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    User Mission Request Thread

    Hello everyone. I'd love to work request myself this but my coding skills are non-existent. I'm looking for a mission to run on my server that would allow myself and a small number of friends to fly training sorties out of an airfield against different target types. Ideally it should be compatible with Peral's A-10 add-on http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24582 Blufor should (re)spawn out of the airfield with assets that support aircraft (refuel, repair, ammo, etc) and the aircraft should spawn in groups of 4 for each type. Actual AI controlled enemy targets should be out in sector at various places on the map and should include different types of targets such as, but not limited to, tanks only, infantry only, unarmored vehicles only, light armored vehicles only, helicopters only, attack aircraft only, fighter aircraft only, static anti-air weapon emplacement only, mechanized anti-air weapon system only... and of course any combination of any of those - the combinations could be random. The targets should respawn, as a whole, after about 5 minutes of being completely destroyed. The targets should also not be aggressive in a way that they leave their assigned area on the map - they can move around, but not advance outside of their area.
  2. Yuka

    GITS Evolution for Arrowhead

    When I try to run GITSEvolutionV12.Takistan.pbo via windows dedicated server (v1.57.76903) I get the following in arma2oa.rpt: It is my understanding that this mission doesn't require any mods. I looked in the provided readme and through this thread and was not able to find anything listed for the current version.
  3. Yuka

    Evo~Blue V3.x

    What addons does this mission require server-side to run? I have two computers that can host this game and play (listen server) but when either of them try to run the mission as a dedicated server it says in arma2oaserver.RPT: Missing addons detected: caweapons_ammoboxes CAWheeled2_Kamaz Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.caweapons_ammoboxes, CAWheeled2_Kamaz I'm running windows dedicated server version 1.57.76903 and client version 1.57.76815, both without any add-ons being loaded - plain vanilla installs here. They are both steam installs.
  4. Yuka

    GITS Evolution Capraia

    I cannot get this mission to run on a dedicated server. In testing, the server was able to run a listen server using the same mission. When I try to start the mission on the server (selecting it from the mission list on a connected client logged in as server admin) I get a quick black screen that says "Wait for host" then it kicks me right back to the mission list. Do I need a mod to run this on the server? Any special parameters?
  5. Yuka

    Evo Blue and Hohei

    I'm having an issue getting this to run. A2OA version 1.54 (steam) I'm running the evo version as of today (downloaded via link in Razor's signature). This happens with any of the Takistan Evo missions. I haven't tried Chenarus. When I try to run the mission I get the error messaging telling me "You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.caweapons_ammoboxes, CAWheeled2_Kamaz
  6. I've been banging away at it and perhaps I am not visualizing how the engine handles these scripts. The following is used by the vehicle respawn script to respawn the helicopters after they are destroyed. EagleBird is the unique name given to the helicopter itself. PBEagle1 is the marker at the patrol base that the bird is travelling to and PBEagle2 is the return marker at the airbase. This code does not do what I want it to do... that is land at each marker and hold with the bird still spun up for 180 seconds and then take off and continue on the cycle. I realize the code may represent only holding at the airbase, but at this point, I'm only worried about getting it to work on one end... then I can duplicate the code for the other end instead of rewriting the code for each end with every attempt. Script called when respawning the bird to program its waypoints _unit = _this select 0; _group = group _unit; _waypoint0 = _group addwaypoint[getmarkerpos"PBEagle1",0]; _waypoint0 setWaypointScript "scripts\pbland.sqf EagleBird"; _waypoint0 setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; _waypoint1 = _group addwaypoint[getmarkerpos"PBEagle2",0]; _waypoint1 setWaypointScript "scripts\abland.sqf EagleBird"; _waypoint2 = _group addwaypoint[getmarkerpos"PBEagle2",0]; _waypoint2 setwaypointtype "CYCLE"; _waypoint2 setWaypointScript "scripts\respawnbirdresupply.sqf Eaglebird"; abland.sqf this land "LAND"; sleep 180; _waypoint1 setWaypointType "MOVE";
  7. After some thought, I think I might make the helicopters into a shuttle service between the patrol bases and the airbase. I'll allow anyone to board any of the helicopters. My issue now is making the helicopters land at the airbase, stay there for 180 seconds, then take off, go to its respective patrol base, land there, hold for 180 seconds, then return to the airbase... rinse repeat. Now my issue is not only making that happen, but making it happen when the respawn bird respawns... how do I give a spawned AI vehicle such complex waypoints? I tried using that vehicle respawn script but the respawned bird just hovers over the airfield after the first cycle.
  8. Greetings. I'm making a persistent multiplayer mission that features multiple bases from which a player can select to be based out of. The intent: Players will choose a base to be stationed out of. Each base will have a platoon-sized element (roughly 30 depending on what type of unit it is). As such, each base will harbor a different type of unit, offering players different equipment and as such, creating various challenges for them as they will have to use the equipment that they have at whichever base they choose to work out of to overcome challenges that the mission gives them. I'm working on a realistic respawn system for this. When a player dies, instead of spawning back at the patrol base that they are based out of, they respawn at the airfield and wait for a helicopter to pick them up and fly them to their respective base. This also offers a nice buffer that will hopefully make people value their ingame life a little more and avoid unrealistic suicide tactics while also providing the risk of the "respawn bird" getting shot down while in transit from the airfield to the base. My future plans are to make this respawn bird also resupply ammo and fuel stores on its respective patrol base, further increasing its importance. Now the requirements. I'd like the player to have limited or zero control in the respawn process. They all respawn at the air field but based on which unit they belong do they are somehow forced to board the respawn bird for that base when it arrives back at the airfield. I don't want them respawning at the airfield and running off although that could be enforced by the fact that there is nothing for them to do at the airfield besides walk back to their base. Once onboard, they should be locked out until it drops them off at their patrol base. If the bird is disabled and shot down en route, I'd like the player to be given controls so they may attempt to eject and survive the crash... only to be stranded and possibly wounded in the middle of nowhere. I have the birds set up with waypoints that will have them unload their cargo and even using basic scripting to make them respawn properly and continue their job when/if they are shot down. However, I have no clue how to force the players onto their respective bird after respawning. I can probably set up unique names for each player slot and then do a large switch and move them to a "holding pen" for each bird and then when the bird arrives have it automatically moveInCargo all players that are currently in each holding pen, but I think that is a bit clunkier than I'd like to implement. Also, I'm having problems with the birds doing the cinematic landing at the HLZ and holding for a set amount of time before taking off and continuing their flight. They only do this if they have a player to unload and they take off immediately after the cargo is unloaded. If I made it so players had to board the bird for their base, how can I make it so a player for base A cannot get onto the bird going to base B? Any suggestions?
  9. The 75 kg was the weight that I carried. I converted it from pounds when I made my post with the breakdown of the equipment that I carried. It was a misinformed leader at the squad-level that made the decision that AGs should only help carry ammo and that each MG would only have one AG on the basis that they didn't want to detract from the rifleman's capabilities when performing in the role of an AG - basically the leader in charge of the decision valued riflemen more than machine gunners... It happens - adapt, modify, and move on!
  10. Maybe the weight is off or something. Here's what I've been able to do in real life: The Load: In my ruck was 22 kg before ammo. I was carrying an M240B. (12.5 kg) 700 rounds of belted ammunition for the M240B, distributed between my ruck and on my IBA in pouches, most of it was in the ruck (~22 kg) M192 Tripod (5.2 kg) My IBA with side plates (9.25 kg) My MICH2000 (1.63 kg) Uniform, boots, etc (2-3 kg) 75.58 kg total With that on I was able to ruck march at a brisk walk with elongated steps for 21 miles. At the end of 21 miles I was able to run at an encumbered sprint for 1/2 mile and then I was able to return to the brisk walk. With just my IBA, my weapon (M240B) about 300 rounds of ammo, I could easily run (not sprint) for 2-3 miles. I can sprint about 300 meters in the same equipment.
  11. I thought so too. I didn't try to duplicate it, my player may have been injured when I attempted to do that. (Does injury affect a player's ability to sprint?) I can do some testing today. But ultimately, my experiences throughout the day yesterday have shown that the stamina system needs a lot of revising, at least to make it realistic. Right now, it's almost like we have people out of shape serving in the military! And I know for a fact that is not the case!
  12. Just downloaded the latest version of ACE2 and I'm playing it on ArmA 2 for the first time. I really like it. My only qualm is with the stamina system. I'm an infantryman with the US Army. I'd say that the average infantryman can do 20+ miles under the weight of an 80 kg load, including ruck without anything like taking a breather. I've been able to, and I've seen many others be able to, run (not sprint, run) under the same weight for 1/4 to 1/2 miles without collapsing and instead transitioning back to a brisk walk when they felt they could not run any further. I feel that the stamina system needs to be adjusted. Last night I was playing a mission I was working on and I ran maybe 150 feet with an M4 + 8 magazines and a few other items and my player collapsed. I'm not sure what you are modelling the stamina off of but if a soldier or marine were THAT out of shape, they wouldn't pass their PT tests and definitely wouldn't get deployed; in fact, they might get discharged from the military.
  13. Sadly, the people that need to read this, never will. Good points, though. I don't really command in warfare much but if I ever find myself in the commander's chair, I'll be sure to take these tips to heart.
  14. I haven't tried it yet, maybe someone here has. Anyway to use a dedicated server to host the Coop campaign? I'm not worried about the save feature not being available.