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  1. [ghostsoldier]viper

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Hello CUP Team, To begin thank you a lot for this mod this is so good to play with the content of the previous arma series.🤗 Maybe it's a bit late to do feedback Playing a lot on sahrani with arma1 memories, i was hoping to see a fix about subject that come below i saw some things which need attention/fix: 1 . The water level on Sahrani should be higher from one meter i think : Is it an easy fix to you? (never worked on map creation) Arma1 Arma 3 2 . The textures of the M1 abrams, m113 should be reworked, they are too differents from other us vehicles (maybe your plan is to replace it), i 'm using rhs instead but i have to load a lot more stuff just for some vehicles. I miss the original textures from arma1 on the stryker, the uh60, the hummvees, m113, M1 abrams.They are a bit blury but it's the original. Helicopters Strykers M1,M113,Vulcan Trucks & Humvees 3 . I remember a mod which added russian voices and spanish for sla, racs, maybe it could be better to have this in Cup. What do you think about theses suggestion? I didn't read all the pages so i apologize if i put again the subject on table. Thank you again, Greetings GSVIPER
  2. [ghostsoldier]viper

    Mammoth Tank Lock System problem

    The problem was not A.I at all, it was a wrong position of Missile weapons pods memory points which where not centered like the maingun. I don't think it will help to know that. If any admin here can you delete this topic please? (i don't think i can delete myself). Thank you
  3. [ghostsoldier]viper

    [SOLVED] Cannot get a proxy missile working

    Thank you again, this helped me a lot 🙂
  4. [ghostsoldier]viper

    [SOLVED] Cannot get a proxy missile working

    Hello and thank you for this, any chance to see the model.cfg revolving animation part please? it could help me with the mammoth missiles pods configs without using eventhandlers scripts.
  5. Hello Arma community :) Like the title says, i have an issues with my mammoth tank. it's now several months am fighting with the config files. I' am about to give up. The problem is : - when i'm gunner of the tank if i want to lock an air target with the missiles weapons, i push T key then it lock and the first shot work nicely but the lock UI icon doesn't keep the target locked. I have to wait around 10 seconds then it initiate the lock sequence which is 3 seconds and i can shot again. - when i'm commander and then move to the gunner position, there is no problem with the lock it keep the target locked and i can shot all the missiles to the target in seconds. - the AI have also this problem, AI gunner alone in the tank work perfectly, if there is the commander it's going bad. I want the commander as observer and shooter with his small machinegun, not interfering with missile lock. I compared and copy pastes with cheetah AA tank config attributes but i'm missing something, i'm turning around the problem. I have made so many test and the result was always negative, this is the first time that i'm stuck with it. I have research everything related to tank config files, turrets, weapons, ammo... First i would like to know if someone met this problem and have a solution, else i can put the config i have done in my next message. So any idea? Sorry for mystakes, i 'm not english and i hope to be clear enought. Thank you for your tips, help and for giving me your time. GSVIPER
  6. [ghostsoldier]viper

    WIP: Stuff you are working on 2!

    :( Arf tu peux pas dire sa d'une personne qui passe son temps, ses heures de travail sur des véhicules pour te faire plaisir, patton n'a pas un pc de combat et il fait quand même de jolie merveilles tu devrai commencer par avoir de l'humilité quand à son travail. Merci a toi de nous donner des idées ou autre mais je tiens à ajouter que l'ont bosse essentiellement pour nous même il n'y à pas de release prévue, ces addons restent entre nous ,oui on peut montrer notre travail mais s'est tout,on ne fonctionne pas sur commande . On veut faire plaisir à vous tous ,à tout ceux qui s'intéresse à ce que l'ont fait. Merci pour avoir poster des photos en tout cas mais j'aimerai que tu soit humble et que tu soit un peu plus respectueux du travail effectué. Désolé si se message sort de son contexte mais j' admet pas trop que l'ont casse des moddeur/passioné car un détail ou autre chagrine une seule personne. I translate in english for you guys no worries,am not very well but i do... so @ei8ght you can't say that about someone who spend many time,hours on theses works. Patton don't have a powerful computer but he is making wonderful things. You should stay cool about his work.thank you for some ideas you gave to us.i want to add that we work for us and no release are annouced. These addons were made first for us for a private circle.Yes we can show our work but we don't work on command.We want to give pleasure for all,for all who are attracted.thank you for pictures you had put on this site about our work.i am sorry if this message is out of the main subject on this forum but i really don't appreciate that we break modlers/(passionate)workers cause one detail disturb one person... ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Thanks for reading and understanding,this is no reason about Rights on addons or anything else cause they are free.Am not a moderator but everyone has to be nice with each other. Offcourse any help is very kind but the workers on the 4x4 and the V8 sound and videos on youtube are Patton and me! for people who want to see my work in progress, you can look here,thank you for watching and thank you for futur help or any other good suggestions. my personal and long time work..... 2 videos here