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  1. Great work, even if some of your Ideas somewhat to heavy to implement until septempre ;-) I would vote to finish and brush up the current functions and enhance the game in the future in hope to build a bigger, strong community. The game has the power of being a long time game BI:do not miss this! (back from vacation, I am, so sorry about digging this out of the thomb)
  2. I am now a Captain Star Avatar Owner !
  3. Wh1sper

    Price changes?

    Could it be because of the current exchange €->$ resp. Pound? Euro is the base, I saw no change 19,99€ whenever I looked
  4. In example equip the Walrus: I placed the armor at slot #4 Then I placed the Hacking device at #3 the Armaor @ #4 vanished.... But why? When it has to do with max. payload then why the heck isn't this displayed? Same for the weapons. At Mantas same precedure. I vote for an drag'n drop solution, which shows me immediatly when my action will remove a current installed item. The small solution would be to implement a warning when I click on a new item which cause an already installed item to be deinstalled. Hope my German/English is understandable :-(
  5. I never steared the carrier manual, yet.:butbut:
  6. Yes, I am! I already have had contat to BIS, they did not change it, yet. But I think they understood my wish.
  7. If, because of Beta we already own all research, it is ok. Hopefully will someone from BIS anwer this? btw: Bugid: 0000194
  8. Ón a neutral Island you can find an erlenmeyer flask icon. Seems to be an interesting Research which one can recover. But how? With a walrus aiming and using "f" I had no luck. Must be the island belong to my empire, or is it a bug?
  9. Thats a nice option. But in the current game loosing Manta and walrus because of lost of communication is to expensive. the long range communication Pack is missing also. But as a plus you now have to do more work before owning a neutral island.
  10. Wh1sper

    Updating the client

    Publishing Update is naturally, I think. Tomorrow, the devs are working again, making an 3 hour lastings pardy about the successful Beta release, then brainstorming the next 5 hours about how to handle the bugs and suggestions. Hopefully fixing things the next 3 days :-) Because of double, tripple and quadposting the same things in the forums and the bugticket system Mantis. They have an personally interest of supplyng the Beta Tester guys (and girls?) with an update of the game. I am sure they will announce an update at end of the week. We can expect many update until the septembre rain :-)
  11. In my German Blog, I updated my Article about my first Game impressions. http://zockertown.de/s9y/index.php?/archives/1546-Play-Contribute!-Carrier-Command-Gaea-Mission.html
  12. @Zopzodeman: Very nice summary. I couldn't have say it better ;-) I second your wishes. Parts of them are already posted from various people.
  13. Wh1sper


    I had my first crash yesterday. Already posted as Bug No 156 in mantis. But here also. The enemy Carrier attacks be... freeze
  14. Wh1sper

    The Map Screen

    Yes this is pretty cool and an advantage in opotiste to the classic game. The Guns froms your isle? Or do ya mean the Carrier?