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  1. Yoshama

    What gun are you using (And why)

    i like the ak 47/74/107 generally, i like the openness of the sights. but my all time favorite is the SVD cammo, especially in ace because you can adjust the elevation/windage
  2. BI doesn't have built in ambient sound except for animals and stuff. any combat sound you hear is actually happening. i've set up missions with combat on the other side of a hill and it sounds amazing! some times tho a mission creator doesn't want to lag the system with too many objects so they will add in ambient combat sounds, but you need to insert a sound file for that. and then it usually doesn't sound right
  3. Yoshama

    Sunglasses in ARMA II

    i love it, because i set up a night mission, and one of my guys has big ole' aviators on and its dark as s***. but i don't think this is a high priority
  4. Yoshama

    all AI = snipers?

    One thing that bugs me is that people always only play as blufor. that's not a bad thing but then they start complaining the enemy is too accurate, i challenge those people to play as opfor! most of my maps are played as opfor. i bet you will find the AI using an m16 to be just as accurate too. realize that you can be as accurate with the m16 as the ak107 or ak74 and sometimes the ak47(should be less accurate but not much) if rounds from 200 m away are landing within 2m of you, you are probably doing the same to the enemy when you shoot at them. i don't think its only cod players that find the enemy accuracy to high, its any one who doesn't realize that the accuracy they can shoot with to mow down herds of enemy can be applied by the AI to them
  5. Yoshama

    3D Editor/All are friendly?!?

    i lol'ed ---------- Post added at 02:51 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:47 AM ---------- also, how do you fix it so when you die and the screen goes red, it doesn't stay red?
  6. Yoshama

    3D Editor/All are friendly?!?

    I couldn't create people, only buildings and vehicles. how do you create people?
  7. Yoshama

    Sidewinders at Armor?

    the first few sidewinder test went strait to the sun
  8. Yoshama

    Have the world make shadows on itself

    yes! there needs to be a full shadow on the dark side of the hill/mountain. it is also annoying when you see the sun through a mountain, (i know a1 did it haven't tried it with a2 yet)
  9. Yoshama

    How to set squad types in Warfare?

    does any one know, or are we doomed to have a couple queer squads with only one squad leader?
  10. Yoshama

    Love the models in this game, but...

    this holds some water, it may be small, but it is a lot of small things becoming one big problem, i avoid making maps around towns because i drop like 20 fps, its the small stuff that needs to be streamlined to increase performance!
  11. Yoshama

    pilot headmounted gunsight ?

    if you are the gunner in a mi24D/V or in a cobra and you have the gun active, you can do this by using the mouse
  12. Yoshama

    Black screens

    main screen turn on, i had the same thing one time, when i hit esc to get to the menu all i would see was my mouse
  13. Yoshama

    Vehicle power/physics

    i had a m1 Abrams tank roll over on a little rock...
  14. Yoshama

    A big "wow" !

    i love how the AI helicopters don't ignore infantry any more! i love to just set up a squad in a field or a town and watch an mi24 or a ka52 take out the squad with a carpet rocket attack. i've noticed that the aircraft also do it too! :)
  15. maybe some one let their animals loose, i've seen wolfs and other stuff on airports before, heard stories about deer and stuff can you dig it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxVLHaHUI4E