m?
  7. i get an error message when i open config.cpp files with it other than that it works flawlessy if you want ill post the error message?
  8. aj_addons


    lol aprillia rs's are sweet its cool how something so small can go so fast
  9. aj_addons

    DXDLL 1.0 (not Geforce MX compatible)

    have you tried rolling back youre graphics card drivers to an eralier version?
  10. aj_addons

    Doom 3 has gone GOLD!!!!!!!!!!

    what was it meant to do were you meant to get free version of doom95 or something?
  11. aj_addons


    well i was nearly right
  12. aj_addons

    DXDLL 1.0 (not Geforce MX compatible)

    you might have read this but are you running any antialising as that caused problems for me and everything started working alright once i switched it off
  13. aj_addons


    ozanzac the british system is similar to yours here you have to pass youre cbt(certificate basic training i think) test then you can ride anything up to 125 or under 33bhp if youre over a certain age think its 21 and when youve passed youre test and are over 21(not sure about the age) you can sit another test and get youre full liecense and then buy a 199mph suzuki hayabusa if you want though it may have changed as theyve changed it a few times in the last 10 years
  14. aj_addons


    lol i took one down with an a10's avenger canon the addon is very good but isnt the display which the map is displayed on not a colour display but the traditional green and black im just thinking from lock-on as thats where the radar display is or is this just a consession for playability?
  15. aj_addons

    Hostage cownapped by militants

    hehe i had a feeling something like this would happen sooner or later to be honest i wouldnt really call them art though i think most modern art is rubbish, this incedent reminds of people kid napping garden gnomes