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    "Bundeswehr" Mod

    I used the search function to see if there is already an topic about the "Bundeswehr" mod (german federal armed forces) now called BW-mod but nothing came up. So I`m starting this one. This seems to me the far advanced mod regarding models and quality except "Invasion 1944". The scenary should be in the formerly Yugoslavia because the enemy are the serbian (?) forces. Not an very realistic scenario because the BW didn`t fight there but it looks good. My reason to start this topic was this very good picture of car models with an Mercedes Benz "Wolf" (G300?) and an VW 181 "Kuebelwagen" (The Thing): Drool! For more informations and impressive 3D models go to http://www.bwmod.de.vu
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    Psssst.... HL uses a improved Quake 1 engine...
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    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (theavonlady @ Jan. 01 2003,06:27)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">The problem isn't coming up with songs. The problem is getting people who know how to makes missions to create these.<span id='postcolor'> Let`s motivate them : When people of HL-DoD can do this, why can`t the OFP guys do it too?! But Monthy Pythons "How not to be seen" with the OFP engine was funny.
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    - What about the Village People - In the Navy! - Jimi Hendrix - "All along the watchtower" , a `Nam pack is already out - Or a russian parade on one of the airfields (long straight tarmac road), Guba, generals and bodyguards standing on a gallery, saluting while the troops and vehicles are passing by. Combined with a russian military march. Not to forget some planes showing flight maneuvers. - Or what about Ofra Haza singing Gabriel at one of those "Dusk till dawn" shows in a flight hangar with all the military equipment in the background? - Sepultura covering Bob Marleys War. - Black Sabbath`s "War Pigs" - or with medieval instruments and in latin as "Verres Militares" by Sabbatum ( http://www.sabbatum.com ) - Anthrax -Armed and dangerous - Some songs by Bolt Thrower from the "Mercenary" album - Clawfinger - "Warfair" (no typo! - Slayer - "Disorder" - Exploited - "Let`s start a war" - Some Motörhead songs - "Civil war" or "Bomber" - Ozzy - "Killer of giants"  a good possibility to show the Scud again (If you see the flash, it`s already too late... ) And if you are really good, you create a big battlefield with the music of Braveheart in the background. That would be real choreography Just some ideas for people who are able to do this kind of stuff.
  5. Good model - and what do I see in the background? The beginning of a "Fokker Plague"?
  6. animalica

    Finally some competition for ofp ?

    Soeldner has some nice features and graphics, but I guess it will be much too arcadey. Ok, OFP isn`t 100% simulation in all aspects, but it happened due to playability - but I would like to see one or two more difficulty levels under cadet... (not a problem in Coop, but in SP). And here are two screenshots of the Soeldner engine with WW2 content: http://panzer.jowood.de/released_crew.jpg http://panzer.jowood.de/released_tank.jpg
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    No funny ofp christmas screenshots?

    I wonder that there are no funny OFP Christmas screenshots here in the forum. No ingame screenies showing soldiers around the x-mas tree, or other photoshopped OFP screenies? :confused: For example: Santa in a T-72, a reindeer sled downed by a MIG, or what about "Gorbatov", the rednosed Mi-24 Hind? Or transform the Scudlauncher in a Coke Truck with a big Coke bottle instead a missile! Go, go, go! Only 2 days until X-Mas! Let`s see how creative you are.
  8. animalica

    No funny ofp christmas screenshots?

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Col. Kurtz @ Dec. 23 2002,08:17)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">8--></span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (animalica @ Dec. 23 2002,168)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">[radio voice]Oh no, Santa is... down.[/radio voice] <span id='postcolor'> This is RUDOLF, taking command, I say again, RUDOLF, taking command. Someone should do a picture of Sanat trying to make his way through a battlefied to deliver the presents to all the good little kidies of Nogova <span id='postcolor'> That`s good! What about a mission where you play Santa and you had to do a parachute drop and make your way to find the Coca Cola X-Mas truck which was stolen by the Grinch and his army? Mission: Parachute at coordinates x y, make your way to area A. Recover the stolen Coca Cola truck, head back to point B and save christmas.
  9. animalica

    No funny ofp christmas screenshots?

    [radio voice]Oh no, Santa is... down.[/radio voice]
  10. animalica

    No funny ofp christmas screenshots?

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (SpeedyDonkey @ Dec. 22 2002,17:42)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Okey i have one obviously  im no photoshop pro Santa and the dog    <span id='postcolor'> That`s a start... Is that Doberman a real 3D object in the editor? Are you working on any wildlife for OFP?
  11. animalica

    No funny ofp christmas screenshots?

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Balschoiw @ Dec. 22 2002,16:34)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE"></span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Let`s see how creative you are.<span id='postcolor'> Why don´t you make the first step ?  <span id='postcolor'> I was good with Deluxe Paint 2 and 3 on the CBM Amiga and never got the hang for paint proggies on IBM PC`s. But I already created some imaginary pics in your heads with my thread.
  12. animalica

    Side cars

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (rocketjager @ Oct. 29 2002,03:55)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">I personally would like to see a schwimmwagen, a german amphibious car used during ww2.make sure it floats too  <span id='postcolor'> Type 128 or 166? And please no Trippel - not very reliable.
  13. animalica

    Side cars

    Also check out Kettenkrad DE (bilingual!. the Kettenkrad was designed to pull aircraft around taxiways. http://www.kettenkrad.de/bilder/me262.jpg X-Ray shot (really big! - on this pic you can also see the engine (which is from a Opel Olympia): http://www.kettenkrad.de/bilder/phantom.jpg Kettenkrad: Kette = track krad is a abbrevation for Kraftrad = motorbike
  14. animalica

    Side cars

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (N.o.R.S.u @ Aug. 18 2002,19:02)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">I would like to see Ural IMZ 8. 103 GEAR-UP with different variants: <span id='postcolor'> Those Ural motorbikes are copies of the WWII Wehrmacht BMW R75. Captured by russians in WWII, copied and over the years improved. And the R75 was never intended for offroad purpose.
  15. animalica

    Resistance problem

    Now it works! Fresh install: OFP-CWC 1.0 > OFP-RH 1.3 > Patch 1.46 > OFP-R 1.75 > Patch 1.85 > Red Hammer 1.85 Compatibility Patch Then I inserted the old USER folder with my savegames in the OFP folder and started the OFP exe. But when I chose "Campaigns" I crashed back to desktop and got a error message about a savegame. But when I started OFP-R and continued the RH campaign it worked! I also get the error message in the cutscene, but after it I can play now the next mission in the campaign.
  16. animalica

    1.85 patch troubles?

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Cloughy @ Oct. 15 2002,15:57)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">The problem i have with installing the 1.85 patch, is it gets so far after verifying the Resistance installation, then says , Error: The disk 1.75 is almost full. Any ideas. The D:\ drive were it is installed has over 300mb free space on it. Never had trouble with any other patch. P.S. : Hope this patch fixes the Geforce 3 prob. At night everything is in black and white on a Ge-force 3 ti 500. Cheers GC <span id='postcolor'> I get exact the same error message! Fresh install: OFP-CWC 1.0 > OFP-RH 1.30 > Patch 1.46 > OFP-R 1.75 and when I try to update to 1.85 I also get the "Error: The disk 1.75 is almost full" error message. C: nearly 1 GB free partition with OFP: 307 MB free Win XP Home P4 2Ghz ATI Mobility Radeon 256 MB RAM
  17. animalica

    Is this weird or what?

    He doesn`t look male, grim and martial enough - just soft and hesitant.
  18. </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Red Oct @ Oct. 17 2002,00:46)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">hey Konyak, if your current antonov goes well when it gets released, maybe you could make the even BIGGER antonov. the Antonov An-225 Mryia  i think the chopper next to it is that Mi26, and some of you thought THAT was big! link <span id='postcolor'> The thing on the back of the AN is the russian counterpart of the US Space Shuttle, called "Buran" (Snowstorm) - but after the first test flight they cut the funds of it and so the project fall asleep. More info on the Buran Buran on back of An 225 while in flight
  19. animalica

    Vit's new tank

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (GFX707 @ Oct. 18 2002,21:16)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Did it originally mean 'Panther'....? That is something I have wanted to know for a long time<span id='postcolor'> Good chance to test my sig... Panzer is a german word and has nothing to do with the word Panther - although there was a Panther Panzer... It is also used for the word armor - armor in the meaning of shield, chainmail etc, the protective parts as a whole. See also medieval armor of knights - full plate > Plattenpanzer. Plattenpanzer: http://www.geocities.com/taierling/armor.jpg (Copy hyperlink and insert in a new browser window - stupid Geoshitties...) And when you talk about the armor of vehicles, maybe tanks, then it`s Panzerung.
  20. animalica

    Resistance problem

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (placebo @ Oct. 01 2002,18:26)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE"></span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (animalica @ Oct. 01 2002,04:16)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">No entry 'config.bin/CfgVehicles/Fountain.animPerio.d Would be nice to find a solution for this problem, because otherwise i can`t advance in the campaign. <span id='postcolor'> You don't by any chance use Satchel's sound mod do you?<span id='postcolor'> I deinstalled all OFP components complete and after that I only installed OFP-CWC, OFP-RH and OFP-R and nothing else in a fresh folder.
  21. animalica

    Resistance problem

    Think I ran into the same problem - and deinstalling and then reinstalling OFP 1.0 CWC, then OFP-RH and then OFP-R didn`t helped. It starts in the second intro movie of the eight mission (would be the eight entry in your mission book) after the LST is destroyed by SU-25`s. Then follows the second movie which starts in a small village, showing a radio broadcasting the latest news. When the cam changes to the outside where you see a Shilka in a side street, exactly then a error message appears in the upper left corner: '_gun setpos[_targetx,_targety,_targetz]|#|': Error Typ Jede, erwartet Zahl Okay, I play it in german, so the last means something like Error Type every, waiting for value/number. Then follow a few more intros, then the screen turns black and you can read something like "Malden, on the road to Houdan" and nothing happens anymore. Normally there would be a log too, displaying how much of the following mission is precached. And you are not able to get back on the desktop again, not with hitting ESC, Strg+Alt+Del or the Windows key. And when I try to load it with the original OFP-CWC exe I only get a error message and it won`t go any further: No entry 'config.bin/CfgVehicles/Fountain.animPerio.d Would be nice to find a solution for this problem, because otherwise I can`t advance in the campaign. WinXP Home Mobility Radeon (32 MB non-shared memory, latest drivers) 2.0 Ghz P4 256 MB Ram
  22. animalica

    Red dawn-what the hell do i do?

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (placebo @ Sep. 29 2002,20:53)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">If you only found one thread then you didn't search right You need to make sure you choose "the beginning" for the period to search, this search is for "dawn" in the title only and you will see there are 7 threads including this one, that isn't counting the others where the original poster hasn't used dawn in the title <span id='postcolor'> D`Oh! And this happened to me who has already more than 1200 posts at the Gran Turismo Forum! Looks like I`m used that search engines of boards start at the beginning. Oh no! it`s all the fault of my 14" TFT display of my notebook! That also explains why I`m not so good in OFP SP... And for the avatar - if I will find it again, I will reply.
  23. animalica

    New island: it's a stunt-island...

    Let`s recreate Stuntcar Racer (CBM Amiga, PC)!
  24. animalica

    "selling" ofp to your friends

    I got a friend who I don`t met very often and when I was with him at a party I talked to another friend about OFP and then the first friend intervened and said something like that: "You bought that too? It totally sucks! Missions won`t end, much too hard, but you are only able to save once, bad netcode. I was totally p!ssed off and sold it". He bought it also at release (V1.0) and I was too very fed up about the "quality" of the final release. But I wanted to like it, because I saw the big potential of it and I was totally immersed before into the demo. Just look at this enormous huge landscapes and the "do anything you wanna do" potential combined with the many vehicles, weapons and classes! When we had this conversation there was already one or two patches out, which fixed the worst things,but I couldn´t convince him to try again. And my other friend who rarely plays computergames at least likes to watch other people play games. So he recognizes good games, but rarely decides to play them by himself. Two or three times a year we play LAN for maybe a week with up to 10 people, but there wasn`t anyone interested in it. It was even hard to tell them to try out Tactical Ops for UT. "Too realistic, we want fast and fun gameplay, no need to think much". "Infiltration? One shot and you may be dead, realistic loading times, no radar, no display for remaining ammo. Crap!" So I got to play it online, but it`s very hard to find a server with a low ping and coop human VS AI - the only MP mode which makes sense in OFP. The AI is so good that you need to cooperate - in the other MP modes it`s just take the shortest way from base A to base B, of course one person per vehicle, don`t wait for others, meet in the middle, get killed, respawn at the base and again and again... For playing OFP online you need a lot of patience and time, but it gave me the best MP experiences ever! And for SP playing I would like to see 2 lower set difficulty level of the AI and the possibility to save more often / save how often you like and need it. If a game is too easy or too hard, it`s no fun, so you should be able to adjust it to your skills and needs - and not adjust yourself to the game! A good example for this is Unreal Tournament - you can adjust it, so that everyone can enjoy it. And this also enlarges the amount of potential buyers... So OFP is just for the more experienced, sophisticated and patient player.
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    Red dawn-what the hell do i do?

    I finally reached the Red Dawn mission too and I also got problems to finish it. I tried it many times, but never had a clue what exactly to do, so I searched for a solution. Searched for Dawn, Guba or SCUD in this forum, but only this thread popped up. But I found a FAQ with little help: http://db.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/file/operation_flashpoint.txt But I never find the SCUD and after a certain time it starts and the mission is over. Never any hint or mentioning of Guba. Using the Hind didn`t helped to find the SCUD - or running around by foot, turning every stone around in the hope to find the *#@%$ SCUD: