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  1. XeLSiS

    Lawsuit against cheating scum?

    I thought that was an old lady?
  2. XeLSiS

    HBO's Band of Brothers: Pacific War

    It sounds like it could be good, but theres NO WAY it will beat Band of Brothers lol
  3. XeLSiS

    WW2 mod

    Sorry i cant help you Bratty, i closed down PW :\... If i like ArmA's new World Editor, i may however go and help ya there in ww2ec, ill be in touch :P
  4. XeLSiS

    MFCTI Beta Thread *OFFICIAL*

    Should have a link to download the next version shotrly, probably this weekend, but im not gonna promise anything for this weekend
  5. XeLSiS

    MFCTI Beta Thread *OFFICIAL*

    Current Version Mfcti116 Beta 5.8 Fixes -Hosp/Buildings (no skyscraper effect & and works on Lan) -Found a better way to write conifg (BIS did it with new addons NICE) Bugs -Building/staticweapon placements (will have to wait for patch) -AT/Rocket Radar upgrades need to be corrected -AI Use AT's more than RIfles (Possible way to fix without patch) -Adding AI doesnt increase # in facotry -Markers on map when town is taken -Morters need to implemented (not sure how since the p3d is old) Maybe use the default Arty -Place LGB on Su34 (I can make this happen but I dont know much about proxies. We might have lgb but you might not be able to see them under plane.) -Making the Building destoryed sound come from addon instead of mission. (This might be easy but for some reason I just cant do it. I made a cfgsound in addon config and put sound in addon instead of mission and I dont get sound. Not sure why it should work. Otherwise we will just have to keep sound in missioin. Which is 100 or so kb more to download.) -AI act stupid (Not sure if bis bug or island bug or mfcti bug...Need more testing) I have an Idea that i can do very easy. Up to the public... What do yall think of having an AA m2gun on hmmv/brmd. Just an extra vehicle to buy from lightfac, oh lets say 5k. Its just like the AA static gun. Gives opptunity to have a little fun with enemy choppers Smile Maybe with HE gun as well.
  6. XeLSiS

    MFCTI Beta Download

    Kinda odd this is in another forum thread but whatever, i havent tried it out yet >_> Will add miror shortly
  7. XeLSiS

    MFCTI Beta Thread *OFFICIAL*

    Decisions decisions...
  8. XeLSiS

    MFCTI Beta Thread *OFFICIAL*

    I see what your saying but alot people will then reply "Where can i download it" or "When will a new version be available?".. So i'll just post releases on new posts. @Binkster You make me feel dumb lol
  9. XeLSiS

    MFCTI Beta Thread *OFFICIAL*

    Well, i talked with binkster about it and he wasnt interested in having a beta in that sense, I can understand and to some extent agree hence why im not pushing the issue. None the less once the bug is solved we'll be working on it like there was no tomarrow, but we still have plans to continue working on the current version and to get as many bugs found and fixed until this can be fixed. @Marus, you're right there are alot of betas but there are 2 main CTI versions that should be the top brands persay, Our MFCTI v1.16 since its based to be as original as possible with some obvious differances such as vehicles etc Also CleanRocks crCTI which is original to OFP as well. I also agree with the OFP CTI, i just played 2 games tonight :-D and recruited 1 new member
  10. XeLSiS

    MFCTI Beta Thread *OFFICIAL*

    Bad news guys, a major bug that has a "medium" priority to it which is a Dev side bug is unfixable on our ends. Basically the bug where AI can shoot through buildings, until fixed delays MFCTI/crCTI in a non-beta release. Therefore the v4.1 release for the next couple of days is cancelled. I apoligize about the announcement as this bug wasnt figured out fully until after the announcement. ArmA BUG Link, http://bugs.armed-assault.net/view.php?id=2166 Summary 0002166: setPos doesn't work with static objects in MP Description The setPos command is not effectively broadcasted to clients in a multiplayer game when the object is static.
  11. XeLSiS

    MFCTI Beta Thread *OFFICIAL*

    TBH im a world designer for OFP ArmA :P not a scripter, Binkster is the hard working one behind MFCTI for ArmA, he'll be on later and im sure he'll be answering your questions @ Cacker I really think the JIP is an issue for 2 reasons. ArmA & Desync just will never go together because the even though ArmA's netcode is imrpoved supposedly over OFP's, The KB/s Send & Recieved are also much larger packets then in OFP. Unfortunetly i belive your right that MFCTI's Architecture is vamped around OFP's idea of no JIP.
  12. XeLSiS

    MFCTI Beta Thread *OFFICIAL*

    Can a Forum Admin please change Topic Title "Threat to Thread" please
  13. **ANNOUNCEMENT** MFCTI SaraLite v4.1 will be release for OPEN BETA TESTING Release Date within the next 2-3 days! The purpose of this release is becuase of a few factors. 1) High Demand for a current version to play/test on 2) For us to have a higher ability to find further bugs and errors When the release comes, please post any bugs you find (please post with pics if possible! ) that arent listed with the release here or at the KaoS-Squad Forums. The KaoS forums are checked more often but bugs posted here will also be checked. Thank you for your support and patience, - XeLSiS & Binkster
  14. XeLSiS

    MFCTI Beta 2.7

    NO LONGER USING THIS THREAD AS A MFCTI BETA THREAD! NEW THREAD- http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....1;top