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  1. will be there Mortars.??? .. it would make it more intensive.. and it opend more tactical solutions..
  2. Zenga

    Armed Assault FAQ

    ok few days ago i bought me some new parts for my pc.. 1) Nvidia 7600 gt 256ram 168€ .ditech.at 2) Nvidia/Abit An8 32X sli MB 129€ birg.at 3 Athlon 64 bit 3500ghz Pz 88€ ditech.at so for 385€ you get a super fast pc for ArmA with 1gb ram..!! for this month my resources are finished.. but next month i wll take some more rams.. and then !! im sure the game will run Fantastic.. now im playin with high settings and 3500 view distance and its just amazing
  3. Try using -nomap No shit, i´ve had the same problem before but it´s gotten better since i´m using that old rusty command. edit: Practice makes perfect  you musst be kidding! make some vids and show me how you ar flyin ! you super genius helicopter pilot! its too sensible.. on e litte touch to the left and the chopper goes crazy.. i lost my nervs..
  4. Zenga


    Which skill level and which gun did you use? They reacted to me taking out 1 of their guys.. Otherwise the mod community will probably work this further out... KI & DAC Â 4 ArmA... mmmmhh sickboy you know the levels its the 1st! i cant speak about it.. but i used an M4 carabine and standard skills.... ps .. my czech is bad .. i cant find how to throw granedes i cant switch from m4 or pistol to granades .. or when i will fire rockets from BMP2 i cant switch to them... only to better ammunation..
  5. Zenga


    the AI is such stupid like in OFP i shot a soldier .. and a second stands 1 meter behind him.. and he was doing.. like nothing happens !!!
  6. Zenga

    505's ArmA Special Edition - What ya want?

    today i get my Se .. and the box is sooo cool.. its not a 7.62 ammunation box.. bit its a M-82 Mortar ..!! incredible.. .. t-shirt .. just cool..
  7. Zenga

    Armed Assault FAQ

    and the most wanted question !! did anybody of you guys played football !!??
  8. Zenga

    ArmA Photography - Questions&Comments

    i heard there will be bears or am i trippin..
  9. Zenga

    Arma around the world

    i live in austria but i cant identify with this country... im Croatian.. and i cant wait for some fancy Balkan Mods.. uaaaaaaaaa
  10. Zenga

    CTI in ArmA

    hhahaha yeah 245 users online.. what is the record yet ?
  11. Zenga

    ArmA Photography

    awsome..!! look at the kalashnikov.. Â Â Â yeaaaaah
  12. Zenga

    ArmA Photography

    Ok. Sorry. One more time here: Intel Pentium IV 3GHz, 1Gig RAM, X800... in other words - bottom of the recommended configuration. great ! well done BIS
  13. Zenga

    ArmA Photography

    Â Â Â i love you placebo.... Â dont missunderstood me.. i love you like Al Bundy loves Psycho daaaaaaaaaaaaad..
  14. Zenga

    ArmA Photography

    mor more more... show us the "russian" models
  15. Zenga

    So who has received their copy?

    god damn .. this is lookin soooooo good .. what are yours specs?