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  1. Well, nice to see you're still around with this mod pomi
  2. Zek

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    I see, thanks!
  3. Zek

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    Hey guys, I would like to ask you a question, I bought the game on steam the first day alpha was released, should I be getting the kart dlc for free ? (i'm asking because i don't have it :P of course) IIRC the steam alpha package ($32.99 USD, have my ticket right here) included the future dlc for free? Or maybe I'm wrong? (many long time, much memory fails)
  4. I have collected ngv's in every mission, and in the next one... no ngvs... ofp resistance was better at this.
  5. Zek

    Rate the first episode!

    Gave it a 7, it's good, some weird things (like the AAF shelling the camp and then magically stopping without sending a sweep force). The major problem I see is that some missions get complicated not because of the mission itself, but because of the AI and the terrain. Enemies shooting trough trees with pinpoint accuracy, friendly AI being completely slaughtered for a variety of reasons (stance cycles, not falling back when ordered, among other things). To me that ruins the immersion. Campaign itself is good so far.
  6. Zek

    Challenger 2 MBT UK Help

    Hi Yoshi, I found this video a while ago, it may help you with the tracks: good luck!
  7. Nice idea man, interesting setting. Have you considered adding Canadians in the same role as (or maybe replace) the british? They're closer and have badass hardware as well
  8. Hey abs, thanks for this tutorial. You might want to know, (maybe because of a recent update) it seems that the steam_api.dll is required in the P:\ drive, because if it's not present my buldozer crashes to desktop. I'm using the stable branch, dunno what happens in dev. I'm still getting that "No entry 'Config.bin.cfgBuldozer' " error but it's working anyways :p
  9. Zek

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Congrats LJ, you made an outstanding job again :)
  10. Zek

    A quantum leap - Arma 4

    There have been some mods regarding that conflict since ofp times, made by both British and Argentinians , the mods died because they didn't raise any interest. Actually they raised more flamewars in the forums than interest. The islands IRL are almost flat desert like terrain with some small greener areas, and let's be honest, no one in the world cares about the conflict other than us Argentinians and British. As I said some months ago in this same thread, I don't think it's a good idea for BI to portray a real nation as the bad ones, because in some countries that would led to the game being banned. I happened with Iran before it was renamed to CSAT. And maybe you don't care but just think of the people who invest time in learning to mod the game, and then find it banned because some politicians feel offended by a game they don't understand. And for BI, that means less money. So a fictional nation, and everyone is happy. And I would actually like other nation to be the good guys, it's always US/UK. IDK, France, Canada, Germany, Russia and Spain among others, have baddass armies. (I don't really see it happening anyways)
  11. This looks like a great idea zach, this and your custom weapons tutorial are a great help for modelling noobs like myself :p looking forward for this
  12. Zek

    [SP] Crotis War D1

    I loved it, nice mission, specially after the second save, that was a very intense moment :D