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    due to the amazing community that we have things are trotting along at a nice pace, not due to my diligence and labour but the kind offers of help from some talented and creative community members (you know who you are.....thank you so much) so it looks like i can be a little more creative and ambitious......now where did i put that shark with a laser i will give weekly updates on progress or more frequent [rl permitting]
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    alien nest coming soon

    why does everyone presume the worse? (chercher la merde!
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    @Pathetic_Berserker yeah the choice is quite wide, i think to start with E will be other colonial interests in africa.....the rest of europe basically...Belgum France and i suppose 'Germany' to be honest i think sailors will fit the scenario best and the similarities in uniforma of that era make my life a little easier... http://www.sacktrick.com/igu....rms.htm http://www.britishbattles.com/tim-reese/zulu/ near bottom blues and whites!
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    alien nest coming soon

  5. WingedSerpent1969


    still planning and trimming the impossible from my train of thought... i hope to start small and keep adding "expansions" however it does pay to remain ambitious and much of what i wish to acheive is already out there albeit in a diferent form...... i'll try to post regular updates(rl permitting), and if anyone has any ideas or creations they think usefull please donate...i'll be sure to credit any and all contributions whether intellectual or material.. releases will be as and when ready and then final release candidates when suitable ttfn
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    mmm.... may br we could sneak a triffid or two into the island flora
  7. WingedSerpent1969


    @Col. Faulkner just keeping options open....the neo-victorian style does lend itself to a wotw scenario too....two birds with one stone and all that!
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    thanks Pathetic_Berserker. ok here is the provisional shopping list and scenario 1. ironclad warships  W and E 2. a shore party of sailors/ marines / soldiers for E and W 3. civilian adventurers/ missionary and an airship 4. a steam ship wreck 5. mysterious savages(something spectacular in the pipeline already) 6. the Nautilus and crew a mysterious tropical archepelago with ancient ruins provisional scenario...... A geographical expedition to discover the fabled diamond mines of King Solomon find a wreck on the shores of a strange uncharted island and encounter a missionary and his daughter. they recount how mysterious inhuman savages attacked the survivors and also of an ancient lost city and incalculable riches within. the expedition leave a small armed party behind to claim the islands in the name of Her Magesty and the airship leaves to seek help from the HMS Thunderchild 4 days away anchored off Zanzibar. the german east Africa company learn of the departure of Thunderchild and soon the iron clad Teggetthof was on a pursuit course. expect twists and turns in the movie style plot bolt action rifles, revolvers....you'll want to hit your targets with the first shot! read some jules verne or arthur conan doyle to put yourselves in the mood http://www.bromfieldhall.co.uk/tlwtitle.jpg there will be a huge amount of work to do and i will be asking to borrow from a few people. i would also like to do a movie style campaign intro to give thanks and credits to contributors
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    good call Col. Faulkner....west Her majesty's finest res..boer geurillas.... east...mmmmm @ Dante steampunk is a whole genre if you google images you'll find tons of stuff! also iron clads http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/images/h68000/h68439.jpg yeah...i like the idea of a h.g.wells tripod.........the animation is going to be a bitch though
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    i am proposing a radical mod / addon collection. for the uninitiated think...a jules verne version of arma in a steam and gaslight era...the league of extraordinary gentlemen.... re visualising the arma vehicles and units and changing the dynamic of game play... how? spec ops.... http://usera.imagecave.com/artyandy/1902MIB.JPG replace helecopter with a zepellin http://4thera.com/user/image/image-airship.jpg m1a1.... https://www.tin-soldier.com/STFRONT1.JPG http://www.crabfu.com/steamto....nk2.jpg tanks will now lumber along at much slower pace belching smoke and steam! slower reload http://www.cloudster.com/Sets&Ve....Med.jpg http://www.milminwh.com/images....rle.jpg well you get the concept... this will take an eternity to do by myself with my limited time and skills, sooo......... is anyone interested enough to help out? pm me thanks
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    want you a Trex dino ?

    yes but only lots
  12. WingedSerpent1969

    ?the birds?

    didn't somebody start a startled birds effect at some point?....what happened i tried this a long time ago in ofp but it got nowhere anyone have any info? just found somthing on youtube....it was made by DMarkwick
  13. WingedSerpent1969


    @Pathetic_Berserker what i mean is that we should only make a complaint if we have evidence than supports it.... i do not support plagarism in any form also if two people make the same weapon/plane etc there will inevitably be similarities..... do we actually know if sst mod made the bugs from scratch themselves back in the day? i think we should set a precident and have a clearly defined procedure when this happens and not just to beat each other with opinions... are any sst mod still active on the forums?
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    http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=e23cf7ac8d5c76378303fdddec7b6e98&ct=mdrm in most civilised countries the burden of proof lies with the prosecution....get off your arse, do the research and make your case....otherwise it is just badmouthing and that is a little pointless.... yes i do get freedom of speach but the individual must have some rights...... could we put an end to witch hunts and formalise a system for complaints of this nature...moderator please...
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    ah the wisdom of Yoda..."rar and .7z files they have there"