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    Doolittle CTI

    Doolittle, when do you think the coop will be done?
  2. Yarrow


    I read some of these posts, and I must say you are doing a amazing job here!! Cant wait till the final product. I also think it is nice of you to take your time. It will only make the "mission" much better! Keep on it!
  3. Yarrow

    CTI 2

    is anyone making this or is this just a bunch of talk?
  4. Yarrow

    Personal ArmedA Review

    hmm.. you mean similar because they both have the same asymptotes? because they still behave differently (look differently as well since f(x) is of higher order or whats it called in english). when x->inf => f(x)=inf, 1/x=0. Although they both are NaN when x->0. please explain the similar part, it has been a couple of years since i took calculus.
  5. Yarrow

    Personal ArmedA Review

    f(x): x^2+2x-4/x^3+x+5 similar to 1/x? Dont get it. Excuse me, I am very tired, but I would say that the value of the two functions are very different. Since 1/x is a small value, f(x) would produce a big difference.. blććh, i go bed nau, aj em slipiiiii..
  6. Yarrow

    Performance Tweaking Experiences

    Kill explorer when playing the game, it helps with alot of other games like, X3Reunion and Fear.. It helped abit with ArmA aswell.
  7. Sickboy, your a sick sick boy!:P You rule!! And so does your team!! Keep it up!
  8. nooo, dont say that the traslation perhaps wont be out?! its 505Games's own fault they delayed the game! we dont have to suffer.. I am getting a cz version and i am hoping there will be some translation. Its eighter that or I have to buy a cz-english dictionary. Â Anyone got something to translate the menue at least?
  9. Yarrow

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    A question for someone who knows: How long time will it take till there is an online download option for buying amra?? I sooo need this game!
  10. Yarrow

    AIs behaviour/improvement

    Ahh.. come on! A better AI then OFP is very much possible. it is a matter of adding some sensor technics to register what is happening where. then the pc just has to calculate what the enemy is to do next, based on the events that actually make an impact on the enemy forces. so in stead of trying to make the AI "think" by them selves, and have things working 50%. I think my option might give a higher propobility of working. And what bothers me the most is that prone-run-prone-run-prone-run some more-get killed stuff the enemy AI does. Isnt it possible to implant some simple tactics to the enemy AI by using vectors or wathever. like making them flank, cover eachother and move more tactically. Offcourse you as a shooter may not be seen by the enemy becouse they cant see you. (they dont have enough information) And that comes back to that sensor thing i was talking about. if there is a implanted function that describes the amount of covar a specific area gives, the enemys propobility to see you is then calculated based on factors like the ai skill, sound, weather and distance for example. and the more time they spend scouting the area, the more chance there is for them to find you. and if the enemy somehow cant get your exact position, they may know your approximate position, and therefore put down some coverfire, even if they are some distance away from you. (but approximetly in the right direction). And here impement a psychological factor aswell. (This might make an impact on the player cuz he might think the shoting acually is aimed twards him, even though it is not) Depending of what information the ai has about their surroundings, their moral is calculated. This will decide how they might retreat if that is what they deside to do. they might retreat tactically or like animals. simple things like this must be possible to implant. This will at least make things more entertaining and realistic instead of that run-prone-run stuff. all we need is that sensor thingy..
  11. Yarrow

    Latest screenshots available

    Sorry yall, but by the looks of things, the graphics are not impressing. And in addition to that, the physics look as they literarly stink. The graphic engine does look outdated. But I cant say that about the final product, cuz i dont know how it will be ofcourse. I think the engine has more potenisal then what we have seen, and improvements are sure to come early after the realase.
  12. Yarrow

    ArmA Progress Updates

    oh ye.. armed assault is out! lol.. just kidding.. dont kill me!
  13. Yarrow

    Armed Assault Video E3 Presentation

    Well, BIS are making what they said that they are going to make, a OFP 1.5, so dont expect an entirely new game... Altough it seems that they trew more stuff in then originally planned  i did not expect an new game.. and thats just a trick. They said the AI was goint to be MUCH better. well i am sorry to say it but they look as dum as allways. and that thing with ArmA is not about a soldier or rambo is so not true. in ofp one man colud kill an army "easily".. i will probobly play the game, but still i am not the slightest impressed. although i do look forward to game2, but till that time, ill prolly have kids and less time to play :P
  14. Yarrow

    Armed Assault Video E3 Presentation

    not impressed at all.. I only see a improved graphicengine and some anims.. the rest is ofp. the anims of the player seem to laggy at this point imo. i think BIS have to start focusing on gamers more then VBS type of software. it seems like BIS is just creating something so that the community can make it better. well mabye some like that but i want to get value for my money. and by the looks of it, if that is to be the case, the game has to be very cheap. in other words, they should have dropped VBS and ArmA and concentrated om GAME2. as a dedicated fan of ofp, i feel that ArmA is a kind of ripoff! And no i dont think i am moaning, it just feels like BIS is trying to ride on the ofp wave.
  15. Yarrow

    I Few Things I Need Clearing Up

    i dont know about yall. but what we have seen so far, i really dont consider as great graphics. Especially compared to other games coming out at the same time as ArmA. I my opinion it still look very ofp-ish, despite normal mapping, view distance etc. the enviroments lack atmosfere. it all looks so "clean". and the animations; everybody moves the same way. it looks wierd if u ask me.. They should have gone straight to game2, and dropped ArmA and Vbs. Then i would be able to play it while there is still some youth in me Â
  16. Yarrow

    ArmA Progress Updates

    hmm.. is ArmA or Game2 at E3 this year? And isnt E3 going on at the moment?
  17. Yarrow

    ArmA Progress Updates

    ahhh.. norge ja..
  18. Yarrow

    What is Streaming Technology then?

    By looking at the new screanshots, I must say I am a bit worried. Though the game is not finished yet, it looks kinda wierd. The textures are a bit "blury" on some objects. The ground textures are sharp, although we can see WAAAAY TO MANY patterns on the ground textures. And when it goes for the water, well.. The one picture that shows it, displays waves coming from one end of the lake to the other, and that aint realisic, the last time I checked . so.. 1) I hope the creators can radomise their ground textures, so that we cant see tht patterns. (it look so "amature-ish" in todays state) Perhaps improve weapon textures as well. 2) Fix the water wave drift to a more realistic look, and make it reliant on wind or something... someting realisic.. Then the game will look grate!
  19. Yarrow

    Release Thread 2

    i have been gone.. but now i am back! so.... where is that game??