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  1. ardvarkdb

    Ironsights, Optics

    i think they look good...I've been using half life models and moving them in a model viewer to get iron sights but those were just for test. I like your first screen (the square sight, i want to say elecan but that doesn't seem right) anyway, these look good. Do you plan on having the models that go with them or are you just doing what was done for those WW2 ironsights a while back where just an ironsight pack was released?
  2. ardvarkdb

    BAS Tonali SF and BTR-T

    that's some camo you've got going there...those tonali sf must have some pretty high tech gear...maybe the predator addon being made could start using this as an apc, would go well with it's optical camo
  3. ardvarkdb

    First imported model from pc halo

    You should just save up for a trip to the zoo...they have bigger felines there... Anyhow, master chief the conversions look awesome. Can't wait to have the covenant invade Nogova and send in a squad of marines with some warthogs (or Puma's for any red vs. blue fans) Keep up the good work!
  4. ardvarkdb

    Australian SASR

    I like the new textures...I've been working on a model myself and texturing is by far the biggest pain in the ass... atleast if you are trying to do it through o2 it is. keep up the good work
  5. ardvarkdb

    Australian SASR

    maybe it's the angles of the photos, but if that's the new desert camo I'm gonna have to say I like the older version better, it's a lot clearer
  6. ardvarkdb

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    Paramilitary forces ambush a V.I.P and his escorts Addons: FDF 1.3
  7. ardvarkdb

    First imported model from pc halo

    Jankyballs, you are getting overexcited. Just take a step back, breathe, and it'll all be okay. Let the man finish what he starts instead of becoming another one of those "well it's not good enough so I'll postpone it until the next verison of the game comes out" types
  8. ardvarkdb

    Custom faces

    look what you people have done...you've scared away the snake
  9. I was wondering if it would be possible to splice up bas's island and make it just the large city (not sure the name) in the desert area of the map. I would assume that by doing this it would speed up playing on this map and allow for a lot more units and other things to happen in the small confined area instead of the huge map. Is this something that is possible or would it require remaking the island?
  10. ardvarkdb

    Ier pack

    does anyone have a mirror up yet? i can't get ofp.info's download to work
  11. ardvarkdb

    Su-37 berkut in progress

    *Bump* Any News on this plane? It's become one of my favorite aircraft and I'd love to have it in opflash...I've seen two different people working on this plane but no one seems to have released one yet
  12. ardvarkdb

    New bas thread

    Great Island...what's the progress on the Navy Seals, Littlebirds with new passenger animations, and Rangers? I Haven't heard anything about the seals in quite awhile and they will go great with the island.
  13. ardvarkdb

    Editor's depot

    When trying to install any addons using AAE and the microsoft .msi file it gives me an error saying my operation flashpoint is corrupt. The only thing I've done is used no cd patches so but I've tried putting back the old exe files and reupdating and i still get the error. Is there something else it is checking for to validate flashpoint?