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  1. -UNA-A1-Hoke-Pvt

    Alien Versus Predator Mod

    Im not entirely too sure (im only a runner for the main guys) I believe the original intention was mainly the marines, aliens and pred, if the vehicles are usable, then i think they will only be basic (and nowhere near as complete as nephs will be)
  2. -UNA-A1-Hoke-Pvt

    Alien Versus Predator Mod

    Possibly....you never know (depends if ArmA ever comes out!)
  3. -UNA-A1-Hoke-Pvt

    FOR WH40K fan

    Nice one! This forum is my home-page now! i check it for updates every 10 mins!
  4. -UNA-A1-Hoke-Pvt

    Alien Versus Predator Mod

    The point of making them, is that for every person who thinks they are pointless there are 20+ who would like them, simple thing is - you dont like them - dont download them. I have found there is no set "feeling" with OFP, a mod made well enough can have its own distinct feel. in future, dont clutter this place up with un-neccesary comments like this.
  5. -UNA-A1-Hoke-Pvt

    Alien Versus Predator Mod

    The pictures are only a small part of what there is....the others coming out are going to be sooo sweet. Im looking forward to this as much as you all are.
  6. -UNA-A1-Hoke-Pvt

    FOR WH40K fan

    Ok, roger that...let me know if there is any way i can help though
  7. -UNA-A1-Hoke-Pvt

    SF Weaponpack V1.0

    The 2nd rifle script looks good! where can i find this?
  8. -UNA-A1-Hoke-Pvt

    FOR WH40K fan

    tis not! http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?newlang=eng
  9. -UNA-A1-Hoke-Pvt

    Us colonial marines

    i want them!
  10. -UNA-A1-Hoke-Pvt

    Admiral Kuznetsov CV - beta 1

    One question, is there a way to turn the planes around on the spot? If not, then the lifts and the hangars dont have full functionality, as you could have a plane in the hangar, taxi onto the lift, go up, but not be able to turn around to get off again! or if you get onto the lift after landing and go down the lift, how can you move off the lift into the cargo hangar? With no revers on the planes it is nigh on impossible!
  11. -UNA-A1-Hoke-Pvt

    FOR WH40K fan

    Any closer to knowing a release date?
  12. -UNA-A1-Hoke-Pvt

    FOR WH40K fan

    I for one would rather have all the addons, even if I had to set up a mod folder and put in ones that i want to use, and swap them round with different scenarios.....Even though Idont think there would be too many to handle! I would still like to see all the Tau, eldar, imp gaurd and marines....the more the merrier!
  13. -UNA-A1-Hoke-Pvt

    FOR WH40K fan

    Would you be able to send me the sound you already have? I have been giving a fair bit of thought to the sound of the bolt round...and I might be able to knock something up...(something with a deep pop as the round leaves, followed by a woosh/roar as the rocket propellant kicks in and the flight of the bolt fading out....) this is inspired from the novel "space marine" where the author describes the sound of distand bolter fire mighty_draegon@hotmail.com on msn Also, what sort of sound did you have in mind? more impact sound or semi-explosive? I have a sound that is a mix of explosive AND impact
  14. -UNA-A1-Hoke-Pvt

    FOR WH40K fan

    What sounds do you need? And those screenshots are SOOO good! This is going to be the best ever mod! I may try to come up with some custom maps for this!
  15. -UNA-A1-Hoke-Pvt

    FOR WH40K fan

    Indeed...I have shown this to a few people who work for games workshop and they are itching to get their hands on it! You guys deserve medals!