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    Patch 1.03 Satisfaction Survey

    Much experience in project management? Well as it so happens I used to run a software dev team in the NHS, using DSDM principles, I still use MOSCOW rules nowadays etc... amongst other things, you can ask if you like. But you think what you want to think, mate. Do you work as a project manager? If not, then don't crow about anything you know squat about! Remove core elements of the game to make it faster? Who's talking about core elements? Core elements is driving and shooting, the crux of the game. They don't work. Non core elements - were you allowed to play as a duck or cow in Arma1? Did you get an assault course in Arma1? I don't remember them there. Did you get a dynamic mission generator in Arma1? As for "uninformed bitching" I PAID for the f**king thing so if I want to bitch about it I will, alright? I don't need some gimp telling me to STFU just because he doesn't like his beloved game taking a panelling. I'm telling it how it is, if you don't like it kiss my hairy Scottish arse! Too many fanbois on here defending this game, it's time we knew what bugs are next up for fixing!
  2. Zombie_Mod

    Patch 1.03 Satisfaction Survey

    You do not wait until the end of the development cycle to test everything though! That's a common misconception. When you develop software there's a process called unit testing where developers test their own code before moving to the next piece of work - that's par for the course in any software dev job. I wonder what the AI driving developer was thinking?!! He should have gone to specsavers!!! ;-) There's also weekly/fortnightly builds and peer reviews of code, play-testing and so on, alpha (internal) builds on a 3 monthly cycle ... plenty of continuous QA before the final release to test. You can make excuses for BIS all you like but - nah, there isn't any. Especially since Flashpoint was released 8 years ago and IMHO Flashpoint Resistance 1.96 is in better shape (and more fun, may I add) than what we currently have. Publisher blamed first, what next? Faulty electrical wiring? Poltergeists? Regarding movies, I don't know about how movie studios work so I can't comment. I don't hear of Lions Gate Studios or Paramount pictures having fanbois defending their work religiously though.
  3. Yes, I reported this error to dev-heaven and there's a video attached to the issue report. It's nothing to do with lag, I wasn't playing multiplayer at the time. It's either a deliberate feature to aid pathfinding, or it's a bug. I suspect the latter. The same issue manifests itself in OFP as well. I remember building a massive zombie mission in one of the forts overlooking a town, the zombies just ran through the fort walls completely ruining the mission. As the zombies were mostly civilian models with slightly changed config.cpp files, you can imagine how pissed off I was.
  4. Zombie_Mod

    Patch 1.03 Satisfaction Survey

    I love how people are blaming the publisher here... oh aye, it's the publisher's fault the game's a bugged mess eh? No, it's not the publisher's fault - it's the developers/project manager for not prioritising their work properly. If the release date is known in advance and it's too short for you, then you cut your cloth accordingly. BIS could easily have taken some parts of Arma2 out and given us something smaller, yet more functional. I would have been quite happy to never have had the "armory" section of Arma2 if that meant that the AI could drive and shoot properly. Tbh, throwing chickens over assault courses to save "my precious life" isn't what I bought the game for 2 months ago. I also would have been quite happy for this so-called "uber-campaign" to have been made smaller also. Time to take your rose-tinted glasses off and stop blaming the publisher. You know your deadline, you deliver what you can in it. And if you fail to deliver then your project manager takes the heat, not the dev team, who usually bust their arse working 11 hour shifts up to release day. And yes, I am speaking from experience, albeit not from a games industry perspective. Edit: 2 months I've had this game and the CD's gathering dust already! I keep checking for patches in vain... and as for the editor, well ... not changed much in 8 years :)
  5. Zombie_Mod

    Do You find ArmA Infinite Land Spooky?

    Ah, but if the land is procedurally generated, then it should stay the same during your session - if you fly 100 miles North West and then 100 miles South East, you should return to an area you kind of recognise. I wonder if the infinite area is the same for all players though, with the same random seed used to generate the landscape... all hills same height, all rivers going same direction... if it was, wonder if you could "populate" the area via scripting? BTW, I think "Elite" was the first game that used procedural algorithms to generate entire galaxies and regions...
  6. Zombie_Mod

    Do You find ArmA Infinite Land Spooky?

    Actually I reckon it would be a good idea if, you flew out of the so-called "play area" and entered a realm where anything could happen, for example said zombies, killer cows or chickens etc - or even going into random buildings decorated with pictures from "My Pictures" folder lol... that would creep me out!!!
  7. Zombie_Mod

    Patch 1.03 Satisfaction Survey

    My bad. Once again I rush a post :) http://dev-heaven.net/projects/show/cis I would have sworn the /cis shortcut worked before, oh well. The BIS team do use that site. And you share my sentiments regarding the bugs.
  8. Zombie_Mod

    Extra tasks within SP missions

    See, I like that idea in game where something might happen, it might not, and no 2 games are the same... I wish OFP: CWC had that kind of thing going on in its campaigns back then. The excellent campaign + side missions would have enhanced the classic.
  9. Zombie_Mod

    Any large scale user missions?

    Hmm. Bit surprised, I thought that would be the first type of game people would make with a mission editor! Albeit adding scripts, cut-scenes, a mission start/end etc. Oh well, any in development then?
  10. Zombie_Mod

    Patch 1.03 Satisfaction Survey

    I'll tell you where this happened - in one of the early missions, I can't remember its name, there is a Doctor being held hostage along with some "friendly" troops by a hut. The doctor is being guarded by 2 soldiers. I snuck up behind one of the soldiers and shot him - he didn't drop. He kept talking! And so did his mate! So I fired another 5 bullets and that dropped him alright. I tried to repeat the issue and capture it on FRAPS but could not, the soldier dropped with the first shot. I am wondering if OFP's collision detection doesn't execute every frame, but rather every N millisecs or so, hence the delayed dropping of the soldier? Makes sense, checking for 1000s of collisions every frame would choke a Cray supercomputer :D
  11. I'm looking for a rip-roaring mission with 100s of soldiers on screen, tanks, and a large squad to command taking it to the russkies. Any missions like that exist atm? If so, linkies please :D
  12. Zombie_Mod

    How old are Arma2 Players?

    I'm 37 next month. I don't feel old though :) Life gets better as you get older, it's true :) Back on topic - love OFP & OFP:R, don't like Arma2 much but as soon as I actually figure out XFire and get some online chums to play, I might change my mind. Hook or by crook, BIS are gonna fix this f**ker!!
  13. Zombie_Mod

    Patch 1.03 Satisfaction Survey

    Looking at the poll, the "bad" votes are overwhelming. I suspect the poll results are misleading though (and you guys KNOW I'm no BIS fanboy trying to sweep things under the carpet) - people are complaining about things that the patch did not address, and IMHO that's wrong. Did the patch fix what it said it would fix? If so then you should vote YES [i am satisfied] on the poll. If the patch made the game worse or broke something else, vote NO [i am not satisfied]. As I said before, you can't fix every bug listed on dev-heaven in a couple of weeks, patch development is an incremental process. In the software dev world, defects (we prefer to call them "issues") have to be prioritised, assigned and then fixed, then regression tested to ensure that the fix doesn't break anything else. That takes time and of course if you find new bugs they have to be entered on the issue list, prioritised, scheduled etc. Sorry for stating the obvious but there's some comments here about some things that aren't in the patch list, and I think there's some confusion. BTW, I will vote No, because now, some soldiers take 6 bullets before they drop!! :) I reckon if you are passionate about fixing Arma2 proper then you should go to http://dev-heaven.net/projects/show/cis and report your bugs ASAP. Fanboy or not, help get the game patched up so you can get your money's worth! Edit: sorry, by "Yes" I mean you are satisified and by "No" - you get the drift. Durr, I posted it without thinking.... lmao
  14. Zombie_Mod

    Wee bit concerned - testing

    Its no attack bulldogs, I hear you. I'm not trying to be a f.anny - despite the fact I think Arma2 is a breakfast I am trying to help out - but surely once evidence of the original defect is given their test team have enough to replicate it and fix it?? Why do I have replicate it again? I have uploaded video evidence once, come on BIS, get your testers on the case!! Just seeing all these "can you retest" questions in my email inbox, I'm thinking, "wait a mo, what are BIS doing here?" Like I said this is no dig against Kju or Guba etc!! I am a paying customer! BIs, you're asking me to test and re-test your broken software!!
  15. Look, I didnt mind testing Arma2 1.02, and reporting defects to dev-heaven.net, but now I find I'm getting asked to "re-test" bugs I reported. No slight on kju or whatever, but come on to f**k!!!! This is a JOKE!!! Sorry BIS, but this is your test team's job! Are you going to pay me for my time testing for you? I'm cheap - £40 an hour (my lowest rate for software dev on contract in Scotland) I have the time to test, yeah, but why should I do it for you? Surely by reporting the bugs your testers should inputting them into your defect management system and be on the case, regression testing and checking they are fixed? And before you fanboys start getting on my case, I'll tell you what, if you think I'm unreasonable you take on all of ZOMBIEMOD's issues on dev-heaven and retest for 1.03 and report back. Then you'll see the effort required. Not much fun is it? Come on, put your money where your mouth is - test everything I reported. produce videos etc. ffs BIS, do not take the p**s out of me, sort yourselves out. Scott Edit: I want to make explicitly clear i'm not trying to cause aggro - but I'm thinking if dev-heaven is the issue list and BIS are using that, why am I being re-assigned issues I have proven to exist? Why is it me, an unpaid person, who is getting assigned "re-test" ? There's love for a product then there is being taken for a f**king ride! OFP, yes (bows) - Arma2? You know my thoughts.