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  1. aliasalpha

    Martin's 007 jet released!

    Just for a bit of extra info, the plane is called the Acrostar Mini-Jet. Looks pretty damn good, can you fold the wings?
  2. aliasalpha

    Roger young!

    It'd make an awesome campaign. Kinda steal the initial story of Robotech with an alien ship crashing on a remote island and then 10 years later the aliens come to get it... Or something similar to Tiberian Sun where you have to defend the alien ship that Nod wants
  3. aliasalpha

    Roger young!

    What'd be cool is to have it as a wreck on a new island. Kind of like the Pillar Of Autumn near the end of Halo. It'd be cool to have a cargo bay or something blown open so you can fight inside.
  4. aliasalpha


    One thing I'd like to see a copy of visitor I could download... It's always been the OFP thing I've wanted.
  5. aliasalpha

    Wrp test

    So was that a fully new island?? Some of the screenshots had me thinking of Rogue Squadron...
  6. aliasalpha

    Models galore

    Pretty damn nice. Doesn't the F16 have wingtip pylons for sidewinders though?
  7. aliasalpha

    Rotating radar on turret...

    Damn fine looking model there. Is it possible to change the picture of the tank in the damage/facing display? It'll look kinda weird if it's showing a tank.
  8. aliasalpha

    Models galore

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Silent_Fox @ May 13 2002,16:28)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">ok fine since no-one else has offered to help I'll help you scorpio. ofpchicken@Hotmail.com <- that is my email address. The only thing is i can only skin them and put them into OFP but i can import them into Oxygen . My trial version of Deep Exploration ran out  . But i'll texture them for you <span id='postcolor'> Have you got a system restore point before the installation of Deep Exploration? I assume you're a fellow Lightwaver or is it another unsupported 3D prog?
  9. aliasalpha

    Squarize option?

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (HuBBa @ May 14 2002,19:28)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">So again, is there any possibility for us to get a import/export SDK to write obj and LWO importers/exporters?<span id='postcolor'> A-FREAKING-MEN BROTHER! I had 50% of a fairly detailed mod going before oxy refused to import the LWOs or the converted 3DS's.
  10. aliasalpha

    Undercarriage woes

    Is the undercarriage in a different layer (or whatever oxygen uses in the same vein)? If so, you might be able to rotate it 180 degrees & have the gear fold backwards.
  11. aliasalpha

    Island size

    You think it's that many?? Hmmm... now there's a project for when one is incredibly bored. Try to count the polys on the desert island...
  12. aliasalpha

    Island size

    That would be pretty cool, a bunched up group of polys to make one crater/deformation and then 1-2 really huge flat polys to compensate. Oh... you don't suppose there's an upper limit to the polygon numbers for islands do you? That'd suck. Imagine haing to make an entire island in 2000 polys...
  13. aliasalpha


    Yeah, Visitor is the thing I've wanted since the start. Cartography has always been a hobby of mine & I'd love to make a good map for OFP. Nice to hear it's probably a different interface, can't stand the one for Oxygen...
  14. aliasalpha

    Oxygen patch request

    I think we really need a patch for o2 to add a few important features. 1) Support for JPGs when texturing and for use as background images 2) Support for the Lightwave LWO file format. Lightwave is still a very heavilly used 3D program and the whole point of me applying for o2 was to use as a convertor so I can use models I have already made in Operation Flashpoint. I have done the majority of the groundwork for my Command & Conquer mod (as well as a few other smaller projects) in lightwave and the lack of support for LWOs has basically killed them all. Would there be any possibility of adding these 2 features?
  15. aliasalpha

    Todays work :)

    I've also noticed the relative difficulty in taking off. The other odd thing I noticed is that sidewinders can lock onto ground targets (but not that accurately)