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  1. -Jojaboy-


    Its really alsome cant wait to see the final!!
  2. -Jojaboy-

    American tanks

    i c thanks sigma.
  3. -Jojaboy-

    American tanks

    Sweet tanks just one thing the main 120mm gun gets takin out with one shot from a t-72 aother then that this tank pack is alsome. great job sigma
  4. -Jojaboy-

    Your computer

    -AMD 2500+ -nforce2 -Radeon 9700 pro -K7 Triton -15" flat screen FPD1520 -floppy drive -CDrom drive -DVD drive -512 ram -40gig hard drive -logitech mouse -boston speakers -gateway keyboard -custom Z case with lights and side view glass -Windows XP Home Edition
  5. -Jojaboy-

    Ww2 french airplane

    Wow the one with the heart on the side of the turrent looks really nice.
  6. -Jojaboy-

    Martins dc-3 is ready to download!

    Anyone know his email address?
  7. -Jojaboy-

    Martins dc-3 is ready to download!

    Pappy Boyington thanks for the great pic its my background now i will missed martin and his great addons thank you for your hard work and countless hours making these amazing addons...you will be missed.
  8. -Jojaboy-

    Martins dc-3 is ready to download!

    O man this is the worst news ive read since lawrie....dammit man some people iam not going to disclose their names but you know who you are!!The ofp community needs to take a serious look in the mirrior it went from everyone loving addons to everyone try to look for every error possable just to bitch. well martain if you read this iam deeply sadden for your lose you were a great addon maker and you will be missed by alot of people in the OFP community.
  9. -Jojaboy-

    Ww2 french airplane

    I did not know a b1 tank(I think thats the french tank) could kill a panzer i thought they were very slow light armored and had a small gun?o well looks very good though keep up the great work!
  10. -Jojaboy-

    Martins dc-3 is ready to download!

    Great Job just wish you would add a american one also and i hope you make a ch-47 skytrain and a ch-47 Douglas
  11. -Jojaboy-

    Late rhs x-mas present

    OMG!!!!!!yay!alsome addon s/ling now cant wait thx rhs team!
  12. -Jojaboy-

    Hh60 jayhawk beta v1.0

    Actually it looks like Americas Army 2.0 and hes dodging rpgs or at4s Happy New Year
  13. -Jojaboy-

    Kilo class type 636 submarine released!

    Thank you for this alsome addon its really nice! oh btw hapyy holidays everyone.
  14. -Jojaboy-

    Diemaco assault rifles released

    alsome but i would like it alot more if you put them in a ammo crate.
  15. -Jojaboy-

    Xm-8 is a go!

    wrong and right at the same time the 7.62 is bigger buy...cost more harder to cary,less rounds,ect.while 5.56 more rounds so you can acutally use fullauto also the 7.56 rips clean threw the enemyso that means hit a bad spot and their still alive 5.56 round when it hits a object like skin it will force the bullet turn courseand go up causing ultimate damage hitting many organs and arterys.