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  1. Just recieved my copy from Game @ 13.05 hrs. Huzzah! Time to crack open a cold beer and instal. I am quite impressed with the DVD rom case artwork by the way, I quite like it. Hope to see you all online soon!
  2. Hi, im wondering if anyone has a similar rig as mine, and what kinda results they have with Arma 2. And is it even playable with this spec ??? I havent upgraded my system for about a year as i have mostly been playing on my xbox 360 and ps3. so.... AMD Athlon 64 x2 4200+ 2gb DDR2 RAM (soon to be 3gb) Nvidia Geforce 7900 GS 256mb Windows XP Home SP3 I can play Arma 1 mostly on medium settings currently. I kinda know already i will have to upgrade somewhere/ some time... Cheers.
  3. Yes nice one mate. GAME are pretty good with pre orders too. Most of the time, the games I have pre ordered from them have arrived on the release date or a day before.
  4. Yes they have. I have now recieved an email comfirming my pre order will be available from GAME , on the 19th June.
  5. Ok thanks for your help Cheeseman! I guess i will just buy a 1GB stick of Ram and upgrade to 3GB's total. Cheers.
  6. I am using windows XP Home. I have 2gb of RAM installed, with 4 slots. I believe the motherboard can handle up to 8gb, according to the manual. So can anyone tell me how much Ram i can actually use with Windows XP Home? Because im not too sure about upgrading to more RAM yet. Thanks.
  7. Basicly I am now confused about the release date for the Uk version of Arma 2. I was led to believe that the release date is the 19th June, after reading the forums. However after pre ordering online, at GAME uk, i recieved an email stating the game would now be available on the 26th June instead. I emailed them back to clarify this, and they have replied to me that it is correct. But places like Amazon uk and Play.com are still advertising the game for a release date on the 19th June. Im confused , can anyone explain to me when the uk version will be available for certain? do we have any official news on this? Thanks.
  8. hmm I think i will open a cold can of beer, read the manual while the game instals......then figure out if i need to upgrade my pc after trying out the single player missions.
  9. ZIKAN

    M1114 Uparmored

    Thats really awesome, well done. Perhaps you could add a roll of 'razor' wire to the front or back, for effect too.
  10. ZIKAN

    AI in Warfare?

    I have noticed that there is a problem for the Resistance AI squads when they are spawned near water. Quite a few times on various servers, I have entered a new town, to witness many squads without weapons. I assume they lost their way trying to cross bridges and lost their weapons in the water. This does not present any challenge at all to the East or West sides when trying to cap a town. They may aswell not be there. Wouldnt it be better in this case to prevent the loss of weapons in water, due to the poor AI path finding?
  11. ZIKAN

    ArmA Patch v1.14 Final Released!

    Im impressed, love the new units, the marines and static units. Performance so far seems very stable and improved
  12. ZIKAN

    New Island from USEC

    This looks like a really good idea for a mod. Some of the map landscapes kinda reminds me of the atmosphere in films such as '30 days of night' and 'The Thing'. Good luck with this, i hope it evolves further.
  13. ZIKAN

    Mass Beta Testing...

    They have already had mass beta testing for OFP and Arma. Yet despite that, and the tons of feedback on these forums, they still have bugs to fix, and requested features missing from the game. I dont mind speaking out aloud and say i have little faith the new game will be that much better than the current Arma and bug free from the start. I hope im proven wrong. In my opinion they are better off employing more of the talented individuals from the community to design and build a game worthy of our expectations. The public addon makers and mission designers we have at large, are very talented. And at least they seem to have more 'passion' about the game and getting things 'right' from the start. But yeah bring on the mass beta testing....again
  14. ZIKAN

    Mateck's M1A1 (HA)

    You can change the gunners weapons when in the command position, i think, by pressing the space bar, then pressing F. Im not sure how you change the ammo though.