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    Red Flag sample mission

    Download link at the bottom. RapidShare wasn't available so I only got megaupload links . Well I got inspired by a couple of clan missions where you have to fly an A-10 in some extreme conditions and bomb some stuff up. Well I thought I would make something like that, but with a bit more realism and this time you would be a part of Red Flag, a big international(ok USAF and USMC and USN and a couple of its allies)exercise. I also watched this movie about RF, about fighter pilots, but oh well, OFP AI can't quite handle air battles in SP, at least not as well as I would want it to, so I opted for ground support. Well, this mission is very very easy, anybody can do it, keyboard or joystick. I've added sounds from the real red flag missions, basicly radio chatter(I don't know how good that'll mix with ECP users) and a few more things. I tried to make a nice base and hopefully it's good enough, if not I'll try to make it better. Now if there's enough intrest in this I might make more missions, each one harder as it is in RL. This is just a small sample. Oh, and it says MehMan in the screenshots because my new account can't post yet, strangely enough. Well here's the rest: Features:       -Realistic briefing and debriefings(kinda)       -radio chatter       -something of a base that is alive       -you get to be cool and fly an A-10 And the long list of required addons(mostly because of the base): DSL A-10 AEC(Able Eden Cain) the islands Footmunch F-15c 3wx objects pack Mapfact: Baracken Mil. Object Pack Sheds Airport pack SA-11 SKC F-111 ZPU-4 Hawk C-130 Some screenshots: DOWNLOAD MISSION HERE
  2. -TheOne-

    Ask a mod

    Ok dokey, thank you!
  3. -TheOne-

    Ask a mod

    Err, I hope this is the right spot, but could an admin/mod change my nick into MehMan, instead of [TheOne]?
  4. -TheOne-

    My DKM Modification Skin

    Oh and don't you all think he's doing stuff like this only in the OFP realm of forums, he's also quite well known in the C&C Generals forums and mods, for being a total ass and idiot and in some cases a freaking nazi. We luckly banned his scrawy little ass, but he kept making accounts, which we banned and banned until he stopped coming back. Also, if he claims to be german, then why does somebody have to tell him a game time in US East Coast? This is from the DS forums, a C&C Generals modding community I tell you all OFP people, the sooner you ban him, the less problems you'll have with him.
  5. -TheOne-

    OFP videography

    You could also use VirtualDub for compression, it does a wonderfull job.
  6. -TheOne-

    Mid air refueling

    Well I did find the older version on OFP.info and it isn't quite as that KC-10 looks like it's going to be, something that will be capable of refueling you midair. Now all I need to do is wait and wait...
  7. -TheOne-

    FFUR 2006 2.0 Total conversion pack

    Must....resist....a....comment! Noes, it will become a flame war! People, you just need to wait, seems that it got transformed from an MPTC to an SPTC. Screw it.
  8. -TheOne-

    Mid air refueling

    Did you read my first post at all?
  9. -TheOne-

    Mid air refueling

    Yes, but no download link . Oh well.
  10. -TheOne-

    Mid air refueling

    Found it on OFP.info, looks nice and hopefully I can somehow help him to speed up things...
  11. -TheOne-

    Mid air refueling

    I'm in need of a plane that is capable of deploying a hose behind it and when a plane would get close enough you could refuel from that hose. I only found Hawks C-130 that said it could do it, but couldn't, the updated version seemed to havem removed it, at least that's what the readme states. Does anybody know of any addons like this?
  12. -TheOne-

    FFUR 2006 2.0 Total conversion pack

    IIRC no. I think the deal was that two configs are going to be included, one for the ACUs and one for the BDUs.
  13. -TheOne-

    Operation Red Flag proposal

    I was wondering if there would be any interest in a sort of an Operation Red Flag kind of mission set/campaign? I mean, not the whole fake shots and things like that, but for training purposes, and just ground support(you can't really pull off air combat in SP in OFP, the AI sucks) in SP, perhaps with enough intrest I could make an MP version. Would in the end, anybody be interested for this kind of thing? I made one mission, well still making it, putting on the final touches and such and if anybody wants to see it I can perhaps upload it somewhere, if you would first like a taste of it.
  14. -TheOne-

    Tonal Update

    Or old ones revised and that isn't bad because it leaves room for improvement and perhaps some additions to the missions.
  15. -TheOne-

    Stargate mod, important!

    Could ofp.info get dragged into this too? Also, MGM can do whatever they want with Stargate, it doesn't matter who created it, they bought the franchise and now they control it.