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  1. A few people asked me over last couple months about converting my old addons to ARMA. However, I'm far too busy these days to play games, let alone do any modding. Maybe a little late, but I decided to upload all my old OFP addons in MLOD format, so anyone interested can make use of them. You're free to port them to ARMA if you want, no need to ask for my permission. I'm releasing them 'as-is', no support provided. Grab them from links below: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/_hosted/ag_smith/downloads/src/AGS_build.zip http://ofp.gamepark.cz/_hosted/ag_smith/downloads/src/AGS_inds.zip http://ofp.gamepark.cz/_hosted/ag_smith/downloads/src/AGS_port.zip http://ofp.gamepark.cz/_hosted/ag_smith/downloads/src/AGS_roads.zip http://ofp.gamepark.cz/_hosted/ag_smith/downloads/src/CATintro.zip http://ofp.gamepark.cz/_hosted/ag_smith/downloads/src/DMA_libya_o.zip http://ofp.gamepark.cz/_hosted/ag_smith/downloads/src/F3WX_O1.ZIP Have fun!
  2. ag_smith

    Some old addons in MLOD format

    Two more addons found: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/_hosted.....0d.zip - object pack for Polish map released a while ago. http://ofp.gamepark.cz/_hosted/ag_smith/downloads/src/OFPL_PKP.ZIP - train engine & 3 cars Again, if you find anything, that's not in MLOD format, don't blame me PS. If you manage to convert it somehow, please remember to give credit to all original authors (see respective readmes). Thanks.
  3. ag_smith

    Some old addons in MLOD format

    Hi guys, glad you like it. Snake Man, I'm afraid I never had those models in MLOD version. As far as I can remember, most of them are either retexured versions of BIS models or models contributed by my friends. :| I'll try to dig through my archive again later and see if I can find anything else of use. I remember I had bump maps for some textures, maybe I can find those. No promises though.
  4. Today's release is an effect of cooperative project led by Sputnik Monroe on BIS Forums. The update brings a whole bunch of new faces converted from Ghost Recon. It includes some Russian, African, Asian, Hispanic and white faces in both camo and non-camo variants. That would be a total of 183 faces available as of right now. Hopefully, this update will motivate some of you guys out there to help me out and get all the remaining faces done. We especially need more Western European looking face, because none of those were added this time. Download here [15 MB] Credits (in alphabetical order) My big thanks to everybody who helped out with the project.
  5. IMHO downgrading graphics won't help you all that much in a long shot. The problem with having hundreds of units in a mission is not about rendering them all (graphics are *very* scalable due to use of LODs). The engine will simply use LODs to decrase the number of polys/textures/whatever to be rendered. On the other hand, the processing power needed to simulate AI cannot be optimised that easily. You can easily check that looking at the wall (only a little number of polys is rendered) doesn't incrase your fps, because your cpu (doing all the AI calculations) is the actual a bottleneck. The only feasible sollution out is to get more processing power (ie. by optimising engine to use multiple cpu cores, etc). :|
  6. ag_smith

    Named properties in ofp models

    As many people asked me often about this, I've created this thread to sum up my knowledge concerning named properties in OFP models. This is what I gathered when I was creating my building addons and it's certainly incomplete and maybe somewhat inacurate. Any feedback is very welcome here. ---------------- *** LodNoShadow Can be applied to any LOD including resolution ones. * Possible values: 1 - this LOD will not cast shadow. Use it to force the shadow to be casted by desired LOD only. Use it in any LOD with 300+ faces, as they will NOT cast shadow in game anyway (this will speed-up things a bit). *** map Used only in geometry LOD. Describes how object will be represented in WRPEdit and on ingame map. * Possible values: builiding, house - probably no diffrence. Self-explantory... tree, bush, forest, rock, fuelstation, fence, church, chappel - Self-explantory... road - the only property needed to define that an object is actually a road. (* probably there are also some other possible values not mentioned here.) *** class Used only in geometry LOD. Don't realy know what it describes, certainly name-sound, but probably some other things too. * Possible values: road - well..., road or bridge builiding - hmm, this object will be a building... ;) house - same as above but required for ladders and door animations to work. tree - Self-explantory... bush - Self-explantory... forest - Self-explantory... fuelstation - Self-explantory... fence - Self-explantory... *** dammage Used only in geometry LOD. Defines which destruction method should be used when object is destroyed. * Possible values: builiding, house - probably no diffrence. Self-explanatory. tree, fence - Object will fall over when destroyed. no - Object is indestructible. engine - object will explode after it's destroyed. *** CanOcclude This has something to do with the trees and texture transparnecy, but I'dont realy know what it does. Some comments is required here. Edit: look below. ---------------- Remember that this properties are only used when objects are inserted into map using WRPEdit and they have to be binarized first. Otherwise, information from config.cpp is used.
  7. ag_smith

    Question about language policy

    I would like to see this question answered (or much better: fixed) as well.
  8. ag_smith

    Please fix the AI

    All solid objects have view/fire geometry LODs. They can be used to calculate if there will be any enemy units within LOS if AI soldier crouches or stands up behind the cover. If not, then AI probably stands against the wall and in this case, it should probably move left or right and try to lean around the corners until they can see enemy when leaning. Simple enough and no new information is needed. Can't be done with scripting, but BIS could surely implement this into engine.
  9. ag_smith

    Arma Navy

    lol to you too Mr Smith As you might guess ... I disagree, ArmA is *much* more suited to anything at sea, be it big, small, armed, unarmed, moving or stationary. Nah, you sir, are absolutely biased! I haven't said big ships are useless, but just look at that sexy SOC... with all these multiple turrets, it's just asking to be improted to arma
  10. ag_smith

    Arma Navy

    Mark V SOC would be an addition I'd love to see. Much more useful for ARMA than all those big ships.
  11. ag_smith

    Patch 1.02 Released for Czech and German ArmA

    See BIS, if you wouldn't bother with different language versions and release only English version, everybody would be happy. World would be so much simpler. But now we're stuck waiting for publisher, who doesn't give a damn about players. That's for starters. I dare not think how long we will have to wait for patches released in a year or so.
  12. ag_smith

    Armed Assault FAQ

    animals.pbo also seems to contain a wolf model and textures
  13. ag_smith

    German Patch 1.01 released

    Here's a question to BIS... now that Polish version is out, when is the 1.01 patch is going to be released? My version says it's Even better, it says "For evaluation purpose only" in the main menu.
  14. ag_smith

    German Version out!

    Can anybody confirm that German version can be modded to English same as Czech version? Do you know any German online stores that ship to Poland (I think amazon doesn't)? I'm sick and tired of waiting for Polish version that will be likely released next year...
  15. ag_smith

    AWM Land Pack

    Good job Iguana, Airwolf and all involved. I've been looking forward to quite some time and now that it has come out, I can't test it cause I'm away from my pc. Anyway thanks, I'm pretty sure I'll have fun with this.
  16. ag_smith

    Trouble Shooting Forum

    Maybe that's the problem, you broke something in the process? You might also want to try some 3rd party video drivers, like DHzer0point. I've always had a bunch of problems with regular nvidia drivers and surprisingly, installing DHzer0point driver fixed most of them.
  17. I'm already setting this up in my Community...:) Thread Link I will monitor progress and speed... If it is too much work/progresses slowly, I will also try to involve ppl from here One more thing we are gonna need is some kind of executable patch that will apply all the changes automatically. Once that's done, nobody will have to wait for 505 release to get the game...
  18. ag_smith

    Tonal Redux

    Ebud and the whole crew, cheers for making it happen again. Great work, guys.
  19. ag_smith

    Tonal Update

    We've tested them but the face flickering bug still persists.
  20. ag_smith

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Dunno if anybody noticed, but it seems that Polish release has been postponed till 24 Nov. At least that's what they say on Polish publisher store.
  21. ag_smith

    RHS release 5 B

    Haven't posted here for a while but your addon releasing spree brought me back to playing OFP again (which I haven't done for weeks...). Well done guys, thanks for you effort. The new addons are simply beautiful.
  22. ag_smith

    ArmA Progress Updates

    He didn't use the word "dynamic", he said they were "fully" destructable. They (soldner's builidigs) aren't perfect, but they are better then crumpled buildings or disappearing buildings. So it is not great / perfect, but it is BETTER. And that's what ARMA: BETTER (and will be the BEST of all computer games), but it is not and will not be PERFECT. People need to get over that fact. Pull yourselves out of fantasy land and deal with the reality a computer game can't be made 100% realistic right now. Please be reasonable with your expectations Yeah, exactly. I think that would still be a better option than simply sinking buildings into the ground.
  23. ag_smith

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Is there too much time left until they gone gold? week? days? hours? Considering that announced Czech/Slovakian/Polish release date is due in 21 days... my guess is soon. I'm wondering about Soldner. Haven't it had fully destructible buildings in multiplayer? ... and don't try to tell me that world scale is much greater in ARMA, I know. Still, as a programmer, I think this is just a matter of smart approach and little simplifications (like having predefined destruction patterns).
  24. ag_smith

    Latest screenshots available

    Seal Team, is that what's on the screenshot? Ah... good ole days...
  25. ag_smith

    Su-24 Fencer addon

    You could always make it height-dependant. Eg. slow down the loop if plane is more than 100 meters above ground. Have done it in a couple of OFPL planes sometime ago and it worked quite well, IRC.