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  1. amp

    BIS Forums Top 100 Games - Finished!

    1. Grand Prix Legends 2. Master of Orion 3. Steel Panthers 4. UFO: Enemy Unknown 5. Operation Flashpoint 6. X-Wing 7. GTA3 : Vice City 8. Morrowind 9. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge 10. Ultima Underworld
  2. amp

    Doom 3 has gone GOLD!!!!!!!!!!

  3. amp

    Doom 3 has gone GOLD!!!!!!!!!!

    Snippets from PC Gamer review. Minimum system requirements: P4 1.5Ghz or equivalent, 384MB RAM, 64MB graphics card (GF3/GF4MX minimum) Recommended by PC Gamer: 2Ghx CPU, 512 RAM, Radeon 9800, 5-channel sound card "Final verdict: HIGHS Extraordinary graphics and sound; incredible tension, atmosphere and mayhem. LOWS Some stabs at humor fall a bit flat. BOTTOM LINE Just as we'd hoped, it's non-stop ride of tension, carnage and terror. A new classic. 94%" Better start upgrading your hardware. Â
  4. amp

    Famous  leaders biographys

    It was to an online version of Mein Kampf I Googled up. I didn't take a good look at the site it was on and albeit it had at first sight seemed like a legit historical website, a closer look (and Avon's comment) quickly made me change my mind. Just another garbage website.
  5. amp

    Famous  leaders biographys

    As it was already mentioned it is very poorly written, and in addition to it's disgusting content is chock full of ignorance and stupidity. I suppose it could give some insight on the founding of the Nazi-party if you could wade through all the crap within. I took a look at a couple of chapters and that was plenty enough for me  Edited to remove the link
  6. amp

    More fun for ja2 fans (or tactical games)

    I think UFO:Aftermath (due to be released later this month, also a demo is in the makes), is going to have a somewhat similar combat system.
  7. amp

    New combat mission screens

    I've somehow managed to miss these Combat Mission games alltogether. Am I to take it that they're somewhat similar to the Steel Panthers series, only in 3d? Since if they are I'll have to try them out when I have the time.
  8. amp

    Something for ja2 and xcom fans

    Well I'm glad it's living up to it's promises. But I think I'll wait for the English version, depends on how bored I get in the days to come Â
  9. amp

    Something for ja2 and xcom fans

    Slightly offtopic but how good is JA2? Is it worth buying as I´m an avid JA and X-COM fan? Is it just JA with a new map or is it a significant improvement over the first JA? And on a sidenote as I was browsing through webstores looking for JA2, I noticed that a couple of stores had JA3 set for release in February 2004. Couldn´t find anything official with Google, though, and Sir-Tech´s site is just one big "file not found"- error.
  10. amp

    Finnish defence forces mod 1.0 released!

    Hmmm. I think I´ll have to reinstall OFP (had to do a reformat a while ago). Downloading the mod at ~650KB/sec
  11. amp

    Best free stuff

    The links seem to be FTPs so your probably better of using an FTP-client than trying to download via a web-browser. I did a quick test with FlashFXP and tried to connect to two different servers. One of the UK placed servers was busy but I was able to connect to the Swedish FTP. No passwords or usernames were required, just used anonymous login. My browser (IE 6.0) couldn´t connect to anything, GetRight or some other download manager might also work.
  12. amp

    Best free stuff

    For those who love the old Steel Panthers game-series, a hefty +400 MB download from Steel Panthers:World at War Steel Panthers:World at War is based on the old Steel Panthers engine but refined and further developed in hundreds of ways. And the best thing is that it´s completely free!
  13. amp

    Brain surgery prices to go up

    Damn. I was so looking forward to getting a lobotomy.
  14. Why do I suddenly have the urge to buy Mechwarrior 4? As for a military application... How about bolting on a couple of laser-cannons and going hunting for stray humans. John Connor must be terminated!
  15. amp

    Red hammer

    Red Hammer isn´t anything spectacular but the downloadable version is quite cheap, so I think that´s pretty good value for money.