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    GC 2008 Press Coverage

    I just watched the AI video....and am not very optimistic . It looked eerily similar to stock ArmA AI; Lying in the middle of the road, waiting for the enemy. The fight in the forest consisted of the AI-guy running around and going prone once in a while. I did see some use of cover by AI sometimes, but no convincingly better AI . I mean....there are mods in Arma that make the ai better than the one in this video . Let's hope it improves and that this video was not a good representation of actual AI behavior. Otherwise...no ArmaII 4 me.
  2. It might be a good idea to release two versions: one with and on without swearing. If that isn't too much work ofcourse .
  3. Zendjir

    Mapfact Discussion Thread

    This is great news! Really looking forward to DAC2. I know I loved it in OFP, I'll love it again!
  4. I have found a problem with the 1.1 sandbags; AI will not fire at units that are behind the sandbags. The units defending the position will fire, but they are not fired upon. How can this be fixed?
  5. You should download the mapfact editor download, it has invisible objects I believe.
  6. I voted WWII, as I had so much fun with LIBMOD while playing OFP. WWII mods kind of have the atmosphere built right into them, something that I miss with modern warfare mods, or ArmA in general . I also second the opinion voiced by other people in this thread that the engine is actually better suited for WWII style combat than for modern combat. ArmA is severely lacking in the technology department. I mean, there is no radar, no UAV's, no artillery, no fancy tank gizmo's, no believable simulation of the Air aspect of combat, etc...
  7. Zendjir


    I just tried the scripts and I'm very impressed! I have combined the script with a lower accuracy setting in the Armaprofile file. Battles are very slow and intense with constant firing. Just the way I like it . I might set te multiplier a bit higher though to compensate for the increased suppression due to the increased volume of fire caused by the lower accuracy. I believe ArmA might have given us the tools to finally do something about the horrid stock-AI.
  8. You have a valid point. However, there is atleast one setting 'aimingshake' that could also be applied to a player character. But to make this work would probably mean alot of modding. I think I'll go for Op4BuhBye's suggestion of setting damage to 0.1 or higher. The downside of this method is that the player will be killed more easily. I think an eventhandler 'hit' workaround would be in order to solve that.
  9. We all know that when AI have a low skill setting their aim is terrible and they are horrible at spotting anything. The player however is unaffected by this "skill" setting, as the game automatically sets it to 1 (expert), the highest setting. I tested this. How can I stop this autosetting of the skill variable for the player? I want my aim to be wobbly (sp?) when I'm playing a rookie, and solid when I'm playing a highly skilled sniper.
  10. Zendjir

    Delores Bridge Mission

    Heh, it seems everyone completes this mission in a different way. With me the bridge did not collapse aswell. So I then proceeded to kill the entire armored force myself, Rambo style . I must have knocked out around 4 T72's and about the same number of BMP's. I destroyed the ural with all troops still inside it with an AT4 aswell. When everyone was dead I destroyed the bridge, walked towards the US positions and hopped into a HMMV and drove off.
  11. Zendjir

    ArmA Public Beta Patch 1.05.5143

    I can once again run ArmA with everything on 'very high' now. Thinks alot BIS! Have not encountered anything strange, but I only tested it for 15 minutes.
  12. Zendjir

    DisableAI "TARGET"

    DisableAI "Target" will prevent the unit from sending troops to engage detected enemies. When applied to all the units in a group it ensures that group cohesion is maintained. The group leader will keep to his waypoint plan whether or not you disable this though, but with disableAI "Target" he will no longer send his troops to their deaths one by one. enableattack might work the same, but have not tested it.
  13. Can't you just make 2 triggers: 1 that detects all the units in the game and 1 that detects all the units in the area you want to check. Then just substract the 2 arrays and you will have an array which lists all the units not inside the triggerarea.
  14. Zendjir

    Engaging infantry

    I don't know what the differences are between enableattack and disableai. They both seem to have the same effect. But since disableai is cancelled out after save or load it might be better to stick with enableattack.
  15. Zendjir

    Engaging infantry

    type {_x disableAI "target"} foreach (units group this) in one of the groupmembers init line. Works like a charm, I use it all the time.