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  1. Super Mega aswome Nuke tank, Like a death tank that is like 50 feet tall and like 100 meters squared?
  2. Yeltsin

    The physics of ofp

    After concluding that airfriction was indeed modled in a nasty non-linear fashion in OFP, we had basically two options: 1) Numerically solving the diferential equation. 2) Train a neural net. As a diffeq solver would require long CPU time for each solution a neural net was the prefered the choice. The next step was to collect data. There are five relevant variables that are relevant: 1) Velocity (muzzle velocity of the shell) 2) Range (2D range between firing point and aim point) 3) Angle (elevation of the barrel) 4) Zdiff (difference in elevation between firing point and aimpoint) 5) Trajectory (Two possibilities: high angle solution and low angle solution). To get smaller, more accurate neural nets we decided to put velocity as an intrinsic property for each neural net. Here are some graphs of collected data: v0 = 600 m/s.  X-axis: angle, Y-axis: range¨ v0 = 300 m/s.  X-axis: angle, Y-axis: zdiff, Z-axis: range The first graphs shows the data that was given to the neural net to train on. After a lot of work on the sampling routines we managed to get good data for the neural nets. The results were very good. With the neural net targeting system we have a system that hits the spot on any range and zdiff. The highest muzzle velocity we sampled was 800 m/s which gives a maximum range of over 32 km. This is how for instance the 500 m/s neural net looks like: After the release of the CoC Unified Artillery, I'll release the basic program used to test the nets as well as the data collection and neural net pack. It can serve as a simple foundation for anybody that wishes to play around with ballistics in OFP. oooooooohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, look at the pretty charts
  3. ohhhhh ok, I get it, I never quite knew what the game logic was for but know I do, Thanks again Bosun.
  4. this was a great help but how do you make a weapon start off on the GROUND and not a table?
  5. Thanks alot man now Ill be screwin with this for hours! THANK YOU
  6. Yeltsin

    Adding buildings

    When ever I tryed that addon, I couldn't play multiplayer
  7. Yeltsin

    Better way to release new addons....

    When I tryed it, it didn't work at all
  8. Yeltsin

    Ofp2 set in vietnam

    Id like vietnam but the thing is that its so complex and stuff, In the first OFP there was just like 1000 men on the island for each side, but in veitnam there would be like 100000 maybe? I don't know but it would be alot.
  9. Yeltsin

    Squad sizes, what do you think

    More then 12, maybe 18?
  10. Yeltsin

    Will you buy ofp 2?

    I dont pre order things but I will buy it soon after its release. right now im all hyped up about HL 2, which one do you think will be better, OFP2 Or HL2? HL2= Half-Life 2
  11. How do you place a single weapon in a map like when you drop a weapon in Operation Flashpoint Resistance? I searched the forum and I found a post about it but I confused me, can anyone help me out?
  12. ok, never mind this topic i found the stuff except the change object to other object
  13. come on, anyone!?!?!
  14. How about Trains that have like machine guns and stuff like the ones in WW2. Also, A hight adjuster in the editor (if there will be one)