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  1. Yeb

    Should Arma2 be called "Arma2"?

    Here is a link for the word arma.
  2. Yeb

    Full ArmA2 website on 1.9.

    I was just pointing some similarities with today events .
  3. Yeb

    Full ArmA2 website on 1.9.

    You should take a look to Ghost recon plot, it's quite astonishing. (source wikipedia)
  4. Yeb

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    It reminds me arma 2 story.
  5. Yeb

    ArmA 2 on 16.10.2008 available?

    I know some people were not happy to see arma 2 ported over console and the risk of the "oblivion syndrome" that may happen, to be honnest, i'm confident in bis. But the biggest asset that will bring portage over console is, and i'm pretty sure of it, a finished version (or an almost finished version) of arma for two reasons: a) Patching process on console is kind of impossible though it s now possible to patch on xbox360, but it's not as easiest as on pc. Console players are not used to patch process. b) I believe consoles games have to pass some kind of control quality, but i'm not sure of it.
  6. Yeb

    ArmA 2 Press Coverage

    I like the in-game and ARMA 2 genuine in-game screenshot set in the  corner and under the screen: hello OFP 2. We can see ofp 2 may have stimulate bis on the marketing sector (military tested, ingame insert) which is a very good thing, although they cann't truely compete with codemasters.
  7. Yeb

    ArmA 2 Press Coverage

    What is Independence Lost? I know it has been cancelled, but have you got some info about it: what it was supposed to be, etc...
  8. By your screenshot, i see you are still using vanilla usmc that has been introduced in the 1.14 patch. I may suggest using this replacement pack by nikita320106 that replaces vanilla usmc to Jonny's Usmc (desert marpat).
  9. Yeb

    Ka50 Blackshark

    On the video, from 9:57, if my english comprehension is not too bad, he is talking about Vikhr engaging air target, right?
  10. Yeb

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    It looks like a rusted wreck. *cough*necrophilia*cough*.
  11. About gloves, i believe he got inspiration from this and this. And if you wanna see Jonny's army special forces irl (in real life ) and how his work is amazing, you have to check out this thread. Btw Jonny, I may have a little suggestion. New usmc units have came up with the 1.14 patch and these new units have also darker wound textures, and they seem to me more realist: example screenshot. You should take a look at it.
  12. Each time badass units have been released, either Rellikki's SLA redux packs  or Cammy's 1ID, I have posted this little suggestion, so here we go: P.S: You and these units rock .
  13. @The.D If you don't add Jonny´s Army Special Forces and its replacement pack to the holy list, i'll have to kill you.
  14. Yeb

    Cartridge Addon

    It does already work.
  15. The map makes me think of this screen that takes place in afghanistan.