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  1. Hey Duda, 


    Thanks for a great mod! I quickly made a platoon vs platoon mission with it, and had a blast in MP playing Arma like an RTS with a friend :) Having faffed around with it a bit leads me to the following questions and suggestions:


    Questions 1: spotted enemies shown on map

    My units don't seem to be spotting enemies, or at least it's not represented on the map (as NATO symbols, like in original HC). This makes it quite hard to adjust tactics and the plan. Am I missing something or is that not a feature yet?


    Question 2: symbols in 3d

    The original HC showed the NATO symbols in the 3d environment, to get a better idea of positioning etc. Is that possible with your mod or not yet a feature?


    Suggestion 1: timing of orders 

    It would be great to have the possibility of synchronising/timing orders for multiple units, to ensure that they e.g. arrive somewhere at the same time or start moving simultaneously. This is essential for coordinating attacks.



  2. Really great stuff in MP as well! It would be great to be able to see other players on the map as well, to make cooperation easier.

    I have a problem though. Has anyone had trouble with continuing a game in MP? When I try to resume (on a listening server of course), I get an error saying I can't continue because content had been deleted (A3_module_UAV or some such). The content of the Arma folders hadn't been modified at all, as I tried resuming the MP game shortly after saving it (as SITREP).

  3. Hi all,

    first of all: great mission!

    I have a small question. I've searched the topic but haven't come across an earlier mention, so here goes.

    I've just captured my first outpost, and want to place an FOB now (as suggested by the mission help pop ups). However, my entire "Supports" section of the menu is empty.

    I'm playing in SP, latest version from Steamworks. Any idea on what I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. How is it cheaper to buy games in a store? New games are still ca. 50 EUR.

    I really loved Steam, and digital distribution in general. No hassle with CDs/DVDs in the drive, no DRM, automatic updates and thanks to the excellent servers it took less time to download a game than to pop out to a shop.

    Valve must have realised that the threshold for tax-free online shopping had been raised from 22 to 150 EUR in the EU. The price hike actually has a net result of zero to the end user (or close to that) thanks to that. Perhaps Valve thought no-one would notice...

  5. Blur would be a good idea for explosions - after all, I can only imagine the disorientation. For bullets, however, I would prefer to see the system used in Red Orchestra: the supershort blacking out of the screen to simulate blinking. Absolutely fantastic. It also would be good if the simulated suppression effects were tied to the experience level - a buck private will react differently to an experienced marine.

  6. Anyone remember Abandoned Armies by THobson? That was a persistant, dynamic campaign if I've ever seen one. I don't see why creating something similar for ArmA 2, or ArmA1 for that matter shouldn't be possible. Except perhaps for the insane amount of manhours that went into creating Abandoned Armies.

  7. I'm posting this in two threads, as this pertains to the interaction between two addons.

    I have created a mission where blufor units (placed in editor) assault a town swarming with insurgents (DAC generated). To enhance the atmosphere, I wanted to use DSAI (Dynamic Speaking AI). However, for some unknown reason, the insurgents (which are on the redfor side), refuse to utter a single sound. Would you have any idea what might be causing this?

    This is what's in my init.sqf btw:

    Quote[/b] ]execVM "DAC\DAC_Config_Creator.sqf";

    setviewdistance 2000;

    ACE_NoWeaponDispersion = true;

    ACE_NoBlackout = true;


    RUG_DSAI_CycleTime = 20;

    target1 = false;

    target2 = false;

    target3 = false;

    Thanks in advance,


  8. I'm posting this in two threads, as this pertains to the interaction between two addons.

    I have created a mission where blufor units (placed in editor) assault a town swarming with insurgents (DAC generated). To enhance the atmosphere, I wanted to use DSAI (Dynamic Speaking AI). However, for some unknown reason, the insurgents (which are on the redfor side), refuse to utter a single sound. Would you have any idea what might be causing this?

    This is what's in my init.sqf btw:

    Quote[/b] ]execVM "DAC\DAC_Config_Creator.sqf";

    setviewdistance 2000;

    ACE_NoWeaponDispersion = true;

    ACE_NoBlackout = true;


    RUG_DSAI_CycleTime = 20;

    target1 = false;

    target2 = false;

    target3 = false;

    Thanks in advance,


  9. Hey lads,

    in my new mission, one of the objectives is to clear a multi-story building occupied by the enemy. If I give the AI a simple waypoint placed on the building (an ArmA stock factory building, the one that was also present in OFP), the leader just enters the doorway while the rest of the AI mill around the building.

    Is there a function, or perhaps a script, which orders the ai to sweep the building? By that I mean reach the highest floor to make sure there are no enemies inside.

    Naturally, I did a search first but didn't find anything useful.

    Many thanks in advance!



  10. Well atleast my country, Finland, got diplomatic shaking from UK goverment after ww1 as they were waging small (unofficial) war against Lenin's side in Karelia. Atleast if my memory serves right it was UK which did this.

    Heh, what about the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-21? Lloyd George was pressuring the Poles to sing a peace agreement on unfavourable terms, as he was looking forward to a trade agreement with the Bolsheviks. British labourers went on strike, refusing to support "reactionary Poland", so this sentiment wasn't limited to a certain social class. How shortsighted... Can you imagine what would have happened if Poland hadn't retained its independence? The KPD would have surely been more successful with the Red Army at Germany's borders... no wonder historians agree that the outcome of this war delayed Soviet expansionism by 20 years.

    Anyway, back on topic (how did we get here??). I, for one, am in favour of recognising Abkhazia and S-Ossetia as independent states. They have been just that for over a decade; bringing them back under Georgian control (and peacefully, at that!wink_o.gif was little more than an empty election promise by Saakasjvili. Bringing the 'rebel' provinces to heel is not in the West's interest; ending the border conflicts is. As soon as that happens Georgia can become a member of NATO, thus securing a safe passage for energy to Europe. And let's be frank, that's what we Westerners want. We don't really care about territorial integrity or "dzala ertobashia": it's the Kaspian oil we're interested in. This little war should have been an eye opener for Georgian powers-that-be as well: they are quite obviously vulnerable to Russian influence; joining NATO at the cost of those oh-so-coveted provinces should be a priority to them.

    It would be interesting to see Western powers suddenly agree with Russia and recognise the two provinces as independent states. Unfortunately, Russia is still in the position to prolong the border conflict on a low intensity level, thus complicating Georgia's accession to Nato.

    I just can't wrap my head around Russia's decision to recognise Abkhazia and S-Ossetia as independent states. They were so furious about the supposed precedent being set by the independence of Kosovo, and now they suddenly create the precedent themselves? Odd.

  11. @ Jakerod : I know what you mean... when I create my missions, I always lack a sense of surprise/fear because I know exactly where the guys are, where they are going and what triggers what...

    Something like enhanced-Kronzky patrol script generating nice random missions would be cool...

    Slightly off-topic, but if you lack surprise and tension in your self-made missions I suggest using the excellent Dynamic AI Creator. I've been playing the same mission for two months now and it never gets boring.

  12. Ha! That VG Cats comic was the very first thing I thought about when Praelium said that...

    Heheh, same here rofl.gif

    And indeed, the "After Montignac"-feel is really prevalent in those screenshots. I really hope they add some season-specific dynamics to the environment, i.e. falling leaves etc.

  13. I'm loving the detailed textures and the new fire, (though it could use some bloom). I'm not a fan of the color scheme though. The first two images look to brown, though the contrast is awesome.

    Don't you know wars are conducted in sepia? tounge2.gif

    I love the Eastern European autumn feel. No more banana republics!

  14. Hey all,

    I'm making a co-op mission where a small team calls in CAS from a nearby A10. When I test it in the editor everythings works fine; the plane flies by, lighting up all enemy armour it sees. However, when I test the mission in MP, the plane plows into the first hill it encounters, despite the fact that the skill is set to 1. I tried fiddling with flyinheight but that prevents the A10 from engaging targets with its cannon. Am I overlooking something? Why the difference in behaviour?

  15. Some questions I have for anyone is how do I change the zeds to the tcp_anim ones and would this change their behavior (use ladders,etc...)? I like their look better. Running/hauling ass zeds just does not look right to me, but the behavior of the current ones  are good.

    I can cofirm that implementing TCP's anims does not interfere with yomies' behaviour: they will still enter buildings, climb ladders etc. Implementing the anims is a matter of attaching zombie_stagger.rtm and zombie_frantic.rtm to the right animations in yomies' config. I've got the modified yomies on my HD but naturally I won't distribute them as that would be infringing upon 5133p39's work. However, I've posted a brief how-to in the Dawn of the Yomies thread.

    I must say that these animations add a LOT to the atmosphere.

  16. BP shuts down Georgia pipelines

    It seems Russia might be getting what it wants: the closing down of an alternative energy supplyroute to the West.

    If we look past the rhetoric on both sides (even though there certainly may be some truth to the claims of cruelty on the part of Georgians), keeping the region destabilised is very much in Russia's favour. Not only because it prevents Georgia from joining NATO, but simply because it makes the region an unattractive investment. The Baku-Supsa and Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipelines are already a stretch - they snake through relatively West-friendly states, circumventing undesirables such us Iran at the cost of efficiency. Throw a bit of political instability into the mix and exploiting these routes becomes very precarious indeed.

    The ironic thing is that Saakasjvili ordered the attack on SO because ending the territorial disputes was a requirement for joining NATO. Too bad he forgot that ending the disputes peacefully was the letter & spirit of the requirement!

  17. I think it's quite clear that Russia doesn't want to annex either South Ossetia or Abkhazia, nor is it trying to support their claims to independence. Russia is scared to death of creating a precedent. That's why they vehemently opposed the independence of Kosovo: not because they love serbs, but because it would create a precedent for Russia's own provinces with aspirations to independece (Chechnya, Dagestan, Tatarstan, Birobidzan). Russia is aiming at maintainting the muddled status quo, which still prevents Georgia from becoming a member of NATO (what with countries with border disputes being excluded). At the same time, they're trying to disrupt the oil supply in the region, hence the bombing of the BTC pipeline.

    I must say the Russians played this very well. First they handed out Russian passports left and right to any South Ossetian that would take them. Seeing as the Russian constitution provides for the right to defend Russian nationals anywhere in the world, this has given Russia a legitimate reason to violate Georgia's sovereignty without actually proclaiming war. They also knew full well that Saakasjvili was elected on the promise of bringing the rebel provinces to heel. Given his low popularity, infamous lack of equanimity and a steady rise of skirmishes on the borders it was just a matter of time before Saakasjvili would overreact. Now the Russians even managed to drag Ukraine into this, accusing them of supplying the Georgians with arms (while the Russians themselves have spent the last few years arming the rebels). Ukraine, in turn, now threatens to close off Sebastopol to the Russian navy in the Black Sea.

    This proxy war could very well infect the entire region... Things are bound to get interesting. In an ideal world, the Georgians would allow Abkhazia and South Ossetia to secede. Not only would that piss off the Kremlin (which is always a good thing wink_o.gif ), but it would also eliminate the main obstacle preventing Georgia from becoming a member of NATO. Integrating Georgia into NATO would create a steady supply route of energy circumventing Russia, thus weakening their main bargaining chips. Sadly, this isn't an ideal world.

  18. Marky isn't a bad actor at all; he has starred in some quality films (The Yards, We Own the Night, The Departed, Three Kings) alongside big names (Joaquin Phoenix, Jack Nicholson, George Clooney, Matt Damon) and did a pretty good job of it. I also enjoyed his performance in Shooter.

    It seems we get to look forward to some nice, over-the-top action flicks the next few months. Max Payne, The Punisher 2... Hours of guilty pleasure smile_o.gif

  19. I just spent the last hour or two wondering why the zombies weren't attacking in my mission, then I decided to flick through the code.

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">

    iViewDist = param1;

    Turns out I removed the param1 value as I "wasn't going to use it", I ended up setting iViewDist directly.

    Figured I'd post this here for anyone about to make the same silly mistake. icon_rolleyes.gif

    Hehe, join the club. Took me days to figure out why commenting out that little line in the init buggered things up.