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  1. ZiRo

    JAM3 - Beta testers

    Look, JAM will not take off until universal decisions are made on Unarmoured and Armoured values of Soldiers, ASWELL as vehicles. The sounds sucked in the JAM's i've tested and i could complain about the tracers aswell. I've seen about 3 'Joint Ammo and Magazines' or 'Mutually Agreed Ammo and Magazines' A good piece of PR work by the avon.
  2. ZiRo

    For all of you geeky types :

    My sons boyfriend, with the same name as my son now has schizophrenia : Does he even have a boyfriend? -ZiRo
  3. ZiRo

    For all of you geeky types :

    My Son is a homosexual, i have proof. My Son is a homosexual -ZiRo
  4. ZiRo


    My grenade could beat an abrams.
  5. ZiRo

    Multi Gun Positions

    Klink, make the weapons boat class, give them the same water contact points as the ship its going on, but move the actual weapon to its position on the ship, then mix setvelocity and setpos (setvelocity to give you the correct yaw/pitch - setpos to make sure the weapon doesnt get out of sync with the boat) If my ideas do not work, at least take them and alter them, im sure its a way to work the pitch and yaw out. -ZiRo
  6. ZiRo

    Very Important Announcement from BAS

    Yeah ok, enough of the thanks, you've done good in the past bas but your selling us out short here. Come on, you must have most of them in a releasable state. -ZiRo OFP badly needs decent hummers, some guys are doing good fixing the ones released but hell marfy's would be nice.
  7. ZiRo

    Very Important Announcement from BAS

    Yeah, the seals would be nice considering: a) you were going to release them about Jan/Feb time b) you delayed and told us in a month but nothing came c) they looked complete d) Everyone has anticipated them for about 4 months so why just chuck em away? -ZiRo
  8. ZiRo

    Vbs1 release

    For all you US people. I'll sell you VBS1, from the UK for the price of VBS1 + 15% of the price. :P Just kidding, unless its not illeagal then contact me via email - lol ;) -Z
  9. ZiRo

    Flashpoint 2 at e3

    Maybe if we all erase our memories and play ofp again we could make it last till ofp2. -ZiRo
  10. [this] exec "\pbo_name\script.sqs" -ZiRo
  11. ZiRo

    Mexican air force pilots film ufos

    Flares don't fly accross the sky with a constant velocity - unless some crazy mofo stuck them on rockets. -ZiRo
  12. ZiRo

    A working dog yayayayay

    i downloaded it not 15 hours ago. -ZiRo
  13. ZiRo

    A working dog yayayayay

    All i can say is - scout dogs. I know its unrealistic but how powerful and fun would that be - to have scout dogs on the frontline, checking out enemy positions.. -ZiRo
  14. Amazing - WGL me thinks -ZiRo PS: Got me prom suit - weee looks great.
  15. ZiRo


    vehicle without driver proxy, ai driven by command of player. easily. -ZiRo