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  1. Daniel

    Music Recommendations

    Cheers! I used to make videos for Arma and Arma2, never thought I'd be making them in the real world! :p Got some more shoots on the cards so I've just invested in some proper lighting. Hopefully I'll post here again in a few months.
  2. Daniel

    Music Recommendations

    Made my first video for a local band.
  3. Daniel

    The boozer!

    I spent part of today drawing up plans for a sneaky wine rack, someone recommend me a good red?
  4. Daniel

    MechWarrior Online

    So, NDA restrictions are now lifted on the closed beta, anyone else been playing it? I've been completely addicted the last few nights, mainly downing Atlas in my trusty lil' Raven. Massive fun.
  5. Daniel

    MechWarrior Online

    Daft question, is there a release date for MechWarrior Online? Player Callsign: AnotherFineMechYouveGottenMeInto
  6. Daniel

    Two really unlucky Marines

    Or, to put it another way, two very lucky Marines.
  7. Daniel

    Music Recommendations

    FPlqVwjDfUw Recommend listening to the whole 10 minutes.
  8. Daniel

    Music Recommendations

    These guys are awesome. Buy their album.
  9. Daniel

    Music Recommendations

    My band's just put our first album up for download, have a listen. Has elements of Foos, Maiden, etc. Strangely enough makes a good soundtrack to play BF3 to.
  10. Daniel

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Other sources are reporting the rebels planted a bomb in the room, 20th July style.
  11. Daniel

    Music Recommendations

    Thanks for posting that, enjoyed it! Fun to jam along to on bass. I take it your know about Porcupine Tree?
  12. Daniel

    Any interesting books to recommend?

    Rofl indeed. He's certainly managed to upset a lot of people.
  13. Daniel

    Operation E3

    Chernarus 2.0 huh? Reminds me of when Mapfact got their hands on Nogova. :)
  14. Daniel

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Not exactly, it's not as if this old Phantom had an accompanying SEAD mission. I'm sure Syrian airspace could be made penetrable if NATO commit enough resources.
  15. Daniel

    Opinions on manual gun cocking?

    That's a load of rubbish. Instant death and lack of, or very much delayed, respawn completely change the way players approach the game. That's veering off topic however. Screw it, i'm all for more complex weapon mechanics in Arma 3. It's an infantry sim first and foremost. Weapons should very occasionally jam and players and bots alike should have to deal with it. There should be intuitive key commands for any and all tactically important mechanics.
  16. Excellent Vilas, strong composition. Would make a great desktop.
  17. I'd just like to state I have no issue with BIS choosing to recreate vehicles that are considered particularly ugly. This is war after all. Hell, where would we be without the Apache? :p I'd say it's either a placeholder, or Iran bought a batch off Oshkosh.
  18. Daniel

    Music Recommendations

    Anyone remember an old Operation Flashpoint user video (might actually have been early ArmA), it was set in black and white at night, rain, factories. Sort of like a modern day Stalingrad. It had a really good electronica soundtrack, i've never been able to remember the name of the track or find it since.
  19. Daniel

    Underwater element. What is the point?

    Not much point having an Astute submarine in a ground based combat game (besides the TLAMs) unless you can launch raids and recce missions from her. One of the features i'm really looking forward to.
  20. Daniel

    Music Recommendations

    Mute the sound and have a chuckle at the comments.
  21. Daniel

    Is Arma 3 authentic?

    Those are grab rails on the Apache are designed in, they're also for retrieval of up to four fellow pilots. Using them to ferry troops in a combat role obviously wasn't the design intent, just spur of the moment ingenuity. The troop transport aspect of the compartment in the Mi-28 is probably there for the same reason: to retrieve and evacuate downed wingmen.
  22. Daniel

    Is Arma 3 authentic?

    Stop being a dick.
  23. Grinder for the win! Such a good track. Sure this was brought up not so long ago: -ByQy8crcZI
  24. For old time's sake: MechWarrior 2 / MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries. n4tiHGMZu0U&feature=relmfu Also the piano music in The Sims "build mode".
  25. Oh, Japan. And that's enough Internet for today.