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  1. The full game runs better than demo for me as well. Good Job Bis
  2. ale2999

    Arma czech previews

    this are awesome screens. it is going to make the wait even worst, althought it was so worth it!
  3. ale2999

    BF2 Criticism and Thoughts

    well. it is no ofp, but I find the game to be quite a bit of fun. there is nothing better than joining a squad and working togethere and owning all the noobs lol
  4. ale2999

    Armed Assault Anticheats!!!

    lol kam that is some funny pic... I dont know what to do about cheaters... maybe add support for spectator mode so that matches can be reviewed and stuff. who knows
  5. ale2999

    Cooperation and Teamwork

    sounds pretty cool. Ill check it out
  6. ale2999


    Calgary Canada
  7. ale2999

    Today, Halo 2 has gone

    guys the books are a great read. If you like scifi, go out and buy them now, you wont regret!
  8. ale2999

    PDA's, and software

    www.pocketpcthoughts.com is a website I visit all the time!
  9. ale2999

    Can someone recomend a...

    I loved Taw! I used to play just that. Actually it is thanks to Taw that I met ofp cuz ppl I flew with told me about this great game lol
  10. ale2999

    ATI x800xt

    How can I check the gpu temp? yea I play with -nomap on. I was thinking in temperature problems as well, due to this happening only 2wice. but my cpu/mobo run at acceptable level even on high load (30-45 degrees celsius). And just to let u know, windows also had a pattern like in that 2nd screenshot, and also the booting screen (i cant locate the pics lol....) I ran aquamark for some time, to see if I would get any artifacts, but I didnt, but I will try to obtain some artifact benchmarks now. What do u guys advise for that ?
  11. ale2999

    ATI x800xt

    I dont know... Rant mode on I have an ati 9800 pro and I have had that happen 2wice b4. I have 4.7 catalyst as well. I thought that it was due to heat, but my cpu was at a low temp and the case is well ventilated, + the card's fan worked ok. remember I dont OC or anything like that. it looked like this in game ss and like this in the menu and windows ss Whatever it is, it is time to leave ati for me......
  12. ale2999

    MaRiK's Stats Online

    lol that is what I thought too. I went there, and all the stats are so old lol
  13. ale2999

    Al Jazeera

    I think canada is bitter, because the us wont let can export their cows.....
  14. ale2999

    Gta san andreas

    and console games look crap compared to pc! fact!
  15. no desatnik, ur video card does not support pixel shaders