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    Arma -windowed 1024x768

    edit: removed cause it was bullshit
  2. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    ARMA Review

    I though it was entertaining... but what do you expect from a website called www.videogamessuck.com ?? But he is partly right.. especially with this part: And the following part too.
  3. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    Complete List of ARMA Commands

    very nice! but maybe you could also post this in Biki ? I think its more suitable there great work
  4. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    Complete List of ARMA Commands

    very nice! but maybe you could also post this in Biki ? I think its more suitable there great work
  5. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-


    Id also welcome this
  6. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    M1A1 Shell Problem

    Splash or no splash, I would not want to be anywhere NEAR something moving at around 1km a second. Thats gonna muck your day up whether it hits you or not. thats true. Splash or not, it should have some affect to a certain radius .... otherwise it would be (in fact is) ridiculous.
  7. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    Post-nuclear warfare in ArmA?

    There was a mission for OFP called volcano ... with zombies and good climate .. maybe that helps you a bit. I love the idea and would play it gladly
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  9. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    Aircraft Too Weak, or AI Over Powered...

    Cobra has no bulletproof glass at all. The Apache and Hind have though. Not sure about the Mi17.
  10. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    Aircraft Too Weak, or AI Over Powered...

    Yeah that is known already. I remember having read it in a few other topics aswell. Probably this will be fixed with all the other wrong armour values but more probably we have to wait for a decent mod to fix this. to arma
  11. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    Gravity in ArmA

    gravity depends on the location you are at. If I remember right 9.8 was for Europe right ? So again... where is Sahrani?
  12. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    I have recently played it! And it was

    why dont you simply say what your rig is ?? That would make things much easier. I have an xp2000+ - 1 gb ram - radeon 9600pro - raid0 system and it is a shame you better let it be if your system is comparable to mine.
  13. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    Excellent!! Armed Assault on a MAC PC

    @ dick you should get the size of your linked pictures under 100 Kb or you'll have a moderator yelling at you or removing the pics. I recommend to use Irfan view to resize your pics.
  14. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    Vehicle vulnerability.

    spread your bullshit somewhere else boy.
  15. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    Excellent!! Armed Assault on a MAC PC

    Can you please ask your friend how the game runs ? Is it maybe more fluent that on windows ? another question: which operation system of the following would you guys recommend to play ArmA with best performance: windows xp windows 2000 zeta any type of linux mac
  16. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    Vehicle vulnerability.

    What is wrong with that mate ? When a vehicle runs over a mine it does have to explode really... have a look at this pic: (no idea if this was a AP or AT mine though) Humvee run on a mine
  17. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-


    yeah.. MANPADS have a very low hit rate actually, which is not the case in ArmA.
  18. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    AA and Patch and ?

    If you have the latest patch, than there is nothing else you need to play the game. What you might think is nice and play around with, are addons some people released. find them here
  19. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    Bugz and Reasons

    huh ? your still in ? You've got your 5 boxes full ... and still hanging around?
  20. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    ArmA rule #1

    Lol @ lack of personality lack of personality ? lol I wonder how you can analyse my person only by my opinion towards a clip. there are more funny things out there than this clip, for example this one
  21. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    Vehicle vulnerability.

    bullet type - caliber - bullet weight - V0 m/s - Joule
  22. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    Bugz and Reasons

    LOL thats a great one Thanks very much, this is indeed very nice. Might come in handy one day I think I'll print that out and use it as my real cover. edit: but you might want to remove that pretty soon mate, I mean cause of copyright reasons. Maybe BIS is pretty pissed because not selling as many ArmA copies as they had hoped and might find you as a scapegoat.
  23. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    Missile cam

    Im not too sure on this.. but I think that the missile cam is a script only and nothing that is implemented in ArmA. You may find a missile or even bullet camera on some MP games. This is all I can tell you but for sure some other more experienced lads will help you out.
  24. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-

    Vehicle vulnerability.

    Hmm.. have a look at this lads. I've installed ArmA and patched it to 1.05 in order to make some tests again. I chose the good old Humvee for the test again to see if BIS has changed any of those (previously) ridiculous values. #1:= 12.7x108 russian #2:= 12.7x99 nato 80x #1 needed to damage Humvee. 130x #1 needed to destroy Humvee. 70x #2 needed to damage Humvee. 100x #2 needed to destroy Humvee. Now #1 is way bigger and thus stronger than #2 and still more shots are needed to achieve the same. But thats not it. It depends on which .50cal you use ! The penetration values of the static M2 are different from the M2 mounted on the Humvee itself and the M107. Same thing for the russian .50cal - and its still not done. Values are different if you shoot the standard Humvee or the Humvee (M2) for example. Same thing goes for the GPMGs. The M240 performs better against the Humvee (M2) while being pretty bad against the standard Humvee. And the PKM is good against the standard Humvee and bad against the Humvee (M2). There seems to be absoloutly NO solid ground on these values. And it is not even a bit random. Im not whining because of 10 shots difference each time... but please, have a look into this yourself and you will realize how uneven this game is. I will provide you with a video, a rather boring one cause you have see all the shots and test being made, but for those of you who are interested, this might prove a final evidence.
  25. -CS-SOBR-1st-I-R-


    You are going to like this one: Credit goes to author ! Further you might want to visit the video page: click me ! there you have 146 pages full of videos!