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    User mission requests!

    Does anyone know of, have, or have the know-how to produce a CTI mission that takes place in Takistan that is a replica of the vanilla CTI 24 Mountain Warfare mission, with the only change being that all the weapons and vehicles from Arma2, OA, BAF, and PMC are available in the store? I've been looking forever and I can't find one, nor can I find the knowledge to make it myself.
  2. I can't get Benny's to work. Every time I try to use it, it won't let me build structures when I take over command. The build menu opens and I place the building, resources are subtracted, and then nothing happens. Also, once a commander has been initially selected the voting function won't work. It also doesn't look like the AI squad leaders requisition vehicles in Benny's either, which is something I want them to do. All I really want is a CTI mission that doesn't change all sorts of other crap and just includes all the weapons and vehicles from original Arma2, from OA, from BAF, and PMC. I would be perfectly happy with the vanilla CTI mechanics left in place with just the weapons added. I can't find such a thing anywhere, nor can I seem to acquire the knowledge to add them myself. I'm apparently the only person to ever want such a thing. I've asked for help on other forums with no response before, but any help anyone could offer would be appreciated.
  3. Any chance we'll ever get a version of this with AI commanders and squad leaders enabled?
  4. This is exactly the kind of warfare mod I have been looking for, but the problem is I like to play with one friend of mine, and I like to just roam around with him and fight the AIs. We also like to have our AI squad leaders and vehicles and such roaming around the battlefield. When I loaded this up in an LAN by myself, there was no option for an AI commander, nor were there any AI team leaders, nor was there an AI enemy to fight. Does this mod not support AIs like the stock CTI missions do? Because I was under the impression that it did with some of the earlier posts in this thread. Or am I experiencing some kind of bug?
  5. Zimmerman

    Graphics bug?

    I've actually found a thread that details my problem that my first few searches before my post did not turn up. See here I would have actually deleted this thread a little while ago if I had the option.
  6. Zimmerman

    ATI Drivers

    I'm running a Radeon x1900 GT, and I am getting this problem. First thing I did was check my card's heat, and it wasn't overheating. I've also made sure I've got the latest drivers.
  7. Zimmerman

    Graphics bug?

    I've noticed many times that when I am driving a land vehicle, sometimes I will run into spots where random textures seem to appear in streaks across my screen, all the objects and ground below me seem to disappear, and I just overall can't see anything through the seizure of glitching textures. Then I turn away from the area where that began happening, it goes away. I turn back towards that direction, it happens again. Is this a common problem with the game, or is there a problem on my end?