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    Nice job ! Can't wait to try it out !
  2. This is a very good thing - seeing your helicopter explode because a tiny bit of your front skid hit the ground was absolutely ridiculous.
  3. Having a rain effect ala Carrier Command (another BIS game) would already be a HUGE improvement compared to the simple and bland looking texture they currently use for rain.
  4. Well I get your point, but I can't agree. For me this is an utterly necessary feature as whithout it, piloting a chopter or a plane totaly s## : you are in a copter, the guy below has a stinger and has decided to kill you ? there is NOTHING you can do about it, exept to pray for someone to kill him before he shoots. BIS has no excuses not including such a feature in the game : it was already developped, so no developping time, or very few, with the EULA thing they don't even have to ask for permission; and also, doesn't this game untitled "the utimate military simulator" ? Furthermore including this kind of work in a patch would allow everyboy to enjoy it in all mutliplayer games : not only a few guys who downloaded it when playing a mission includiding it on a server allowing it ... Let's be honnest : the probabilities for us to play with this one day in a multiplayer games like CTIs are approaching zero.
  5. This is a very smart "trick" to simulate a target aquiring system, and it seems pretty effective. I am sorry, I can't test it with the crappy computer i'm using right now, but can't wait to do so, this addon is purely awsome ! I really hope the using of this addon will become something common online, it would be so great if it was included in the next crCTI :D I would like so much that BIS get inspired by that addon of addons or even include it in the next patch. Arma 2 lacks soOooo much that kind of immersive things, like a real aiming system for the tanks. ...anyway, thank you RKSL Studios for your hard work !
  6. This seems pretty nice. I have a couple of questions though : 1°)How does it work ? does it prevent temporarily ennemies to lock me on ? does it deviates the missiles once launched ? 2°)How am I supposed to use it ? In vanilla Arma 2 you know someone has a lock on you when you have been hit, does this addon add something to alert the player when a missile is incoming ? if no do you plan on adding such a feature ? I may be asking to much for an addon but the dogfights and flights in vanilla Arma2 are so lame ...
  7. Zeinger

    Full Screen NVG

    My bad, apparently it only works when it has been activated before, or something like that. You should try this instead "filmGrain" ppEffectEnable true; "filmGrain" ppEffectAdjust [0.3, -1, 2, 0.05, 0.3, false]; "filmGrain" ppEffectCommit 1; directly in the soldier's initialization. I tried to make it start when NVGs are used without success. In fact I'm pretty bad at scripting, I don't even achieved to make it start with an external script without using NVGs (replace the normal view with a grained one)
  8. Zeinger

    Full Screen NVG

    I know it's not that realistic, but I must say for now the arma2 NVGs are not convincing either and with more grain we will at least a great old NVG. And modding this game is all about making the game the way you want it to be :p edit : here is the thread I was looking for. This thread by tajin explains it all. It may be not that hard after all ... edit 2 : just add ""filmGrain" ppEffectEnable true;" in your soldier initialization to see the effect.
  9. Zeinger

    Full Screen NVG

    Bravo 6 : Yes you have this in the demo, just create a MP TDM game using the game wizzard. Otherwise I was rather thinking about using the existing material of the game to create that effect. I am searching for a thread where guys were talking about desaturation effect using ingame filters or so, IMO it's more likely something like that.
  10. Well, at least I am old enought to give up and declare you winner of this troll battle. Congrats.
  11. yeahhhh ..riiigghhhht ... i'm sure you know a lot of guys named mamadou who looks like that protip : type mamadou in google image and look what kind of guys are named like that
  12. Zeinger

    Full Screen NVG

    Well if you know how to cope with the bin files I have made a video showing what kind of effect would be awsome The grain effect appears in multiplayer TeamDeathmatch game when you are going out the game zone (in green on the GPS). I'll try myself to search for a way of having this when using NVGs.
  13. I'm French and I don't have any problem with the fact the game has securom. It's just too bad we can't register our game through steam so we are not forced to put the DVD in the DVDplayer each time.
  14. If you had looked into your manual you'd noticed that the voice actor for Sgt Miles is named Mamadou Diavando. So I guess you are pretty wrong about the black-white male voice thing.
  15. Zeinger

    VopSound 2.1

    And that's exactly why I barely post on this forum. In most of case you can't even post your opinion without being trolled by someone who disagrees. Yet I tried to gently prove my point to avoid this kind of reaction.. So yeah, you're right I JUST LOVE being disadvantaged in 1vs1 multiplayer tank battle without even being aware of it :)