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    Fishing, OFP map making, PC simulation games, reading. I'm the sales manager for www.mittoni.com.au by day and a PC enthusiast 24/7. Aside from OFP interests, I'm a big IL2:FBA fanatic!
  1. WOOOOO A Christmas Miracle! Thanks so much for the awesome work fellas, we do honestly appreciate it.
  2. Firstly, this is a great map and I do look forward to seeing a version which no longer requires files from the ArmA1 maps such as Afghani Village, Waziristan, etc. I'd promised myself, for the sake of MP compatibility, to ditch all maps requiring these files once OA was released. I did it too - so I no longer use Uruzgan sorry to say (despite having made a few missions and also a Warfare version pitching the AAW units against the Takiban). When it comes to making coop missions to play with mates, I try to keep addons to an absolute minimum. Replacing the addon buildings, vegetation, etc with inhouse BIS provided product will enable the use of this great map again - and considering I pretty much play all AAW/RNA (Dutch) Afghan style missions..... This would be awesome :D Secondly, and indeed more importantly.... NEVER let this community try and dictate releases, updates etc. It's your project. It's your life. In the end, people need to take a step back and realise 'real life' is FAR more important than addon release dates. If you've exams, a girlfriend or wife, perhaps children..... Guess what? THESE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR ADDON. Focus on what's real in life and finish the other stuff when there is time.... IF there is time. There is no FAIL if you never complete this map. Trust me, a FAIL in your uni exams or assignments is far more of an issue than this map will ever be....
  3. Ice, I hear you. I had to walk away from island (ok its 'terrain' now aint it?) building a while back. Too many hours I spent building, testing, building, testing. Years of my life went into projects like Spearhead, Phuoc Tuy and Meekong. Years... Not minutes, hours and days. Years. I'm dead serious - and I don't think many folks realise how long it takes to build an island and detail it, make it look like the picture in your head. It became a second job for me, many times I'd come home from a full days work - and sit down in front of the PC and edit islands for as many hours (or more!) again. I thought it was fun and sure, it was - for a while. I'm a happier camper building missions and playing them with close friends these days. Every now and again, theres a pang of 'wouldn't it be awesome to have a map which....' and I put a stop to that train of thought right there! Somewhere along the line, I lost sight of why I'd started building islands to begin with - to PLAY ON (aka HAVE FUN). When you end up WORKING exclusively on the project and not PLAYING on it, thats when the tables turn and it becomes harder and harder to keep going. But then you almost feel trapped into continuing - cause you dont wanna let your mates and community members down... Sound familiar??? If this current map never gets released, but you don't get burned out/walk away completely and you stay in the community - we actually all win. We'd miss ya bro! My 2c worth & all the best, no matter which way you decide to go (the RIGHT thing for you to do is what is best for your own sanity/RL situation); Paddy (aka Para).
  4. AHHHH BUT MUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! hahaha sorry couldnt resist..... Keep up the awesome work lads, we're all hanging out like yr12's waiting for the last bell of the school year :) I am quite concerned, however, that all this publicity for the vehicles is just alerting the Takiban to the IMV's coming deployment incountry... :p
  5. I'm good thanks, a lot older (I *hope* a bit wiser...) - but then we ALL are! Re: All seeing AI - I have total faith in your ability to do just that! Promise to download each patch/update as it comes online. I'm pleased to see you're still kickin it - same with the rest of you fellas, Warrior, Savage etc. Seems old soldiers never die :) The Nambience is awesome fellas.... Keep it up. Might have to set a Nambush or two tonight and take a closer look round the island/check out a few more of the goodies you guys have worked damned hard on!
  6. Sorry if this is getting perhaps a little off topic/going in a direction other than intended! One video example of Aussie troops in action, which I think clearly indicates our 'broad accent' is really quite different from UK accents: here.
  7. Gentlemen, congrats on release. Well done. Now, as no FNG, I'm gonna be as blunt as a drill sergeant: In 3 seperate playtests on 3 seperate areas of flat ground in the jungle, I have AI's opening up at medium range. I can't see 10m ahead of me in the same areas. This renders the mod close to unplayable in its current format. Back in the day, Ebud had a solution with his Grassfield2 from IloIlo (really going back, I trust thats the right one but Im sure as heck not opening an old island with wrptool to find out...). It wasnt the prettiest solution around, but you could have an AI walk right up to you without seeing you at all. This is where it needs to be at.
  8. OFP PreRelease Alpha (just dont ask...) - Today. I didn't have grey hair back in the OFP days. It's been a long war son!
  9. Should you end up putting together a voice pack, I'd be happy to contibute, as I'm sure would other HC members (what's left of us these days, anyways!).
  10. I hear you 100%. Same thing happened when I used to make islands. You make one, you get asked to make 30 others! Appreciate your focus, thats what brings the quality and you fellas ooze that stuff.
  11. Feels like i've come out of retirement as a ghost to post this! Anyways, firstly gentlemen, thank you for your wonderful work with the AAW units and weapons. You've given this old bloke some fantastic shared moments playing coop missions with these great addons and we all are keenly looking forward to the inclusion of the vehicles in some future release. Take your time, theres no rush for release. We respect the work that goes into even the most basic of addons, let alone a mod of such quality and standards as AAW. The second reason for my post - Would there be any way you'd find the time to possibly include a Bushmaster with Dutch markings? An example here. Have been doing a load of combined Dutch/Australian ops with a mix of Aussie/Dutch players and the addition of a resold Bushmaster would make these missions feel a little more 'complete' as it were. There is some further info on the Bushmaster in Dutch service here, though you are no doubt well aware of this vehicles success in international sales.
  12. Hi all, sorry if this has been mentioned previously, I did search and found nothing! I'd like to see TN Games 3rd Space FPS Vests supported in ArmAII. I've been using one for quite a while with more traditional FPS games such as Medal Of Honour, Call Of Duty 2 thru World At War, etc. Nothing is quite as immersive as feeling a round or blast hit your character ingame, not to mention the HUGE increase in Situational Awareness the product offers. As a TrackIR user for many years, I'd have to say the 3rd Space FPS Vests offer a similarly useful way to interact with ArmA(II). Not to mention the added immersion into the digital world which BIS has spent so long creating for us - more immersion into our digital environments brings greater enjoyment of the title, longer playing hours, more reasons to be 'part of the game' as a whole. BIS people, please give the 3rd Space FPS Vest a look - try it, you'll be pleasantly suprised I assure you. It's fun, it works well, it adds to the game, it adds to the players enjoyment of the title and increases your SA.... What more could you want? For those whom may have not heard of the 3rd Space Vest - take a look: http://tngames.com/ I don't think it would be too hard to implement this product, so let's make it happen :) Paddy.
  13. -HC-Para

    Vietnam: The Experience v0.4

    SnakeMan, should you need some work done on my islands for the ArmA conversion, pls contact via the hcpara@hotmail.com address as I no longer have internet @ home, but can check hotmail at work. I don't stop by these forums very often either these days, so email is best. Congrats on another release, hope to see an ArmA version in the future, again let me know if I can assist in any ways.
  14. -HC-Para

    Vietnam: The Experience v0.3

    MDSZ - I think it is the right wrp file, but there may be a line for replaceobjects in config for the ilo grass? I've been thinking the wrp file looks right, but the grass looks wrong, especially in the ruins - it's 'long' (the standard size) where i'd made it 'short' (shrunk to like 30%), the replaceobjects command is 'the usual suspect' for this. MDSZ and AAO issues seem to be config line issues, so couldn't be easier to correct - if you wanted to do a 3.01 fix for it, you could just release an updated config file only.
  15. -HC-Para

    Vietnam: The Experience v0.3

    Looking good. Two initial probs - AAO missed config update, so now AI don't land on an airfield and a lot of town names, etc, are in the wrong spots. MDSZ missed the wrp update, which means grass, etc, is all over the roads. Pls fix in next version I guess