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    Stance to analog axis?

    been discussed the death already. i would love to have a stance adjust that was not tied to forward and back (it's just dumb like this.. FIX IT), but it seems some people here think it would be too radical to have intuitive control of your stance.. cause when ever i need to pick something up from the ground, i have to 1- stop where i am, 2- lower my stance so i can reach the floor, 3- then proceed to move to the object i want to pick up.. cause you know, REALITY... remove "stance up" from "move forward" and "stance down" from "move back". add "stance up" and "stance down" as their own actions! i realize that the transitions between stances isn't smooth, but I DON'T REALLY CARE! having to STOP.. change stance, then move, is retarded! games from over 10 years ago don't have this handicap, a 2013-14 game has no excuse. we can reload on the move (how many engine generations did that take.. ), so why not also change stance? because it's tied to the move forward and move back action.. therefor you can't move forward or back while changing stance.. such a bad implementation. you know whats hilarious? if you bind "move forward" and "move back" to "scroll up" and "scroll down" you have your self full control of your stance, but now you can't move.. lol if there is one feature that i was looking forward to when watching the videos from E3, it was the advanced stances... shame it was implemented so poorly as to make it completely useless in the middle of a fire fight, where it would be most useful. ---------- Post added at 09:37 ---------- Previous post was at 09:27 ---------- i had a dream... press and hold "lean left"(or right) key, use scroll wheel to control how far you lean, middle mouse locks angle, scrolling again unlocks, and release of lean key cancels lean. sort of like- press&hold "adjust" key, use scroll wheel to dynamically adjust stance hight. or kind of like- press&hold "menu" key, use either scroll wheel to cycle through a list of available commands. or alternately have a radial menu open and used a simple cursor (or mouse gestures if you want to be fancy) to select an action from the various contextual tabs located around the radial menu. is it just me? (sitting here, day dreaming of what could be, and realizing that it will never happen) god forbid this game ever gets intuitive controls in, what would EA and Infinity Ward do if that were ever to happen..
  2. -FHA-Dynamo

    Day Z Announced as standalone title.

    yes, because drinking 4 liters of water and powering through 3 cans of pasta, only to be hungry and thirsty again in 15min is NORMAL... (rolls eyes). they need to make the eating/drinking calorie based. i go through enough food in an hour to feed a family of 4 for a day. obviously, some "tweaking" is needed.
  3. -FHA-Dynamo

    Day Z Announced as standalone title.

    woaw, slow down there. let them fix the "need to eat and drink every 15 sec or you go into a coma" issue fixed first.
  4. -FHA-Dynamo

    Multiplayer dying fast??

    i gave up multiplayer a while back. i try it after every update but nothing changes. in single player, i can run all settings at max with the exception being view distance which i set to 2km. i get no less than 30 FPS with occasional drops to <5 FPS every 15-20 sec. it really is a shame BIS have yet to find the cause of the low client fps in multiplayer, and also fix the overly too common stuttering. many of my friends would drop BF4 and COD:Ghosts in a heartbeat if these issues with A3 were fixed.
  5. -FHA-Dynamo

    Arma models in WoT mod

    the models look similar, not the same though. a T72 will look like any other T72. the only way to know is to look at the mesh and see if indeed it's a copy. this thread is silly.
  6. -FHA-Dynamo

    Walking slow and using the mouse wheel

    don't forget the thumb and pinkie finger on the 4 side buttons.
  7. -FHA-Dynamo

    Holster have non gun

    well considering they finally got proxies working on weapons so attachments can be added to them, i don't see why they can't get a pistol in a holster to work. back in 2001 i had made a post suggesting that they add proxies to the weapons, so that attachments could be put on the guns without needing to make a complete model of the same gun with all the different combinations of attachments on them. i thought they brushed off the idea back then, but it's nice to see they figured it our for ArmA3.. just a shame it took them until the 4th game to do it. maybe having the pistol in the holster is a minor thing and they plan to add it later on when close to ArmA3 going gold? they would have to make not only a thigh holster, but also a hip and under the armpit holster and have all the animations to go with it. they may as well add a combat knife as well.
  8. -FHA-Dynamo

    Taking the scroll menu to the chopping block

    making the choice to do something, then performing the action are two very different things. that is where the problem arises. the current action menu is too clumsy and gets you kill more often than it helps you. at the very least they should remove the function where the menu opens when the scroll wheel is touched (in some cases just looked at). have a dedicated [open menu] key that needs to be held down while selecting an action. and closes when the key is released. the action can be selected by pressing the middle mouse button or hitting Enter. when the [open menu] key is released during action selection, it should just cancel any action and close. far too many players and helicopters have been blown up due to the current menu system... it's just not good PERIOD.
  9. -FHA-Dynamo

    low fps with 7970

    i got a 5870 and regardless of what setting i used (with the exception being view distance) my FPS changes by 2-3 at most. i am currently getting 14 fps on the beta build when i was getting 30-40fps in the pre-beta DEV build.. WTF! CPU Phanom II X4 940 black edition @ 3.2ghz 4gig OCZ platinum ram i don't know what they changed from the DEV pre-beta to the current build... but i want that version back!
  10. just to be an ass, that VectorV you posted on the first page is in fact a 6mm version.. more accurately it's an airsoft gun. but yes, the real Vector is indeed .45ACP. ---------- Post added at 02:55 ---------- Previous post was at 02:52 ---------- i'm sure BIS are just using 9mm as a place holder.. we're not even Beta yet. this disease must end..
  11. simple solution for this issue ADD A DAMNED DEDICATED ACTION MENU KEY! simple! effective! intuitive! remove the action menu from the default scroll wheel. instead give us a bind-able "open action menu" command we can bind our selfs. the key needs to be pressed for the menu to open, THEN the scroll wheel can be used to cycle through the many options. clicking middle mouse or hitting the "action" key selects the menu item. if the "open action menu" key is released the menu closes (no more god damned spamming the backspace key to close the action menu, then the command menu in the middle of a firefight... ). this is just one of a couple of key-bind issues that need to be completely reworked. it's been a gripe of mine since the demo of OFP:CWC back in late 2000... FIX IT! the other key bind issue is the "too cumbersome to be of any actual benefit" "adjust stance key configuration".. if we have dedicated keys used for going prone, crouch and stand, who's genius idea was it to lock the stance up/down function to "move forward/move back"? how is that intuitive? all it does is give the player the option of either "stop where i am to chance my stance, or don't change stance as i approach this low wall and get my head blown off" since there are already three keys for changing stance (prone-crouch-stand), why not use those with the stance modifier key to adjust stance hight? it would free up the movement keys.
  12. -FHA-Dynamo

    release date beta

    when it's out. doesn't matter how many keep posting the exact same question, the answer will remain the same.
  13. -FHA-Dynamo

    Quick poll about the game so far

    nice poll, should post the results for all to see. my final word at the end of the poll "A few changes would make the A3 experience so much better. Default the scroll wheel to "change pace/speed" for better control over the player's movement speed as well as the speed for land and sea vehicles (acts as an de/accelerator). Adding a dedicated (and bind-able) action menu key + scroll wheel for navigation, would be a huge improvement. no more fighting with the menu when ever it opens when not wanted. No more accidental placement/detonation of explosives. No more going into the gear menu in the middle of a fire fight. Add a "stance up/stance down" function that is bind-able(would allow these functions to be bound to the scroll wheel for those who want it). remove the currently locked stance change function from "move forward/move back" keys. this will allow players to change stance on the move, as currently we are forced to stop before changing stance.. and we all know that in combat, if you stop moving, you're dead."
  14. -FHA-Dynamo

    Walking slow and using the mouse wheel

    this has been discussed in 3 other threads in the last two months. the devs have yet to say anything about changes to the movement and stance system. sad. also the new update has screwed up the tactical pace and weapon sight up interaction. before the patch we could go into tactical pace, and bring up the weapon sight without issue. now if you bring up the sights while in tactical pace, the player goes into a jog instead. come on BIS, forwards, not backwards please. basically all three threads discussed how better to implement movement and stances to better improve the dynamics of urban inf movements. what was generally agree on was that the scroll wheel would be an excellent means of controlling movement speed and also stance positions. there was some discussion on also using the scroll wheel as a means of controlling vehicular speeds, as an analog accelerator. example: default scroll wheel for infantry - controls movement speed in conjunction with W. while pressing W, use scroll wheel to increase speed. retain 2xW for going to a sprint from any speed. to access the action menu, an action menu key should be implemented, to avoid having the action menu open when not wanted. example: windows key opens menu, scroll through menu with scroll wheel, release windows key to select action. must add "close/cancel menu" option to action menu. the scroll wheel can also be used to change stance. example: Crtl + scroll wheel up/down changes stance up/down fluidly/dynamically. this should be able to be done while on the move, as in, no need to stop, change stance then start moving again... thats very clunky. but like i said, it's been discussed in length in 3 threads, with no dev input. ---------- Post added at 08:32 ---------- Previous post was at 08:23 ---------- i have played around with assigning the stance up/down keys to my scroll wheel.. just happens that the stance up/down is the "move forward/move back" commands (W&S). i bound W&S to my scroll up & down. it was crude but worked. holding down Ctrl and scrolling i could quickly cycle through the stances. unfortunately due to the stance up/down function being locked to the move forward and move back commands, i could not move while changing stance (real shame). if BIS were to unlock the stance up/down functions from "move forward & move back" and create separate binds for it, then maybe we would be able to move while changing stance. this would surely lead to players binding the commands to their scroll wheel, or which ever two keys they want. just being able to cycle through the stances while being able to move, would be a huge improvement, even if it's not very fluid.
  15. -FHA-Dynamo


    why would BIS lower the graphics of ARMA3 lower than ARMA2? if your computer is "utter ****" as you put it, why would any developer bother with you? it's 2013, if you can't even run ArmA2 half way decent, you need to upgrade or give up on PC gaming and buy a console.