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  1. Thank's for these. .I've just come back after another long break. Last time i was on here i noticed a severe lack of a replacment configs for new addon units. When i asked i got told from a few "regulars" Make your own. I see these units also don't come with a replacment config. Fair enough but it dosn't encorage New types does it? Anyone up for making a replacment Config?
  2. action man

    ACE for OA 1.12

    The point is i think theirs that many differing versions of this mod that guys have its crashing games severs. Theirs that many ways to update not every body has the same version;) . Don't start flaming me because i appreciate the work thats gone into it and realise it's free. It's a good mod but thats the problem, to many updates and to many versions:)
  3. action man

    [Camp] Operation Spring Fire

    Yeah like i said good but 2 out of 3 missions in the dark;)
  4. action man

    ACE for OA 1.12

    Got to agree with Kotov12345 Yoma thing is always going tits up:mad: Then again this mod and all the work is free so thank;s for it. Just a pain in the arse all the updates
  5. action man

    [Camp] Operation Spring Fire

    Good but to much in the dark:confused:
  6. action man

    TWIRL_Hide v 1.0

    Can't it be made so it's as simple as dropping the PBO into a mod folder then it just works and perhaps can be accesed via the action menu? If a person is new to the game its to much faffing about putting in the lines of the script EDIT= forgot to mention thanks for the work
  7. action man

    US Army (OCP)

    /\ Thank's humvee /\
  8. action man

    CONSPIRACIES: Apocalypse

    I also got message at start "userconfig\dfs_3rdperson\cameraposition.hpp not found" and game wouldn't start untill i deleted "dfs_3rdperson_v1.00.pbo". I'm liking this mod very much. Thank's for all your hard work:yay:
  9. Thank's for this:yay:. Any chance someone could do a config with these that replaces normal SF guys in game;)
  10. action man

    US Marines

    Hi does this config just equip the units with RH weapons or does it replace default in game units with marines also?
  11. I've only been reading the forum couple of month after a long break and i must correct you on two counts.-1 It's not a "little used mod". 2 It's an addon not a mod:yay:. Wow this place has changed so much how come their's a few angry guys (kids) on here now? Ok i know their will be lots more replies in the same vein so i'm not going to reply to any more.
  12. Thank's for the answer guys:) Bit rude with your replies but thank's all the same:confused:
  13. Wow this forum isn't what it used to be back in days of OFP:mad:. So out of Tens of Thousands who are on this forum and 200 veiwing right now nobody can even reply to that i posted last week :confused:
  14. Has anybody made a replacement config for ardvarkdb's TF86 Navy SEALs Pack? I can't post a question on his thread as it's been locked:confused: