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    Patching problem

    I have this trouble too. I have the 505 games version of ARMA and QG. My system is Athlon 3000 XP 1.5 Gb Ram Windows XP Service Pack II NVidia 6800 LE I get these error messages Update 1.04-1.05\ADDONS\WEAPONS.PBO.UPD cannot be applied, error xdelta3 returned error code: 1
  2. Hey, I've got the 505 DVD edition of the game and I've thus downloaded the european update from 1.04 to 1.05 and the 1.05 to 1.08 patch too. When i try and install the patch it gives me an error message saying "error found in xxxxx.pbo 000000001=000000000!" (where xxxxx is the name of the pbo, like air, building etc) This also appears in the log for the patch cannot be applied, error xdelta3 returned error code: 1 Any ideas? I'm running XP, athlon 3000+ processor, 1.5Gb RAM, Nvidia 6800 LE graphics. Cheers.
  3. astatine


    Ahhh wow, more PMC stuff! I loved Heroes Path, I got mighty stuck on the infantry missions though. Has this version of heroes path been updated since when i played it in March? Thanks for all your hard work, its great to see missions and addons designed together.
  4. astatine

    Invasion 1944 Alpha Relased

    Most are relatively small though such as missing faces, it has never crashed for me or caused my OFP to mailfunction. Apologies! I'll amend my post to avoid confusion further in the thread. I can't wait for it to finish downloading
  5. Hey, I just spotted this on <a href="www.ofp.info" target="_blank">OFP.info</a> Congratulations to the I44 team for getting it out, and thanks for all their hard work! But comiserations also on not being able to see your work finished quite as you would like. Thanks for sharing this! From I:44 Team WARNING - THIS VERSION IS AN EARLY BUILD, AND HAS MANY FLAWS. Mirrors Invasion 1944 Alpha / 306.37 MB I44 Oosterbeek Campaign / 5.89 MB I44 CoC Malden Campaign / 157kb @ofpc.de - Mr Burns Mirror: http://www.ofp-arma.cznhl.com/downloads/addons_i1944_mod.php -M@ster
  6. astatine

    Tonal Redux

    Thankyou very much to all involved in this inspiring addon! It's great to have such fresh air breathed back into one of the most exciting and comprehensive addons the community has ever produced! A big thankyou!
  7. astatine

    RHS releases T-62 Pack

    Thanks again for all your hard work RHS. This is a great addon, with a beautiful readme and some absolutely superb texture and modelling work.
  8. astatine

    CoIn2 by DMA

    Another really important release for OFP, thanks for the hard work. Ive just been testing it and it looks to have vast potential. Good job all round Thanks DMA!
  9. astatine

    PMC Hero's Path campaign

    How is the slowdowns/stutter/lag ie too many units running around... is everything running smoothly or not? But anyways hopefully what you see in the campaign right now will be the final OFP version of it, plus of course the additional bug fixing tweaks. Runs really smoothly for me. Just completed that mission today, and done a couple more. Not had too much time to play OFP lately, but Im getting back into the swing of it! BTW - The SR-25 takes 20rd 7.62 Sniper Mags (For Jam) - Dont forget to add the SD ones too when you get time to update and stuff. I have to say that so far, Ive not encountered anything bugged (other than the ammo) or flawed at all. It feels like a really well put together campaign *EDIT* - Okay, Im onto the infantry missions now. Got a problem with the first one - before Ive even left the base, a helicopter comes out of nowhere and destroys all my artillery, basically rendering the mission impossible!
  10. astatine

    The Art thread

    This is a really cool thread, the amount of talent in the community is amazing! Im not a visual artist, but like Llauma I'm into the "noblest" of the arts, music. Ive uploaded a song to Purevolume.
  11. astatine

    PMC Hero's Path campaign

    Glad to hear you'll still be updating it. Thanks for the response. The helo thing was just such a welcome sight after being chased through the forest by a squad of angry russians and armour!
  12. astatine

    PMC Hero's Path campaign

    Maybe, but its easy for small things like that to slip through the net with a 30 something mission campaign. Definately download it though, its really good EDIT - just finished the first ranger mission, so so tense! Ive never been more happy to see the extract helo. I was bricking it after the assault on the fuel depot, really amazing atmosphere.
  13. astatine

    PMC Hero's Path campaign

    The ranger missions are tricky indeed. I think I've encountered a bug - in the mission ranger path there is available the SR-25 rifles, but there is no ammunition for them. What is the jam ammo type for the SR-25?
  14. astatine

    PMC Hero's Path campaign

    Downloaded this campaign and I must say, fantastic work! Im about halfway through the SEAL missions so far and I'm really enjoying it. Thanks man!
  15. astatine

    need a host

    The youtube video looks very nice, I hope you find a host for this.