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  1. -EC- hawk

    Ka50 pack by hawk

    probably yes (script for shot out blades is implemented) so eject seat is posible to use
  2. -EC- hawk

    Ka50 pack by hawk

    I'm reading this post and all things i will improove in next version. I 'm under construction of heli's -pack with rusians and americans helicopters (modified version of mi-28 A and N is ready but i'm waiting for dkmm's permission to relase it) and all of them will have changeble weapons and new configs and sounds and in some improoved models (like retractable gear in mi-24 ). for now i give to all interested link to current version (link is alwys the same but changing a file on server) KA-50 v 1.2
  3. -EC- hawk

    Uss nimitz by hawk & dasquade

    For formality [EC] is my clan sign, i spoke and write in inglish as you see (who will done all strings to addon?) and for all interested (first beta public is in transfer to serwer when i write this there will be demo mission and remaked F-14 (from IKAR) for all fans of this plane. link is: "http://landhell.fpp.pl/of/index.php?PAGE=down&FILE=hwk_uss_nimitz_beta.zip&DIR=ADD PL/HAWK"
  4. -EC- hawk

    Uss nimitz by hawk & dasquade

    Hi everyone i am happy to hear those things about it (its true this is beta version but some problems in scripts are caused by limitations of game for example landing gear is imposible to open in AI aircraft beacouse actions for it not exist or is hidden so it can do only player in plane) if anyone from BIS can ansver for this problem it would be great) about credits don't worry it would be all in readme (this was non public version so it wasn't there)