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  1. sorted thank you very much:)
  2. Hello Was messing with my video settings in OA and accidentally put my anti aliasing all the way up, which just gave me a black screen that i could only alt+f4 out of. Now when i try to launch i get "error creating direct3d 9 graphical engine" So i can't launch the game to revert the settings (which i assume will solve this). I was looking for a safe mode to launch it in or a way to edit the video settings other than launching the game. I have tried reinstalling OA only but still get the same problem. whether i need to reinstall A2+OA to solve this i wasn't sure as A2 runs fine. Any help or advice would be welcomed.
  3. Based off these, tho can't beat the real thing:)
  4. inspired by some funny military photos :D convoy!!
  5. RAF Chinook, P:UKF Landrover, UKF Weapons Pack, STALKERGB's British 3 Rifle Infantry
  6. Watson

    Put the Hud Off?

    Put the line "showHud =false;" in the description file, gets rid if everything but the vehicles compass at the top of the screen
  7. Watson

    Armed Assault videos

    Something we made a while ago for a laugh.
  8. Watson

    British kit mod for arma

    I moved that gun in less than 20secs, we'll need someone to open the FLK Lynx and have a look