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  1. guerilla -MCY-

    Improved game play

    thx for your feedback Dslyecxi but you wrote it yourself "This is not to say that A2 offers flawless movement" and i would really like to share your opinion about ongoing improvement till end of may. control is everything, in games and everywhere else and btw, also in coop
  2. guerilla -MCY-

    Improved game play

    i really like the way you wrote it and as you haven't found anything about those issues, you gave youself the answer. you will not find any comments from BIS due the fact, that they'll not change the important anim's (i call it bugs). there will be some minor improvements but you will not have such a fluently gameplay like used in bf, cod, cs, aa, ofp1 and propably 2 which will again destroy the whole pvp community. i really recommend to check the demo first before upgrading your pc or buy anything. at least we'll have another war sim at hand this time because i hate not responsive controls in all kind of games or such control restrictions. i'ld rather have micro controls instead of micro ai's :butbut:
  3. guerilla -MCY-

    One question that MANY fans care about.

    somehow it's funny how the same discussion goes on 'n on since years without a comment by BIS. well no comment is also a comment. i just checked the latest demo vids by some Hungarian ArmA 2 Preview and i'm still seeing the same controls. it seems like moving over a pdf file with the hand sign instead of having this old ofp1985 feeling, to be in the action. i guess we have to bare in mind, that this same engine is used for vbs, where those control bugs (i call it so, sorry) seem to be wished for a proper sim, even doh you should be able to take full control over your equipment with experience, what's actually not possible like in arma1 and arma2 as it looks. well actually i don't care anymore as i gonna buy both games anyway and i guess i'll end up in ofp2 as they try make a game simulating war instead of a simulator which simulates a game -> fun?.
  4. guerilla -MCY-

    New ArmA II Pictures!

    just found some pics, don't know if they're new: http://www.pcgames.de/aid,668....chienen edit: damn, those are the one on www.arma2.com, anyway...
  5. guerilla -MCY-

    Inside ArmA2 with Jerry Hopper & Lord. J.Kingsley

    Hi, my name is Marek Q: OFP had a big ctf community thanks to the fast handling of weapons and animation reaction time. ArmA made this kind of gameplay impossible due the realistic soldier animations. In all those previews we've seen the same animations. Are there plans to make it easier and to gain back the fast paced players ?
  6. Would be nice to know if your effort can be transmitted to ArmA2, so far the animations are looking the same in the preAlpha vid's of ArmA2
  7. guerilla -MCY-

    Creating custom unit animations in ArmA

    Would be nice to know if your effort can be transmitted to ArmA2, so far the animations are looking the same in the preAlpha vid's of ArmA2
  8. guerilla -MCY-

    Infantry animation & viewpoint relationship

    well if you're into ctf / dm and you're confronted each 2 seconds with it, you would see it in another perspective
  9. guerilla -MCY-

    Infantry animation & viewpoint relationship

    those broken uberrealistic (wearing 100 pounds, even as tankdriver with a mp5) animations are a very big issue for a lota people. All of my buddies stoped playing arma because of it and as we already have seen the arma2 vid's with the same animations and bugs, it seems the problem is gonna find his way into arma2. if you would repair this, you would be a genius, at least for the rather fast paced players which like a responsive animation but as mentioned, i think too, that only BIS could change this fact but i guess they like it as it is, as they never mentioned anything about this issue, even doh so much ppl compainted about it since the first day. In my opinion you need to start from the scratch without headtracking, gunmovement, sometimes less is more. you can rent the http://www.motioncapture.cz/ good luck Â
  10. guerilla -MCY-

    GC 2008 Press Coverage

    i still see the same soldier anim bugs from arma1, jumping crosshair, endless unnatural transitions etc etc. everything was changed except the greatest bug in my eyes causing 95% of the ofp pvp com. to leave in the first place. i hope they change it but i doubt it really. good luck with it...
  11. Most of the people playing "professional" left short after the launch of ArmA, because those animation movements don't allow you to become good or get better. When the the kill & death is decided by the animations, 1 step more or less with a weird movement of your gun, instead of the skill of a player, people will leave and seek for rather competitive games like cod4, cs, bf2 etc. As ArmA don't allow you such things like OFP1 did, you don't find any competitive leagues, therefore no clans in train for such a reason and that's the reason aswell, why you will not find a lot server following the way you like it.
  12. guerilla -MCY-

    Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

    so no ArmA3, well that's sad but i bet they'll be back for 2012 with good laserpointers
  13. guerilla -MCY-

    Add mods to missions like Evolution

    the guys at GWL are having already a nice addon compilation. You could use their GWL Addon Pack to remix Evolution and post it on their site in the map forum: http://www.globalwarleague.org/viewforum.php?f=16 http://www.globalwarleague.org/
  14. guerilla -MCY-

    Add mods to missions like Evolution

    its really not that hard to do, if you just wanna change addons like soldiers, vehicles, aircrafts. not even 1 hour work i guess. the big part would be to collect all needed 'n balanced addons. somehow i hoped kiljoy, the evolution maper would go for that job, propably with other maps aswell. there's so much good unused stuff out there it makes me
  15. guerilla -MCY-

    Best way to kill unwanted processes in WinXP

    i recommend TuneUp Utilities 2008, here's the trial page: http://www.tune-up.com/download features: Powerful hard drive defragmentation Optimum start-up, Internet, and Windows acceleration Quick and extensive clean-up for hard drives Effective elimination of junk data Fully-automatic clean-up and improvement of your PC Extensive clean-up of the registry Effective help in solving standard Windows problems Secure data recovery and data elimination Simple custom Windows configuration Individual Windows styling